Monday, 26 February 2007

Day 46 -55

Well, D is due to go back to the rig tomorrow so I got him to take a couple of photos in the hallway as an update. I've compared them to my first lot and can definitely tell the difference. Trouble is so could D's mum n the webcam this evening - she mentioned that I had lost weight! It's a pain 'cos I wanted to surprise them and now she will be watching out for it. I could have killed D for putting the camera on me. Usually when I go in shot it's just the face and I hide my chin so the fact that I'm slimming is not as obvious. Oh well, it'll still be a shock.
I had a good day today. Went to Meadowhell at lunchtime to try and find something for Martin and Shelley's wedding on Friday. Went to M&S and looked in the Plus section but didn't like anything - too mumsy. Then checked out the Autograph section and found a nice swirly white skirt with big black polka dots on, a fitted black top and some gorgeous french looking high heels. All in all a good look and all size 20! In fact the skirt is quite loose. I feel so much happier in that outfit than in the brown spotty dress from Evans which really was very old looking, even D said that when I tried it on yesterday and he doesn't usually notice stuff like that.
So, happy happy happy. Back to work to find that it was a colleague's birthday and the table right next to my desk was loaded with cakes and nibbles - I mean really loaded. So had to endure the entire afternoon with people going to the table to pig out, making remarks about how it must be torture etc etc. Wasn't even slightly tempted although I do admit that the toffee muffins and carrot cake looked pretty damn good!
Back home and went for a jog as I hadn't been swimming at lunchtime. Managed 3.5km in 30 minutues so not bad. Slightly further than last time so I'll get to my 5km target quite soon I reckon. I could probably do it now if I really pushed but I'd rather build up to it slowly.
Anyway, I'm off to the pub now as it's D's last evening for a couple of weeks. I don't really want to as the sofa is beckoning in a tempting fashion but will show willing I suppose. Good to hear from you all and good to hear that we're all still on the straight and narrow - keep it up!


Hippoellie said...

Lesley, OMG, look at you! You look fantastic! Blown away and so pleased for you. Meanwhile I hitch up my loose trousers in solidarity!

Lesley said...

Thanks Kathy. It feels good but there is a long way to go so I'm nose to the grindstone for the next few months. Loose waistbands rock!