Thursday, 18 October 2018

Glorious autumn

For someone recovering from a nasty cold I have had a very hectic few days. A charity fashion show in the village on Tuesday; golf in the morning and a trip to Sheffield to the theatre to see "The Band" (the Take That musical) last night; panto and darts and dominoes tonight; golf and Middlesbrough at home on Friday. Roll on Saturday when I can be at one with the sofa for a night!

The Band was a great night out. I went with Carolyn, my future MIL It is a fun musical about teenaged TK fans in the 1990s who then meet up 25 years later. Their hopes, dreams, the music, what they achieved or didn't achieve. A young boy band dancing and crooning all the hits. Marvellous.

I do love a predominantly female audience too (especially a northern one) - so warm and keen to have a good time. There always seems to be less desire to be cool or be impressed.

The charity fashion show was similarly warm and good fun. A multi-generational crowd out supporting the local Guide group with generosity and raucous good humour.

Tonight's events will be more mixed and then tomorrow I'm back to my more usual "boy" type activities of golf and footie.

Through it all I have worked hard at sticking to the diet and not using the nights out as an excuse for treats. I had one small glass of wine on Tuesday and a flat white last night but turned down more wine and snacks on Tuesday and booze or interval ice-creams yesterday.

News on the scales is that I had a lb hike yesterday which has near as dammit disappeared this morning. It was a wekcome reminder not to ease up! A stone off before Christmas is my mantra!!

Today I am working from home and it has been glorious! I took the dogs for a longer and hillier than usual lunchtime walk which was just heavenly.

 I hope that little lot gives you a deep lungful of pure autumn. It certainly did me.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Week 1 (ha!!)

I wonder how many "week 1"s I've had over the years?? A lot I'm guessing.

In this case I can't even decide on the day of my weigh in. I re-started last Monday so it should be yesterday but I had been weighing on a Tuesday since I started on this latest diet which I'm technically still following....

It is a moot point as I weighed the same yesterday as today so from now on I am going to stick with Tuesdays.

I weighed in at 16.1.2 which is a nice healthy drop of 2.6lbs in a week. Happy with that.

This next week is the tester though - sticking to the diary, the dieting, fitting more exercise in and just generally keeping on keeping on. I need to keep the pressure on and also, as I start to feel better, up my game as well.

Autumn has hit the Peaks. The fields have greened up after the baked brown of the summer and I have been picking mushrooms on my dogs walks. Beautiful leaf colours too. It was a grey day for our dog walk yesterday but nice to see water in the brook and lovely to see the autumn berries and colours.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Very tired

Although I'm functioning alright through the back end of this cold, I'm very tired and quite melancholy too. I get easily frustrated, easily annoyed, easily down and am readily teary. Maybe it is that time of the month combined with physical weakness dragging me down. Boo hoo, poor me - suck it up snowflake!

That being the case I'm quite proud of myself for sticking to my guns diet wise. I have turned down biscuits and cakes, sandwiches and all sorts. As long as the scales don't have some sort of cosmic shudder tomorrow morning I should be able to post a healthy drop in my first week.

(But it's not really cheering me up, I just keep thinking about that 3 months I wasted in diet terms....Eeyore being alive and well and living in Derbyshire....)

So, let's look to the positives: I have managed to start dieting again, properly. A full week of diary entries; a full week of planning and restrained eating and drinking; a decent drop on the scales; regular blogging; control reinstated.  All while I felt rotten and couldn't do any sweaty exercise.

I'll drink to that. Actually I already did - a gin and  slimline at our first quiz of the new season this evening, which gin was planned and only permitted as long as I denied myself any post match sandwiches. Our captain had bailed out with a hangover but we still managed a good win so we were all buzzing. I also had a cheeky glass of red wine when I got in as Rich had opened a bottle of rioja but that was only my 4th drink of the week, 3 gins and a glass of wine. I can live with that.

We had a lovely walk this evening too. It rained all day here so we didn't take the dogs out til late and were rewarded with a totally  unexpected burst of golden sunshine illuminating  Bradwell Edge. Short-lived  but glorious.

So here's to onwards and upwards next week to follow up this good start!

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Second go round, second wind

Carolyn and I went to a different wedding dress shop this morning. We didn't have much time as Carolyn had to be at work this afternoon so we were first in dead on 10am. We managed to try another 8 dresses and found 2 or 3 contenders. The trouble is, I want some more weight off before I can commit to which will be nicer....aaargh!!

Why did I have 3 months off this summer?? Why?!!

Well I did so I had better stop whining and just get on with it. A stone off before Christmas is perfectly do-able and would make ALL the difference.

One element which I hadn't anticipated being a major problem is my back! I never think about back fat....why would I, no-one ever sees it?? It is suddenly the worst bit of my body! Corsets and low v backs leave me with what I have just realised is "bum back"!  That definitely needs to be minimised or covered up!!

I'm not over dramatising, honest, look....

This one fitted nicely but was probably a bit "much".....even if I do sort the bum back out!!

This one is too tight and doesn't come in the bigger size but I reckon a stone off would sort it out but then will almost certainly need to hide or alter the back which is v low.

Hello gym, hello personal trainer, hello running.

Diet wise, I'm heading for a decent drop this week and the diary is still up to date. The cold is stopping me exercising apart from dog walks but I'm starting again tomorrow.

Bring. It. On.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Wedding dresses

Well, I didn't find THE dress but I know what sort of thing suits me now. Wedding dresses are such odd beasts; not like anything else you wear, complete one-offs. So I entered the fray with an open mind and tried on all sorts - full skirted tea length, fit and flare, strapless, flowy evening dress style, and many, many more.

Annoyingly sizes tended to the small side so I was looking at 20's in the main which limited my choice a little but then others were too big in 18 and no 16s! Sigh. We did a lot of "that skirt with that neckline" etc but only one dress was ultimately good enough to buy and they only had it in size 24! Doh! It was hanging off me but with the lady from the shop holding it in at the back it was lovely.

The Newcastle branch has it in 18 so if I can get a stone off pdq then maybe I could still get it!!

As it was quiet (only us in) I persuaded the 2 ladies to let Carolyn try a couple of frocks on as well as she had never worn one. She was "In like Flynn" and so thrilled. The first was very Audrey Hepburn, very sophisticated with boat neckline and a silvery diamante belt at empire line but not photo of that one as a no photo rule and the ladies were hanging around. When we got to the second though, they got into the spirit and "diasappeared" while I took some pics. This one was epic! A big princessy frock and Carolyn loved the whole thing!

 We're going again to a different store tomorrow to strike while the iron is hot! Can't quite believe it!

Day 4 - first challenges

It was to be a long and difficult day but, although I slept a lot better and felt much brighter, I still felt achy this morning so decided to work from home. I don't see the point in dragging myself 25 miles, using up diesel and my meagre reserves of energy and infecting my colleagues when I work just as effectively from home.

I had 2 brief meetings with colleagues which I suggested we convert to telephone calls. BOTH then emailed me to say that they were going to re-arrange to next week anyway. I would have been seriously irritated if I'd gone in for them!

So, first stress of the day removed.

I also cancelled french as I didn't think Helen would thank me for the germs. Second pressure gone.

So then it was just panto rehearsal this evening followed by darts and dominoes and both of those are more fun and will enabled me to keep my distance from people.

Panto was fun but to be honest Belle is a bit of a dullard/goodie goodie. I'm going to have to uummpf her up a bit or I will die of boredom!

Carolyn is getting uber excited about wedding dresses today so I got a bit into the spirit myself. A grotty cold doesn't help but I'm not going to re-arrange or I'll never get round to it! Half of me is a bit nervous to be honest...what if my hopes/expectations don't match the reality?? Well in that case I re-think and go in a different direction. It's not as if there isn't a lovely dress out there for me or as if the dress is the most important thing anyway!

Part of the reason Carolyn is so excited is that she didn't have the whole wedding dress experience. They didn't have much money back then as Gordon already had a family and Registry Office weddings were lower key so she wore a lemon 2 piece from M&S. She was in her twenties but the day looks much older in photographs. Which is sad for her but what is important is that she and Gordon have made a great relationship over the last 35 or so years.

Maybe we'll get her in a frock today!!

In diet news, I'm still diary'ing, resisting the extras and have dropped nearly 2 lbs since Monday. No exercise other than dog walks due to the cold but that will come.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Another day on the diary

That's 3 in a row now! My weight on the scales this morning was a firm stay-the-same but I can live with that.

I felt so grim with my cold that I didn't even try to work from home. I slept right through to 10.30 and then had a very quiet day at home. It has been a beautiful day though so I spent most of the afternoon in the garden.

I achieved quite a lot in a very slow, restful kind of way punctuated by many breaks: weeding, removing dead bedding plants, moving a few misplaced plants now that the beds aren't set like concrete, planting some more bulbs and just generally tidying up.

It looks quite nice now although it could do with more late colour so will see what I can do about that next year.

We went for an evening walk when Rich came home from work, not very hilly or energetic but it was as much as I could manage. Pretty though.

I'm pleased that I have stuck to my plan today despite feeling poorly. It helped that our panto wardrobe lady texted me to ask for my dress size this morning. I had to admit to 18 but said that I was aiming for 16 by February. Which does not make it easy for her!!

Anyway, another day under my belt so all is good. I'm off to cook my Moroccan fish curry for supper now....huuuungry!