Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Task ahead is bigger than I thought....

So before I face it, here are some pics of the dogs. I don't seem to have posted any for ages.

Minty is a bad dog - on this occasion she rolled in both fox and badger poo!!

But she is very diligent around the house, saving us from the post and guarding me from the printer!

Shelagh is also willing to put a shift in if required but prefers to relax, well, she is an old lady now.

Much like Minty....

But what they both really like is getting out on the hills.

And goofing around with me!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Better to do something than nothing

So, I have left it too late to drop a decent amount of weight before Australia but that doesn't mean there is nothing to be done. There are 9 weeks to go and I could drop up to a stone in that time provided I knuckle down and actually DO something rather than just witter on while wringing my hands!

Of course my "I'll start again on Monday plan" was nearly derailed (again) by my failing to step on the scales. Clever chimp - well played. However, this time I have NOT been deflected and am back logging my calories. I will weigh in tomorrow.

The aim is, as ever, to finish this year weighing less than I finished last year. So that is 16.10 or lower. I'd like to do better than that though. I'll find out the scale of my task on the scales tomorrow.

In the meantime some pics from our away trip to Bolton. We spent a few hours in a pub in a pretty village near the ground -Aspull and Haigh. I tried to limit the beer damage by heading out for a short walk round the village and to inspect a local windmill.

It was rather gloomy but interesting enough. I always try to see something new on our football awaydays.

The gloom more than matched our mood on the way home after an awful defeat to a side which is bottom and hadn't won all season (oh, apart from when they beat us in the League Cup!!).

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Steam weekend on North Yorkshire Moors Railway

 My Canadian cousins are over for a few weeks travelling round the country. It proved tricky to meet up with them so we ended up meeting up with them in Pickering at the end of September. Michael is mad about trains and steam trains in particular so they were there for 3 night riding the rails for the NYMR Steam Gala.

We spent a day and a night with them and had a brilliant time. Curry on Friday - they were effusive in their appreciation of a decent but not spectacular meal. Apparently Canadian curries lack spice!

On the Saturday we took the morning train from Pickering to Goathland (Aidensfield from Heartbeat). Took in the magic of steam; enjoyed the beautiful views; sampled the wares on offer at the  beer festival on the station; poked around the village (hardly anything there); had a steak and kidney pie with no pastry lid in the local pub (not a pie!); then they headed off to Grosmont and we jumped back on the train to Pickering and home.

It's amazing how much fun you can have doing simple stuff with family. We don't see each other often but it was lovely catching up. Laughing and chatting and watching Mike who was like a kid on Christmas morning. Heartwatming.

The only annoying thing was me managing to delete the only photo of me....a very flattering selfie out the window of the train. Gah!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Autumn walk around Bamford

I've said it before, I love working from home. It gives me the chance to do this at lunchtime. A lovely, quiet walk with the pooches in the sunshine. Just heaven.

Of course it should by rights have been a run instead but I'm struggling to do those at the moment. I have been for 2 recently but that is working out at a rate of one run per fortnight. Hmmmm, that is not going to cut it on any analysis of an exercise routine! The silly thing is that I actually enjoy the runs so why do I resist going on them so much. Damn chimp!!

Next week......

This weekend consists of curry with friends tonight; full day out at the football (away at Bolton) tomorrow and early golf game on Sunday. So I need to exercise restraint tomorrow. And I will.

9 weeks 'til Australia. No weight gone. Gah!!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sunny autumn golf

After a grotty, rainy Saturday and a grey morning, my visitors left at lunchtime on Sunday and the sun came out immediately. Infuriating!

Still, Rich and I didn't waste it and headed out onto the golf course for a few holes. It was splendid as you can see and it must have helped as I played alright on Wednesday and my partner and I managed a win in a howling gale. Yay!!

Life is hectic but I'm feeling the love for blogging again. Now just to remind myself to do it more often!! Hope you're all doing better than me. Lxx