Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Day 41 -60

I was just flicking through my files when I noticed this one of me and my mother in law at Christmas in Wexford! I was struck by how big I look and how tight my clothes are. I know she's only little but even so! I'm so looking forward to not being so big and surprising Nellie and Nick by my new slim self.
Anyway, what have I been up to today? Well the day ended really well. It was a fairly normal day at work but I had a touch of backache all day so was really looking forward to my aromatherapy massage. I rushed back from work a bit early, dragged the dog out for a jog as I'd missed swimming at lunchtime, showered and raced off to the massage, really looking forward to getting rid of my aches and pains. Only to find that the woman had been called away for a family emergency! So, there I was, knackered, stiff, stressed from all the rushing and no massage!

Anyway, I decided to join D in the pub instead so went looking for an outfit and discovered that, not only can I fit into my brown tweedy asymmetric skirt, but it's actually flatteringly loose! I was totally overdressed for the pub but I didn't care. It's such a blast getting back into old clothes and throwing, selling or giving away fat clothes! I feel like I'm really turning a corner now and am hopeful for a good result at the weigh-in tomorrow. Even the lads in the pub were commenting on my looking slimmer so that was nice. Thing is, now I don't care nearly as much about casual compliments as I used to as I have much more interest in what I think about myself. Another healthy change I think.

I have so much more energy than I had a few weeks ago. The jogging, swimming, longer walks, jobs at home, ebay, even this blog. I'm watching loads less telly and feel like a different woman. Now when I veg out for a while, it's because I want to not because I can't be bothered to do anything else.

Also, I'm so glad I'm sorting out the weight now as the papers are all full of how British women are the most obese in Europe. Pre-diet that would have really depressed me - all this fat bashing stuff in the newspapers used to make me feel really inadequate. Now I just think - not for long!!

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chrismars said...

glad to hear you're so positive. Lesley. Keep up the good work and I hope you've done well this week and get the loss you were hoping for.