Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Day 26 -75

Well, it was back to work this morning. I'm impressed by how much more energy I have these days. It was no problem at all getting up early and being in the office by 8. I had quite a quiet day just doing a few chores and not really getting stuck into anything big.

I should have gone swimming at lunchtime and did actually get to the pool but had got the times mixed up so couldn't swim. A bit of a pain once you've dragged yourself out. Still, I got into town for a few useful jobs so all was not wasted.

I've been quite hungry today but have not slipped. I've had 2 savoury drinks though so maybe that helped. I've also been hard at the water again so I hope that makes a difference.

I'm really getting into the financial organisation stuff. D actually finished off all the filing and shredding backlog today so now I can do the real planning. Will try and go through our accounts this evening - well, make a start anyway. We need a proper strategy of pensions, savings, re-mortgage and funding for the works to the house so it's big task. I feel much more up for it than I would have before Christmas!

Anyway, not the most exciting day but I suppose it can't all be thrills and spills. D and I had a few words this afternoon too which got me down a bit. We sorted it out but it still casts a shadow over the day. I'll have to think of something nice for him for Valentines Day seeing as we can't share a meal this year.

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