Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Day 27 -74

Busy day at work and another lunchtime meeting I couldn't get out of so no swimming - again. It's a pain when you want to exercise but are thwarted. Still, I managed to get into town and swapped my unworn black suit for a top and necklace. I found it really hard to find something nice in Evans - I'm just about down to size 20 from 24. The trousers are a little tight but wearable. Still, in a little while, shopping will be fun!

I'm seriously water retentive at the moment so suspect that my weight loss will be pretty poor this week. Shame but hopefully only temporary. I was planning on going to the pub this evening but feel like a water barrel so couldn't face it. So instead am enjoying a lovely warm fire and telly - lovely for a change.

I went to the opening night of a Personal Training Studio locally this evening. It looks pretty good so maybe when 've finished my course with Cat Raynor I'll give Huw a whirl. I'd definitely prefer a proper gym with weights and decent fitness machines.

So, nothing more to report apart from the prospect of snow. The news is going mad with it but I hope it's not too bad as I've got a meeting in Rotherham at 4pm and then my weigh-in in Penistone at 7pm. I don't fancy drivin over Strines in the snow!

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