Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Day 2 of new regime...

Well, I've made a start at trying to lose 7-10lbs in the next month before D's sister's wedding at the end of May. It's not been bad at all.

I had personal training this morning which always sets me off on a good track. I took it steady as my legs were still sore but after all the stretching I've felt fine all day.

Foodwise, I'm trying to stick to a fairly steady diet. it might be a bit boring but I want to impose some rules into my eating.....I don't want to go back to abstinence but want to recapture the safety of it. I think that's what Mrs L is doing with her 5 days on abstinence.

So - it's muesli, fruit and skimmed milk for brekkie; a salad or maybe jacket spud for lunch with fruit or yoghurt as required and then a light supper - either a salad or grilled meat and veg. I'm trying to steer clear of bread as it's a major trigger for me but as long as I don't have more than 2 slices every few days, I'm not going to beat myself up.

I'm also sticking to the "Step AwayFrom The Snack Table" Challenge. I realised that, while I was on the packs, I didn't eat any biscuits or snacks at work - none! I didn't really miss them to be honest. I knew I couldn't have them so I didn't fret. I might have struggled at home in the evenings but, at work, I didn't miss the snacks. So why have I suddenly taken to scoffing again?? It's a really bad habit - empty, pointless calories.

So - I've decided that is one area where I can set a proper rule - NO SNACKING!

I'm pleased to report that I've managed 2 clear days so far.

In other news, we're struggling with toilet trianing Minty. We have both spent ages mooching around outside waiting for her to wee or poo so we can congratulate her effusively but she's not really getting the idea. From memory with Shelagh you need a lucky break with a few coinicidental sucesses so she makes the connection. We'll get there.

She is SOOOO sweet though. A lovely little doggie and she and Shelagh play together brilliantly. They just roll around biting each others' ears and tails and romping for hours at a time. It make me feel a little guilty that we deprived Shelagh of the canine company for so long. It's beautiful to see them together.

Peridot - I've been collecting my sponsorship today and think, when it all comes in, that I'll be at around £800 plus giftaid of another £200 or so. So I hope I will have near as dammit reached my target of £1000. Thanks for coughing up to those who did - it is MUCH appreciated.

The other major thing which is going on in my sad little life is my near constant worrying about Sheffield Wednesday. We're engaged in a nasty relegation battle and, although we have a decent chance of staying up, it is all going to wire and the last game of the season on Sunday. I went to the game away at Leicester on Saturday which was a fantastic victory and an amazing atmosphere so now I'm hungry for more of the same. We should have a near sell-out against Norwich at Hillsborough which just raises the stakes even higher. Would you belive that I'm starting to feel sick with nerves with 5 days to go??!

Hey ho - strangely, it's going to be horrid when it stops - I really miss football in the off season and I won't even have the European Cup to distract me....sigh...

Oh well, enough of the bloke chat. Off to bed with me. Hope you're all well and thriving. xx

Monday, 28 April 2008

Day after half marathon...

Like Mother.....
like daughter.....Minty is such a Minime....

Not too bad. A bit sore and I wince whenever I sit or stand. I'm okay once I'm actually sitting or standing but the act of doing either (and going down but not up stairs) is a tad painful!

I've had a lot of lovely attention though at work and home so , being an attention junkie, I'm very happy! After the marathon, we had to race back home, shower, change and race into the village for our friends' daughter's christening. It was a lovely occasion - beautiful home and garden for the party afterwards, nice weather, good crowd of people, ultra cute baby who behaved as if she had been cast for the part by Central Casting (which is more than you could say about the priest!).
Anyway, now I've finished my race I have to find a new goal to work towards. In the meantime though - I'm just going to try and drop a few lbs before we go to Ireland for D's sister's wedding in a few weeks time!!! Just half a stone/10 lbs or so so that I can fit into a killer outfit. I've got 4 weeks so that should be manageable.
It was nice this evening not to have a schedule to think about and to just go up to the top of a nearby hill (in the car!!) with D and the dogs and take them for a slow ramble on a quiet, dog free lane (she hasn't had her second jabs yet). Minty isn't yet up to long walks but it's fun watching her explore the world and follow her Ma around like a bitey little shadow.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Half Marathon

I wish I could upload a photo of me crossing the line. It's not a great photo but at least you could see that I did it! Trouble is I don't have the software for this camera so have to wait unti I re-order it. Hey ho.

Anyway - it was a great run - a cool, still, drizzley day so not too hot, not too windy and not cold either. I set off quite slowly in my sub- 2.15 bracket and within a couple of miles felt that the whole bastard race was going to overtake me I honestly thought that I was going to be running along the road by myself! Anyway, I stuck to my guns and, after 3 or 4 miles, after the first hill (sort of) I started overtaking a few people myself.

I think all the hilly training I've done out here in the Peaks has stood me in good stead. Where a lot of people were flagging on the small inclines and walking, I hardly noticed them as hills at all. I ran all the way and overtook people on every hill. It rreally gave me confidence to know that the hills were nothing like as scary as I'm used to.

So, around the half way mark we hit Ecclesall Road which is a busy shopping street and there were loads of people out supporting the race and clapping etc. That was a massive boost. After that it was (mostly) downhill and I felt progressively better and better. I started to pick up the pace and pick off people who had overtaken me earlier on and I never felt too tired or as though I needed to stop to walk or anything.

At 11 miles it was a bit weird as I've never run that far before but I didn't flag and managed to keep increasing my pace. At 12, we hit the stadium and I was really pounding. Once we got into Don Valley Stadium, no-one overtook me - I mean no-one!! I was sprinting up the home straight to the point that one woman who had a go at taking me out gave up! So, I made it home in 2 hours and 10 minutes and I really enjoyed it. I don't have any major aches or pains although the act of sitting or standing is a bit tricky! It was great - for a lot of the run I had that elusive runners high thing you read about - I was that happy to be out. It's hard to explain but I pretty much loved every minute. I don't want to run a full marathon though....before you ask!!

I'll catch up with more news later. Byee and a massive thank you to all who sponsored is much appreciated and your comments on my Just Giving page were fantastic!! Really - you were great.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wednesday morning

Here as promised are some pictures of the pups on their first walkette. As they haven't had their second set of jabs we drive them to a remote hillside where there aren't any other dogs and take them for a little wander to give them the idea of the great outdoors. They loved it but got tired very fast so we had to carry them. It doesn't do to give them too much exercise young as their bones are still developing and you can strain them. Not too bad for small breeds but still an issue.

Bobby is going to his new home tonight. I'm going to miss him but at least we can start properly training Minty and getting into a routine. Everything's been on hold for the last week or so in that department and I'm tired of picking up doggie poos...

Exercise wise, I had areally good workout yesterday morning and a walk in the evening and I'm planning on a 5 or 6 miler this evening. Then I'll have personal training tomorrow morning and do a small stretching run on Friday and that'll be it before my first ever half marathon. Yikes!

I wonder what I'll feel like doing after I've finished the big race. I might want to keep on running a la Forrest Gump but be a bit more scientific about it? I've seen a few running blogs where people log their times and try to get their mile rates down. Or I might branch out into mountain biking or do a triathlon. Or I might re-focus on dieting to get that pesky stone off. Who knows. I'm sure it'll come to me.

One thing I am sure about is that I'm going to keep on being active and I'll always do some running as I really enjoy it.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Puppies' first walk

I can only post a couple due to not being able to resize the photos yet! We took them down to the bottom of the garden for the first time this morning (it's been so wet) and they LOVED it! They raced around like mad things chasing each other and just generally exploring.

We also took them up a quiet hillside for a short walk this evening but I'll post a couple of those tomorrow. Soooo sweet. If our friend doesn't come a pick Bobby up soon he's not getting him....I mean it..... Actually, he's had a family emergency and has been looking after another dog or Bobby would have gone last night - we have a reprieve until Wednesday.

It was a rest day in my schedule today so no running but personal training tomorrow morning and hopefully a short run in the evening. Time is ticking away....13 miles on Sunday! Yikes!!
PS. In case you'd spotted it, I know there's shadow on my lense - I'm taking the camera to be mended soon! It's very annoying!!!

Monday Monday

Morning all. It's getting very close to the time when we have to say goodbye to little Bobby. It's going to be horrible. Poor little mite; leaving his Mum and big sister and going to a house full of kids and guinea pigs! Actually, I wish I was about to move in to the place he's going to! It's fabulous - a big country hall on the edge of a beautiful Peak District village with a walled avenue of oaks leading up the drive and amazing views, not to mention the pool and the historic house itself.....drool! Still, now we're related (sort of) we'll probably be going up there a bit more!!

Hey ho - although I still think that Bobby is the prettier dog and he's more adventurous than his big sister, I think we've got the better creature temperament wise. She is quite mellow and loving whereas he can be a bit relentless. It'll probably stand him in good stead in a busy family though. If I took them to dog shows though I would have picked him in a heart beat - his lines and markings are stunning.

I've had a good weekend training despite the horrible weather. It's done nothing but rain and be cold, grey and wretched here - not exactly spring like! I managed to drag myself out for 2 good runs though - a very hilly 6.5 miles on Saturday and an equally hilly 8.5 miles on Sunday.

I was especially pleased with yesterday's run as it was foul weather, really rainy and windy and I managed to keep ruinning up a very long steady hill right into the teeth of the wind. I did the famous "reframing" thing beloved of Mrs Lard! I was telling myself that the wind was good - it was cooling me down; it was making my legs stronger so that next Sunday will feel easier; that the hill was stretching my lungs etc etc Whenever I felt knackered and wanted to stop I forced myself to find some positive statement!! I was getting a little silly towards the end but it was fun.

I'm fine when I'm not running uphill - on a relatively flat surface I can run for miles without feeling tired so the hills are good training. But they do hurt.

Anyway, I'm doing alright for sponsorship - I still hate asking but I steeled myself to do a round in the pub last night and got £75 which I wasn't expecting. Thanks to all who have sponsored me through the Just Giving website - it is really much appreciated. Anyway, I had better do some work now - hope you all had a good weekend.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Well, due to the computer disaster it appears that I have lost my photo management software. grrrr. I know I'll be able to get it back but it's annoying to have to reload everything all over again.

Anyway, in the meantime, I hope you like the photo of little Bobby. He's much prettier than his big sister isn't he? I don't know why but he's very delicate in build compared to her. He seems just as active but is featherweight compared to solid old Minty. Their weights differ too and she gains slightly more than him week on week. I hope she's not going have a weight issue like her ma!! He weighs 5lbs and she's over 61/2lbs! I call her little I'm probably setting her up for a lifetime of self-esteem issues! Luckily she doesn't seem too concerned.
Bye all....

Puppy porn....

Yay! I managed to upload one picture to my post. It was very very slow though and I've only just realised why! Usually I resize each photo before I post it and this time I didn't. I can't believe that a break of a couple of weeks away from posting has caused major brain failure.

Anyway, this is Minty (the little girl who we're keeping) with her toy. It was taken a couple of weeks ago so she's already much bigger and much naughtier. She does a great "saddest doggie in the world" act though don't you think??

Right, now I'll get on with some work but will pick out some more piccies to post later and resize them this time....

I've just been to training and am feeling very virtuous....need to go for another big run but think it'll have to be tomorrow now. I was going to go last night but Diarmuid rang fromNorway and kept me faffing around for over an hour doing stuff on the computer for him. When I complained he got all self righteous and grumpy so I missed my run. I was a bit cheesed off to be honest - why should it be my run/timetable that gives all the time??

Especially as he's swanning round in a gorgeous seaside port in Norway doing a doss of a course which finishes at 3pm every day and I'm slogging away here working hard, doing chores, trying to keep fit and looking after the puppies.....grrrr....bloody men. They can be so self-centred sometimes. Now I'm getting myself worked up but it has been nagging at me....he treats me as though I work for him sometimes and it really pisses me off. He's going to get a rocket he doesn't expect sometime soon.

Well, that was unexpected! I suppose that's the beauty of blogging - you can really let yourself go. I quite often sort out things which are niggling at me while I'm actually typing....must make strange reading (not that anyone seems to be!!) but useful for me.

Anyway, I hope you're all well and working hard.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Well - I managed to drag my self out for a good length run last night even though it was raining and it was great. The rain stopped quickly and the evening sunshine came out. It was chilly but pleasant. I managed to make myself run further than I'd been intending to as well so that was a bonus.

I have found the training quite hard in the last few weeks. At first I was really keen - running 11 miles at the weekends and 3 times during the week. Then I got a bit of a cold and felt sluggish and also, I think, I lost the fear as I knew I could do the 13 miles and my training fell off a bit. I'm still going out but not for such long runs and my failure rate (as in the days when I intended to run but didn't) has increased a little bit. Now I have my half marathon in less than a fortnight and I'm having to buck up my ideas.

Still, after last night I know it'll be okay just not quite as okay as it could have been! Story of my life eh??

The other thing I've noticed is how bad carbs really do affect me. As an example - I don't generally have biscuits in the house but last weekend had my sister and her brood (4 teens plus one boyfriend) so thought I had better stock up. When they left on Sunday there was half a pack of (delicious) Hobnob creams left over. I thought I'd have a couple while watching some TV then go out for a run. I ended up having the whole lot (half a pack!!) and fell into a horrible dozy slumber immediately there and then on the sofa. Now I wasn't that tired, and had been feeling fine before I ate the biccies. It felt crap. And I didn't end up going for my run although I did eventually get out for a consolation walk. I really learned a lesson there.

Yesterday evening when I was trying to talk myself out of going for my run because I was tired after work and it was raining, I remembered how crap I'd felt on Sunday and dragged myself out and really enjoyed it. Must hold onto that feeling. When I got in last night I was much more productive too - cooking and cleaning and doing a few chores even though it was after 9 so all in all, much healthier.
I tried to post some puppy pics but Blogger wouldn't let me. Will try again when I have more time! Sigh....

Saturday, 12 April 2008

I'm back but my computer is still "funny"

You know when something is returned to you but it feels different? Well, that is how the computer is. The hard drive went down and he was able torecover it, clone it and set me up with a new one but now the screen seems slightly fuzzy and I've lost all my favourites. The photos were all backed up but we didn't lose them anyway so not too bad.

Food and diet wise, I seem to have hit a very calm very healthy and very stable place. I have not gained or lost weight for about 4 weeks now. I'm still a stone heavier than I want to be and my lovely size 12 clothes don't fit me but....but but but.....I haven't been eating too much and I haven't been worried about food. So no ups and no downs. It's great. I'm going to do a bit more of this then try to gradually whittle off that extra stone for the summer.

Exercise has been steady. I've been going to personal training twice a week and running 2 or 3 times a week as well as walking the dog and just generally being more active in every day life so I'm staying stable there too. I need to have a bit of a push on the running training for the next coyuple of weeks before my big race but I had a cold so didn't want to push myself too much.

All in all, it's not bad news...not exciting news but not bad! Just shows that there is life after dieting but it takes a while to get there. I was talking to the husband of the woman who inspired me to start Lighter Life back in December 2006. She had lost 6 stone by then and was a skinny size 12 (a tall woman). Since then she too gained a stone or so back and looks plumper than she did at her lightest but she has stayed around that weight without too mch trouble. So maybe that is her "right" weight? Maybe this is my "right" weight too? I don't know. I just know that I want to try to get back into the 12's because I loved them! It makes me a little sad every time I see them lurking unloved in my wardrobe or I see a picture of my flat tummy and skinny arms. I'm so close but not quite there. Not by any means unhappy but not quite where I want to be.

So - I'd better go now - I have a house full of family staying - there were 9 of us round the breakfast table which was lovely. Hope you're all well and I'll be catching up on your posts over the next few days. Kiss kiss

I was going to post some puppy porn but the pictures are not where I can easily find them. I'll upload the many I've taken recently and post soon. Diarmuid is away working and is pining, literally lining, for pictures of the dogs!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Missing in Action!

Actually I'm fine but thanks for all your thoughts and best wishes. My computer totally died on me out of the blue and is in Intensive Care. I'm at a friend's now just checking a few things so thought I'd pop on to make my excuses. Weight wise I'm not losing but not gaining. I'm exactly where I was on my last post so that is good.

I'm still going to personal training and running and am on schedule for my half marathon at the end of this month. The pups are still gorgeous and loads of fun. I should be able to post some pictures next week when the computer is back and running.

I had better go - there are kids and dogs everywhere in this house and they're cooking tea too . Keep up the good work everyone and I'll be back on track soon. Byee!!!