Sunday, 4 February 2007

Day 23 -78

Saturday in Lincoln. We all went into town to pick up a hire car for Graham and do some shopping. I tried on a load of clothes but couldn't find anything quite right. Still, it was heartening as I was at least a size down. Everything looked much better too so maybe that was why I was more fussy.

Back home and straight to the pub for lunch - groan.... I went home for a while until I thought they might be nearly finished then went back only to find the food just being served. So, another mealtime watching everyone tuck into delicious meals while I sip water - it's getting old fast.

Lachlan and Laila are really good though. lachlan at 10 was eating duck with blackberry sauce and creme brulee! He's a character. Laila is quieter but then again, she is a teenager and for all that entails is still pretty sociable. Both of them have no hangups about food either which is refreshing - Lachlan was fascinated by my diet and Laila (who is very slim) seemed to eat well and sensibly. Full marks to my brother and his wife for instilling good eating habits into them. They didn't even pick at chocolates which were out all weekend. If that had been my sister's lot, they would been gone by Friday night!

I found myself watching them and my sister in law (also very slim) to see how they ate and it seems to be only when they're hungry and only good stuff. Good rules to try and follow when I finish this torment.

Hopefully we're off to Canada to see them in June or July and I really want to be slim(ish) by then. That's the aim anyway - fit for hiking and kayaking and happy to wear shorts and swimming costumes in public.

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