Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Wayward footsteps....

I have not gone off plan and I'm still determined to drop weight but I can feel myself sliding. I'm not snacking but I'm wanting to. Breakfast this morning was a battle to avoid toast, crumpets, even a pain aux raisins when I stopped at the petrol station. I resisted and had yoghurt with fruit and muesli but it was tough.

My diary entries are shorter and more perfunctory. I'm less keen to blog. I'm looking for (and finding) excuses not to exercise. I'm going back to quick, old favourite recipes rather than "cooking the books" as Seren would say. And I'm choosing more carbs than I should, a small portion of noodles with a stir fry last night and a jacket potato for lunch being cases in point.

Only a week ago I was keen as mustard: yoghurts for breakfast, soup for lunch, something new and interesting for supper and excited about bootcamp. What the hell has happened??

I don't really know. Work has gone a bit horrible. I have so much to do that it is overwhelming. I feel as though I'm drowning and time off for multiple golf matches is not helping but it is too late to do anything about that.

I don't think it is just work though. Possibly partly a cyclical thing. Partly a combination of factors. Bootcamp is less appetising when it's hot. We're busy in the evenings so I have less time to plan and cook new dishes.

I suppose I should expect enthusiasm to wax and wane over time. You can't be a girl guide, squeaky clean perfect dieter all the time. The key thing must be to stick to the plan as well as you can while you're in an "off" phase and make sure that you stick to it!!

I can live with a ropey week but must keep it going and not slide. One and a half stone off is a great start but that is all it is - a start!!

So, now I've given myself a good talking to, hopefully I will summon up some renewed vigour for this dieting lark VERY soon.

Now say hello to Minty enjoying a belly rub....

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Sunny evening walk (instead of bootcamp!)

I'm doing the honesty diet so I have to admit to myself that I manipulated our plans this evening so that we went for a glorious sunny evening dog walk rather than me going to bootcamp. Oh I have reasons/excuses, some good, some less good but ultimately this was an occasion when chimp won!

I had a pretty sore knee over the weekend which, considering I played 3 rounds of golf in 4 days, was not great. I'm not sure whether the pain came from bootcamp. It's possible as the last session involved a lot of running/sprinting and some high leg jogging on the spot.

However, it's also possible that it was just a random jarred knee.

Either way, I decided to give bootcamp a miss this evening as the pain has almost gone away and I have another round of golf tomorrow morning. We did a few hills but I was aware that I could have been sweating it out! If my knee does not collapse again tomorrow, I will go on Thursday evening!!

I'm not going to regret a single evening off, especially one which involved a beautiful evening walk.

A grey wagtail (with a yellow belly) hopping along the weeds in the stream.

Happy goats in the sunshine

I always have to say hello to this beautiful girl as I walk past. Usually she has her shy big sister with her but not today. Hope the other one is alright.

Shelagh on Rich's knee outside the pub where we had a sneaky drink sitting outside.

Week 7 weigh in result

Well, I was right; I didn't hold onto yesterday's 16.4.4 which was I suspect artificially low. I did, however, manage a very creditable 2.5lbs off taking me to 16.5.4 and a total drop of 20.5lbs so far.

I am very nearly 1 and a half stone lighter. I am on my way. My "sort of" target of 5 stone off is much closer and more manageable and I still have more than a year to go!

Wooo hooo!! It's much colder today so that is good for bootcamp this evening. (Get me looking for the silver lining!) In all honesty, much as I love the sunshine, we could do with some rain. The garden is thirsty and the farmers are worried about the grass not growing!

Right, back to work now I've had my little brag.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Weekend of fun and naughty treats

I do not want to ease up too much on this diet but I also want to ensure that the changes I'm making are long term lifestyle changes not just a temporary diet. This is a bit of a tricky conundrum.

Anyway this week comprised multiple challenges to the diet but nice things which need to be incorporated into my life, somehow.

Saturday night we met up with a couple from Hathersage. I went to school with Louise and have known her and James for decades yet we hardly ever get together. Busy lives. So it was great to finally get a date in the diary and the chosen venue was our favourite curry house - Maazis in Hathersage. We didn't go mad - no starters and I didn't have masses to drink but nor did I hold back. It was fantastic.

However, I had been pretty good all day and gone for a decent walk around sunny Bakewell where we were on a cheese buying mission.

Bakewell was gorgeous. Quintessentially English. Cricket on the park. Kids swimming in the river. People feeding the fat trout basking in the sunshine from the bridge. Ice cream vans and fish and chips.

I didn't know they did the "padlocks of love" thing here. Last time I was here (last summer at a guess) there were a few but now the whole bridge is festooned! Bit cheesy if you ask me.

So, did you spot the mention of cheese? That was for our next, naughty treat of the weekend.

Our local had put on a cheese and wine evening. We were to bring some cheese and they provided a selection of intetesting wines at a very reasonable price. Well, we couldn't say no. I prepared by being very abstemious all day and playing a hard fought knockout singles golf match. It was so hard fought we couldn't settle it in 18 holes and had to play 2 sudden death extra holes before I won!! Go me.

I didn't go mad on the cheese and biscuits. It was my supper after all. The trouble is we were with some boozy pals of ours and it was a delicious, warm evening to sit outside the pub so we ended up staying longer than planned and, inevitably, drank more than planned - 5 175ml glasses of red. That is 1 and a half bottles!! Whoops.

Look how content Billy and Rich look with their beers, comfy chairs and plates of cheese!

Strangely, the scales showed a very impressive drop this morning but I'm not terribly optimistic that I will hold onto it as I can't help but feel that it may have been assisted by post alcohol dehydration.

I've played yet another golf match today so have done plenty of exercise and been very virtuous food wise. Our team captain who is very supportive of my diet gave me the wink that our post match supper was to be lasagne and asked me if I would prefer a salad. Yes, while everyone else tucked into lasagne and chips, I had a very tasty ham salad with sides of quinoa and mango and tomato and chickpea. It was genuinely no hardship. I did have the scoop of ice cream which came with the strawberries though - I'm not a saint!!

Weddings and real life

While not an ardent royalist or anything I did want to watch a bit of Harry and Meghan's big day. My dad was due to come over but then rang and said he wasn't going to so I texted Rich at the golf club so he knew he didn't have to rush back. This was about 11.45am. He then texted me back saying the wedding was on at the club and I should come down.

Yeah, a spot of company would be nice, so I raced down to the club so as not to miss her getting out of the car. Imagine my surprise to see a game of rugby on the telly. On closer inspection of Rich's text, he had said there was "a" wedding on at the club and he thought I might like to have a look at how the room had been decorated!!

Which was very thoughtful but caused me to miss the wedding. Hey ho, we had a good poke around the decorated dining room taking pics and then went home and watched some of the royal wedding on +1!

The room is a blank csnvas so needs a fair bit to lift it. This wedding went overboard in my opinion. It looked lovely, although a bit twee and "pinterest-y" but there was just so much stuff! Every surface laden with lace, pots of ivy, blackboards and easels, photos, little mottos....just too much

The table were pretty but with the vintage cups and saucers and the wide centrepieces, no room for vegetable or water glasses!

What we will take from it is the chair covers and bunting which brought the room together, the height provided by the 4 table trees (but we will use balloons) and some other bits and pieces. It was nice to see how good the room can look though as we're used to seeing it in its everyday clothes.

It got us both enthusiastic for our big day (to slightly varying degrees admittedly). So I'm pleased that the diet is still on track. I've had a weekend of food and drink treats but have stayed tight in between and played so much golf that this morning revealed my stone and a half off! Whether I can hold onto that drop for my official weigh in tomorrow remains to ne seen.

I've got to get to work now so will get back to the weekend later. Hope yours were as sunny and lovely as ours was.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

The "Stuff"

While we preferred Melbourne to Sydney, you can't but admit that Sydney has "the stuff". The amazing harbour, bridge and Opera House are incomparable.

We started at The Rocks district, poking around the historic district full of shops, a weekend market, bars and restaurants. Apparently this area, now a mecca for tourists and locals alike was due to be demolished to make way for more skyscrapers im the 1970s and even 80s before being saved by another public campaign! What were they thinking??

Through the Rocks to the Harbour and a huge cruise liner.

A very amusing street entertainer who recruited 2 assistants - one huge, black american and 1 skinny white boy from Manchester but both very funny!

The incomparable Sydney Opera House.

Round to Circular Quay where all the green and yellow ferries heading to all points in the huge harbour converge.

I climbed that! (Random fact: the 4 pillars at either end of the bridge fulfill no structural purpose in the bridge. They were built purely as visual reassurance to the public to make the bridge look "strong"!)

I think the other 3 got a little bored of my photo taking!!

So I'll stop now.