Saturday, 28 November 2015

November walk (while it's still November!)

The weather today is grim.  Cold, wet, rainy and windy.  Not that I have seen much of it.  A brief trip being driven to the Post Office and a quick walk to the bins being the extent of my outdoor adventuring today.  Rich played golf this morning before the rain kicked in and took the dogs out and informs me that I haven't missed much!

So, when I spotted these pics from a sunny autumnal walk earlier in the month I thought it might lift some spirits.  We went up to Surprise View and then walked around Millstone Edge and back.

 It was a warm, sunny day although early November.  Definitely tee shirt weather and I was slightly annoyed I hadn't gone for shorts!

The dogs met a lovely greyhound while exploring the rocks.  Minty was not impressed by the situation but Shelagh was perfectly happy.

We scrambled through the rocks and down to the old quarry below which is now a peaceful birch wood.  It never ceases to amaze me how you leave a busy car park full of families and walkers, walk for 20 minutes then not see another soul for hours afterwards.

After the woods we crossed the main road and headed down towards Millstone Edge.

A stunning view of the Hope Valley.

Unsurprisingly, Millstone Edge is named after the former principal industry there - making mill stones.  I presume the market  for the stones collapsed as there are dozens, probably hundreds just lying around, being covered by moss and gradually growing into the earth.

The human effort involved in chipping these massive polo mints out of gritstone staggers me.  And it is hard to picture what these gorgeous, grassy woods must have been like when they were a working quarry, teaming with people and horses.  Now it has a smattering of walkers and climbers and a few sheep!

At the end of the wood, we climbed up the quarry wall and turned back towards the car park. You can see the rock formations we had scrambled through at the start up ahead.

All in all it was a lovely, if limpy, walk.  I hope this operation has been a success so that next time we head out onto the hills I can go further and not suffer for it afterwards.

We've had a lovely afternoon in front of the fire and the telly watching the Murray brothers in the Davis Cup but I wouldn't like to stay in EVERY weekend!  We're out this evening for the Golf Club dinner.  No dancing for me but at least I am getting out of the house for a change of scene.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Dieting while static!

Obviously I'm out of hospital now.  It was a wearisome day as I wasn't taken down to theatre until 7pm having arrived at the hospital at 12 so there was a lot of sitting around in a hot room getting bored and frustrated.  However, everything went very quickly once we got going and I was out and home by10pm and had a good night's sleep.  Now I'm just shuffling around the house trying to avoid cabin fever and not pile on the lbs.

It is tricky to watch what you're eating while you're barely moving.  Although slightly easier than I thought it would be. I can walk around the house in my big ugly boot but must not stay standing for long periods or walk far which is a bit of a drag.  And, when I'm sitting around, I have to keep my foot elevated which is also a drag.

Having said that it is a LOT less of a drag than I expected it to be!

I'm not in a lot of pain which friends had said I would be, just some discomfort from time to time.  I'm still taking my pain meds religiously though (only paracetamol and souped up ibuprofen) as otherwise my jailor caregiver (Rich) will nag.

I had a full day off yesterday but am doing a few hours working from home today to keep work things ticking over and me from going crazy with boredom!  I don't think I could do full long days though as, despite it only being laptop based stuff, the discomfort and awkwardness does take it out of you.

It was weird yesterday though, I had felt really positive and chirpy as things were easier than I'd expected but then, later in the evening, I suddenly felt really teary and down for no reason I could think of. Rich was somewhat surprised to have a crying woman on his shoulder and I had no explanation to offer him.  A colleague told me today that he had felt something similar the day after he had a general anaesthetic so I'm hoping that it was just a side effect of that.

Foodwise, I'm trying to stick to branflakes and a banana for breakfast, a light lunch (preferably not bread based) and a normal but smaller supper.  No snacks apart from drinks and fruit.  I've designed a short upper body workout too - just arm weights, abs and a few press ups on my knees and have done that for 2 days now.  There's not much else I can do without leaning on my foot.  It is more exercise (other than walking) than I have done in a long while so I'm hoping I will carry it on after I've completed my recovery.

As I mentioned in my last post I'm definitely going to join the gym again in January too (despite the fact that January is the WORST time for gyms) just to keep the momentum going.  I was texting my sister last night and we're both really motivated for next year.  2016 is going to be our year!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Being sliced and diced

So the big day has arrived. I'm presently waiting for my operation. I was hopeful that I would be going to theatre early in the afternoon as the consultant said he likes to do the quick procedures first. Sadly that doesn't seem likely now as I've just been given a glass of water (woo hoo!). It looks as though I might have a 2 or 3 more hours to sit around. It's after 3pm now but I'm still hopeful of being let out this evening

I am starving!! We were told to have a light breakfast before 7 so I got up at 6.30 and had a bowl of branflakes with a banana. (It's very strange eating at that hour.) I went back to bed and slept for a couple more hours. Chores, walking the dogs and sorting the house out this morning then Rich's dad gave me a lift in. And now it's just a waiting game......with a rumbly tummy.

Having spoken to various nurses and a friend who has had the same procedure, I'm a bit reassured that I will be more mobile after the op than I'd expected. Hopefully this means that I can get back to proper exercise by the beginning of next year. I genuinely can't wait. I've been dreaming about running - can you believe it?! I have decided to invest in some new gear, warm running leggings, new shoes etc and really get stuck in. I hadn't realised how much I must have missed the proper exercise so am looking forward to reintroducing it to my life.

Golf and dog walking are all well and good but they're not the same as proper, sweaty workouts.

Happily, my finances are slightly improved at the moment too so I have some leeway for equipment, classes and gym membership if need be. 2016 will be the year when it all happens!!

And that means more blogging too, to keep me on the straight and narrow. So apologies for being a neglectful bloggie pal. It has been a pretty tough 6 months since Mum had her fall and the whole sad procession of hospital, nursing home, funeral arraangements and now probate started. Work is horrendously busy too both with more wogk and fewer people to do it. And all that combined with increasing pain from this dratted foot.

Now it feels as though I can see light at the end of the tunnel and that is a very positive feeling when I've been in the tunnel for quite a while.

That's not to say that we've had an unremittingly gloomy 6 months or anything. I'm still so happy with lovely Rich and we've done quite a bit and been away for a few football awaydays and golf trips. It's just that the general WORKLOAD of my life is quite heavy which gets wearying. It will be nice when it's lighter. Fingers crossed for Christmas.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Neither here nor there

I can't seem to find the time or the energy to either blog or diet but I have been out and about walking despite my poorly foot.  These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago before the leaves started to turn.  It is stunning now and I took loads of pics on our walk today so next time I'll  post 'em.

I mentioned my poorly toe in my last post.  I've had the appointment with the consultant now and it si reasonable news.  Osteo arthritis has knackered the big toe on my right foot.  It has really flared up this summer and has made walking, dancing, golf and running very sore.  I'm still doing everything but the running but I suffer the day afterwards.

So, I'm biting the bullet and having an operation to (hopefully) sort it on 23 November.  There'll be 2-6 weeks of recovery afterwards with no walking or driving for at least a fortnight.  Gah!!  I've already re-gained the stone I dropped, I'm going to struggle even more when I can't do any exercise.  Much care to be taken.

But, at least with the op there is a fighting chance that I can get on with the things I like doing next year.  Fingers crossed.