Sunday, 11 February 2007

Day 31 -70

I went up to Leeds last night to stay with a freind and we had a girly night in. Angela is on WW and has lost 21lbs since 2 January so has done pretty well. She had a bit of a blow out last night though with moussaka and dessert and wine etc. I don't blame her and she didn't go mad or anything but it brought it home to me how hard it is to control your food intake on a normal diet. I was pretty strict with myself and had my soup and a bar and drank water all night. I didn't feel deprived and seemed to have much more energy than the other 5 girls who were there.

It was a good night but I think I would have preferred going out to a pub or something - they were all bemoaning their single status but they weren't exactly going to do much about it in Angela's living room!

Anyway, I woke up early and should have left straight away but felt a bit guilty "sneaking out" so ended up hanging around while they all slept and eventually leaving just as they woke up, far too late at 11am. Grrr. Stopped off at Meadowhall and bought 3 bras (a size down - yay!), a pair of size 20 jeans and some work trousers. I'm dead chuffed that I'm in M&S size 20 which is smaller than Evans 20. I won't have to shop in Evans for much longer which is a thrilling prospect - I'm so bored of Evans!

Got home and D was off to see the Irish rugby game in Castleton so I took the dog for a long walk round Mam Tor as you can see by the photos above. Another lovely day although muddy due to snow melt. poor old Shelagh had to have a bath when we got in so she's not talking to me now!

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