Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Day 48 -53

Just a short post today as I'm feeling quite tired. I have a bit of a cold and have probably pushed myself too much rather than slowing down. Anyway - worked like a demon today then dashed to the Golf Club AGM (snore). Managed to limit myself to one fight only - God they're such a bunch of whinging old minnies sometimes - I love the game but sometimes the people playing it are a trial. Actually, there are loads of really nice women down there but the Committee types take over and the nice lot just bite their lips. I had a small scuffle over one policy making it virtually impossible for working women (very much in the minority) to take part in anything, but otherwise sat back a bit.

Apart from that it was very gratifying that so many people who I haven't seen since before the diet commented on how much weight I have lost. They were all shocked that I couldn't drink - the food was very much secondary! Just goes to show eh?! Deprive a golfing lady of her wine and you'll hear about it!!

After that went for a jog with Shelley and did it pretty fast despite the terrible weather and driving headwind on the way out. Now I'm absolutely knackered so I'm heading for the warm telly and then an early night! Night night....


Cath said...

Hi Lesley

I've been reading your blog all evening and I've got to say it's very inspirational. You've done amazingly well and you should be really proud of yourself - well done.

I've just been to meet my LL Counsellor for the first time this evening and have brought home the food packs for starting on Friday. I've apprehensive but also really excited about doing it (though I'm sure that will soon pass) and just hope that I can work through it with the same kind of attitude that you have shown.

I'm looking forward to reading your future blogs.


Lesley said...

Hi Katie. Thanks you that kind remark. I'm finding the blog really helpful at keeping me focussed and I've "met" some really inspiring people through it too. I wish you all the best with LL and hope that you keep in touch and let me know how you get on with it.

Good luck for tomorrow!