Saturday, 10 February 2007

Day 30 -71 Snowy Saturday

Above are some piccies I took today. First thing we went out driving in the snow with our friend, us in the Nissan and him in his monstrous Dodge Ram truck. It was pretty hairy as the back roads high up were very snowy and required some clever driving, needless to say, not by me, by D and Andy. It was pretty good fun though, even when D scraped the side of the car on a gate post (yikes..)and I got some good photo opps.
Once Andy had left we went up to Surprise View car park and then walked up to the rocks on the edge. It was really deep snow although raining in the valley below. Gorgeous stuff. Hard work walking in it though so good for the thighs! There was a heavy mist so the views were rubbish but in a way that made it more mysterious and ethereal. The rock formations seemed to loom up on you out of the mist which was eerie. Anyway, it's been a lovely day and now I'm off to Leeds to stay with some girlfriends and leave D ensconced in front of the rugby and the fire with the knackered out doggie on his lap!
I'm hoping to inspire my friend Angela to take up Lighter Life too as I know she's desperately unhappy with her weight and not making any headway with WW.

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chrismars said...

Hello Lesley, Just wanted to introduce myself. I found your blog when reading one of the forums (so feminine, I think). My name's Christine. I started LighterLife last Wednesday and a blog myself yesterday. I've just read yours through from the beginning and am really impressed with how well you've done so far. I hope I do just as well - I agree about the water though. I wish it wa something more appetising. If you would like to follow my blog (and I don't promise to write as often as you or be quite so open) then please visit
Would be great to hear from you and I love where you live - it looks beautiful
Best wishes, Christine