Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Day 22 -79

Another good day. Spent an hour or so trying to pin Graham down - he hates being organised but he needs to tell the family where he's going to be or we'll all be running round him like headless chickens. Once that was sorted, D, Graham and Lachlan went for a walk up on Bamford Edge (again). It was a perfect day - blue sky, sunny, sharp - gorgeous. Graham and Lachlan loved it and Lachlan and the dog were running around like mad things.

Walk over then back home to pack everyone up and over to my parents in Lincoln. They were obviously very pleased to see us all so we had a great day just mooching and catching up. Mum is not the cook she once was (memory letting her down I think) so she asked me to "just pop the chicken in the oven"! Easier said than done as it wasn't fully defrosted,there was no stuffing, veggies still needed doing etc etc. So I ended up cooking the full roast chicken dinner for 8 with Hadi helping out a little. Normally I wouldn't mind but it was hard given that I wasn't going to be eating anything of it. I did it though, to help Mum out, and sat down with everyone and ate my soup and bar. Not too bad but still painful.

The pub wasn't much better, drinking water while Dad, D and Graham chatted away over their beers.

It would help if Mum didn't keep asking what I'm eating and saying I could eat the veggies or something. I know she doesn't mean to forget but it's irritating all the same.

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