Saturday, 12 December 2015

I am not a number!

I feel as though my tribe (women over 45 who are overweight or obese - of which we are legion, apparently) is somewhat beleaguered at the moment.  You can't open a newspaper, surf or listen to the TV or radio without being berated for being fat and exhorted to exercise.

This is painful as I KNOW I'm fat and I'd LOVE to be exercising but, just at the moment, there's not much I can do about it!

So, I'm shutting my brain off to public opprobrium and continuing to "do my best" until I'm mobile and ready for action again.

I'm confident that I have stopped the rot and will be able to end the year at the same weight as I started it so at least I'm not going backwards.  2016 will be my year!!

In other news, the weather is foul, cold and rainy so today we will mostly be indoors.  My brother and his family are visiting later (possibly with an American woman who is on his bakery course and needs some company at the weekends).

We had already arranged an expedition with friends to a local pub of character out in the middle of nowhere.  This pub (the Three Stags at Wardlow Mires) is famed for its crotchety landlord (pushing 80 now); multitude of lurcher type dogs; and limited choice of drinks.  The landlord only serves drinks he approves of, so no lager unless it is bottled by monks in Belgium etc etc.  If you ask for a shandy it is bitter and ginger beer out of a 2 litre plastic bottle!

I have expanded the taxi to a minibus to cope with our multicultural crew and hope it will be a successful expedition.  I suspect the American lady may have a good story to tell about the wilds of Derbyshire when she gets home!

I had better go now as I have a house to ready for visitors and much to do.  This will help my fat ass if nothing else!