Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 23 February 2007

Day 43 -58

What a day! I was working from home and doing pretty well when I started getting a few messages from some of the bidders on one of my ebay items. It seems that I listed an item wrong and I've spent literally hours trying to sort it all out without upsetting people and getting negative feedback. Can't believe it as the item was only going to earn me a few quid - that'll work out at about 10p an hour!

Hmm, so much for my ebay scheme. Oh well, most people have seemed pretty understanding so no harm done and I'll probably be better next time.

Apart from that we've had a nice day. We didn't do much but we had a nice walk in the afternoon and popped to Bradwell to the antique shop for a nosy. Once again, back to the retired couple thing.....

Anyway, it's going to be a short post as I haven't done much and I have to rush off to ebay again! Nightmare...


Melanie said...


Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm really determined in a way I've never known before. I decided to do this as 'preparation' for either LL or Cambridge, but as it's going so well I'm going to stay with this until the momentum fades then get stuck in with one of the others.

I owe so much to the water, I'm drinking nearly 5 litres of the stuff daily, and reckon that is what's making the difference.

I think the blogs help, when I'm feeling hungry or in desperate need of forbiden foods I go on and take a look at my photo's and it reminds me why I'm doing all this.

We're both on the right path, we can do it!

Take care, think thin, and look forward to the summer afternoons in nice clothes and a glowing tan to top it off!


Lesley said...

That is exactly the motivation I use. Nice thin limbs in shorts and strappy tops....

Keep it up - I admire your willpower.

chrismars said...

You sound really happy, Lesley. It's great when people notice the changes in you, isn't it?

I tell you, though. I wish I was as eager to exercise as you are. I can't swim (I've tried to learn about 3 times) and I live in a city so don't have the nice walks that you do (no excuse, I know. Not the same walking residential roads though.

Best wishes, Christine