Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 23 February 2007

Day 42 -59 Weigh in time again

Hey, I've found a other little motivational gadget on the web. Everyone on seems to have one of these customised tickers showing their weightloss or target weight so I thought I would get one too. Nifty eh? I don't think that the BMI is totally accurate as I'm not sure of my height but it's near enough.
Anyway, it was the big weigh in last night and I've lost another 5lbs which takes me to 40 lbs off in 7 weeks! Only 2 more lbs to the 3 stone mark which is the most I've ever lost on a diet before and I've nearly done it in less than 2 months! This diet really is remarkable. I would recommend it to anyone who has a reasonable amount to lose.
Class was good last night. We're really bonding and we have a proper laugh together. I suppose we know each others' foibles and have the basis of having a joke together despite our different ages and backgrounds. It's really nice to hear the ring of 12 women cracking up over a silly joke but also supporting each other and being relentlessly positive.
One woman has been missing for the last 3 weeks. She went awol and off the programme for a bit. Anyway, last week the Counsellor asked us all to text her and persuade her to come back. As it happened she didn't get the texts but she came back anyway. She has stayed the same weight-wise and seems ready to make a fresh start. It brought it home to me how fast this diet is as, although she has only missed 3 weeks, the rest of us are streets ahead of her in terms of weight loss and mental attitude to the diet. Not that it's a competition of course but it was obvious and a mental note to keep going to class.
The other gratifying thing about her return was that as she walked in and was saying hello to everyone she turned into the room and saw me. She stopped dead and said "Bloody hell! You can really see how much you have lost!" She said afterwards that she could see the loss in everyone but that it was most obvious in me which was nice. It's a strange thing, perception - your mind doesn't seem to keep up with your eyes or something so you go in leaps and starts of realising that you're thinner.
We were talking in the class about crooked thinking, ie. justifying something you know is bad for you or laziness or something by some tortuous logic. Like "I've had a hard day at work - I need a glass of wine". Use of language like "need", "deserve" etc. I felt the exercise was not that relevant to me this week as I'm feeling so much more in charge of myself recently. The Parent- Adult- Child thing really resonated and my Adult side is pretty vocal at the moment! But, that said, I do remember using crooked logic to justify being a lazy cow and adhering myself ass to the sofa rather than getting up and doing stuff so I must stay vigilant.
I didn't have time to go swimming at lunchtime so went for a jog before the class - managed 3.2 km this time so I'm not far from my 5km Race for Life target.
One of the women at class brought some clothes in but most were too big! I did scarf a pair of combat trousers and a filmy top so not bad for free.
Anyway, I'm meant to be working from home today so I had better get back to it! Keep it up everyone!

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Hippoellie said...

LOL- great minds- I put my ticker in this morning before checking out your blog, and there was yours! Fantastic news on the weight loss! And it really shows in your latest photo compared to your earlier ones. No wonder that woman was so impressed by you.

Keep on inspiring me- I am benefiting so much from following in your footsteps, one month behind- especially as we seem to have similar backgrounds and interests (I graduated in law but decided not to pursue a legal career)- swimming and country living too!
Have a great weekend Lesley!