Winter in Bradwell

Winter  in Bradwell

Saturday, 21 January 2017

I just kept on running....

I managed a good 5.75km this afternoon, quite hilly and quite quick too. I'm down to an average pace of 7.35km per hour. Speed is not an exact science with me as I usually run with the dogs so have to put leads on and off and stop to pull them aside when cyclists go past so the number of delays can vary quite a bit. Also I run different routes and some have stiles and gates and muddy terrain etc whereas others are on long tracks and quicker.

All the same, I look at my stats and can see a gradual increase in speed and distance. I think I could manage a 10km now (Beth!) although a flattish one and it would be slow!!

While looking through my stats I noticed something else - this year I have run 39.99 km which is very close to my marathon target from last year. That target went by the by but this time I look like I'm going to ace it in less than a month. It's the consistency which is making all the difference. Once I start hitting a steady 3 or 4 runs each week it is a LOT easier to make myself go out. My chimp doesn't protest as much and it has become just something I do. It also helps that running is (mostly) actually enjoyable now. I am that little bit fitter so it doesn't hurt and I don't feel as pole-axed afterwards.

So, my target for January is to run 50km or more. I have just over a week to finish off the last 10km. I'm genuinely looking forward to it.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Depressed and demoralised

I tried to avoid it but ended up hearing parts of the ridiculous, plumped up, insincere, rabble rousing, nationalistic, ignorant promises which can't possibly be met made by the incomparably awful POTUS.

It is a sad day for us all but especially people who believe in goodness,  kindness, fairness, intellectual rigour and respect. Oh and the planet.

It can only encourage similar sorts of nonsense from our dumbing down quicker than Hello magazine politicians. They will have seen that slagging off experts and factual evidence,  repeating tired slogans and meaningless mantras evidently works so why try to actually do a good job? You may as well do a rubbish job and just keep announcing that things are getting better and no-one will notice the difference.

Oh God - these are the people negotiating our Brexit deal....

So anyway, sorry for the gloom. I will be back with sunny positivity eventually. Here are some pretty pictures taken this afternoon. It was simply spectacular.  I went up to Bamford to walk Rich's dad's dog Wispa. Minty and Shelagh were present but were mostly too busy obtaining and burying sticks to stray into photo range.

We walked over the fields toward Yorkshire Bridge and then up New Road under Bamford Edge. I was intending to walk down the Clough and home but the Clough was closed for some reason. I nearly went down anyway and heard this would have been fine but you can't take risks with 3 dogs. So it was a return trip but at least I could enjoy the view for twice as long!!

This guy did not move, just squawked at me while his lady friend hid behind him.


This week has been much better than last.  One "bad" day so far and even then I was still more calories out than in, just didn't manage my planned 500 cal deficit.  Tuesday was not meant to be a treat day. I had prepared a spicy Spanish sausage casserole for supper and had intended to pop it into the oven before heading into Sheffield for a catch up dance lesson. Off we trotted and reached the edge of town before I remembered that the casserole was not in the oven.  Gah!  

After our lesson - a very pleasing hour learning the quickstep which we have somehow got totally left behind at - we were tired and hungry.  I had no resistance when Rich suggested picking up a supermarket curry on our way home.  So - an unscheduled 1000 calorie meal rather put a hole in my day.  Whoops.

But apart from Tuesday it has all been pretty good.   My exercise has definitely picked up.  Maybe not long sessions but a consistent series of runs and walks interspersed with dancing, panto'ing and just generally moving around in a busy fashion.

So far I have managed 2 good runs (3.6km and 4.3km respectively), and 2 hour plus hill walks so far this week.  I have plans for a really good  stretch out tomorrow and will be meeting up with my school pals for a walk on Sunday so it should, should,  be a good, active week so long as I don't let go of the reins and go crazy with food.

On Wednesday I had an early morning appointment in Sheffield for a dental CT scan preparatory to dental implants which I'll be having in the next month or so.  It was very high tech and space age-y and I instantly received the good news that I have "oodles" of bone in my jaw so will not require expensive and delaying bone grafts - yay!!

But, even more life-affirming was the drive back home.  As I rounded the corner at Surprise View, I could see the remnants of the early morning mist lying pouffily on the valley floor.  I couldn't resist and had to pull over, dice with traffic-related death and snap a few quick pics for your delectation.


The panto rehearsals are going well, albeit it is terrifying how much we have still to do and how little time we have in which to do it.  I'm told that this is always the case and it's always alright on the night.  I suspect, however, that you just do not hear about the embarrassing debacles out of sheer, British politeness.  If ours is one of these, you will certainly hear no more about the matter of the panto on this blog....

I have actual lines now - Woman 3 in an early crowd scene and Sailor 3 on the ship over to Morocco. I seem to be involved in 3 songs - In the Navy, Knees up Mother Brown and Razzle Dazzle and that is not even thinking about the camel dance routine to Madness.  Eeeek.  I tried on my camel trousers yesterday - a perfect fit and sooooo furry- he he he.

Tonight, my beloved Sheffield Wednesday has travelled all the way down to Brighton.  We have been to away games at Brighton several times recently and it is a Friday night as well so we have decided to stay up north this time.  The match is on television though so I will be watching (and living) every kick.  Richard is out this afternoon/evening on a works leaving do so I will be heading over to Bamford to watch the match with our Wednesday pal, another Richard.  You have to have company for these matters!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

And then the rain

I missed my weigh in yesterday morning as I was rushing around but, as of this morning I have managed a drop of 1.5lbs taking me back to 16.8 which was my pre-Christmas low.  It was a bit of a weird week with my weight ping-ponging around 2 down, 3 up, 4 down etc but I felt that the overall direction of travel was downwards and so it proved.

I'm pleased that I managed to log my calorie intake fairly accurately every day even when I had "bad" days as this sort of accountability tends to help me in the long run.  It allows me to ,look back and see where I go wrong.  This week too many "treat" days. 3 instead of 1.  None of the 3 days were hideously ruinous which is why I managed to drop some lard but there were 3 of them!  Tut tut.

I was pleased with the exercise last week.  It was great to get out running after feeling poorly the week before.  I tried a different route on Sunday morning too.  It was rainy and muddy so Rich said he would take the dogs out later allowing me to go for a non-dog run. I couldn't face the fields so stuck to the back roads - 5.5km over a big hill.  It was remarkably refreshing.  I felt like a proper runner and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It wasn't pretty as you can see from these gloomy pictures of murk.

That's a lot of water!!

In other news, I have joined the village panto and have now been to 2 rehearsals.  I have discovered that I'm going to be a seaman, a villager and the front end of a camel.  I have learned a dance routine to "In the navy" and stood in for missing cast members in rehearsals.  It has been great fun so far but I have a LOT to learn.  Eeek.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

After the wind came the snow

Whoops. Just spotted that I uploaded these pics and mistakenly published them. Was meant to save them as a draft and come back to chat. Will try later.

Hope you had a good weekend everyone.

I took these last Thursday night after our epic 10-nil win at darts and dominoes.  We had played away and were heading back to our local, the White Hart, for a few celebratory drinks.  It was a stunning evening, thick falling snow and quiet streets.  Perfect.

Friday was even more beautiful.  Despite my hangover, I headed out for a lunchtime walk.  The snow was melting fast but the mud was manageable.  How lovely though.  The blue sky and covering of snow elevated our usual walk across the fields to "stunning" status.

It was so lovely that I couldn't resist a quick evening walk as well before the snow totally disappeared.  The streets were slippy as hell but, once again, the views made it totally worth it. The. pinkish evening light on the snowy fields...aaaah

I could see the beginnings of a bright sunset just round the corner from this point but sadly my phone battery gave up the ghost after this shot.  Taking photos in low light really drains it.  Hey ho.  Even without the money shot, it was a wonderful day to be out and about in the Peak District.

Friday, 13 January 2017

It's all about the weather

Can you remember back before the snow to the wind?? Well, these photos were taken on that really windy day, the Wednesday just gone. I was working from home and decided to take the dogs out for a run once it had stopped raining. As we battled part way up the hill we met a chap from the pub. He said it was crazy rough up on the tops so I decided to take the more sheltered path along the side of the cement works. This could have been a mistake.

The first half of the run was through a wood! It was clear that a great deal of that wood had already come down in the wind as we pretty much ran over a carpet of twigs and branches. Eeek. The wind was howling through the trees in an extremely concerning manner but it was at least quite sheltered in the wood.

At the end of that path you hit a back road into Castleton called Pindale. At that point the wind came racing down from the moor and the damage started to become even more worrying.  I don't remember ever hearing such loud wind - the trees were clattering and screeching.  The one in the pic below had suffered some proper amputation loss.

It was actually pretty alarming so I was somewhat relieved when we got to the end of the tall trees.

Then I realised that surprises could arrive from anywhere! That crumpled metal was not there last time we ran past this farm. I think it must have been a roof as there was yellow loft insulation embedded in the hedgerows for some distance.  There was a LOT  of damage that day.

Unsurprisingly the golf course was empty so we could take our favourite route home.

This week has been MUCH better for food and exercise. 2 good runs and lots of hilly walks. I'm on track for a loss but only if I manage not to go slightly mad again before Monday as I did last night. We had an excellent win at darts and doms (an unprecedented 10 nil!) which, combined with unusually tasty red wine in the pub, led me to down 5, I checked, 5, medium glasses! That is a whopping 875 calories. Whoops

Today has been better. 2 long, snowy walks and healthy food
but a slice of Christmas cake and 2 shortbread biscuits have also snuck in..  I think it's the cold, it makes you want to snuggle up with comforting contraband.  So the upshot is that I have already had my treat day for this week so I have to be good at the football tomorrow. Stern thoughts please.