Thursday, 1 March 2007

Day 49 -52 (half way through Foundation) - Weigh-in

Well as you can see (just!) I've lost another 6lbs this week taking me to 3 stone and 4lbs in total. I'm very pleased that the progress is remaining constant. It's a real shot in the arm each week and is encouraging me not to cheat and to exercise as well. I'm sure that's partly what is causing me to do so well.
I was up at crack of dawn to get to a course in Leeds but luckily I found I could leave mid morning rather than staying 'til the bitter end so I was working from home by 2pm. Got a fair bit done (including my french homework on the train) then took the dog for a long and muddy walk.
Then off to class to be weighed. Once again, we didn't have a DVD but chatted about our core beliefs about ourselves, both positive and negative and how we can change these if they are having a negative effect on ourselves. I think I need to do some work on this. My main negative idea about myself is that I'm a procrastinator and that stems from my feeling that I won't be able to do a task - thus I keep putting it off. I need to work out why I think I won't be able to do these things as generally, once I force myself to knuckle down, I do them fine.
Delay is more of a worry than not doing the task well. Often, if I did it promptly but not brilliantly I would have a better result! So that is my homework for this week - work on ways to stop procrastinating and try to work out why I do it in the first place. I'll read the book and do the exercise for this week too which is on this topic I think.
The idea behind this is that if you have a belief about yourself it may cause you to act in a certain way (and overeat potentially) and in order to stop the behaviour (eg. the overeating) you need to address the belief and the possibly faulty reasoning behind it. She drew the concept out as a Thought-Feeling-Behaviour traingle with each element affecting the others. So, if you identify a problem behaviour you then have to identify the corresponding thought and feeling and make changes there. It works for minor things like a habit of snacking right up to major lifestyle factors.
Hope you're all doing well and sticking to it - we are all going to triumph - I've decided!


Cath said...

Well done on your loss Lesley, you're doing brilliantly. Just think you've lost almost 1lb per day - that's amazing :)


Lesley said...

Thanks Cath - my Dad said the exact same thing when I rang him with my results last night - so you're in excellent company!