Sunday, 18 February 2007

Day 38 -63

Another day, another dollar (spent...).
Tried my hand at selling on ebay this morning. I've decided I'm going to try and sell my fat clothes as I slim out of them and then hopefully may have a small pot of dosh at the end to treat myself to something nice. You have to start somewhere so I put a nice print top on which is too baggy on me. It's a pain going through all the forms but I think it'll get easier now that I've done it once. Hopefully I'll make a few pennies which is better than nothing.
At lunchtime I was off to my first french tuition. It's over in Matlock which is 45 minutes away and at 12.15 on a Sunday is not the best time but it was all she had. She's a very nice woman and we spent a few minutes discussing our mutual love of birds (see above) before getting on with the class. I think, if I put some work in between classes, I should be able to make real progress this way. Better than the evening class I did last year anyway - I didn't seem to get anywhere with that.
When I got back D and I went for a walk, not too far as he's a bit under the weather and we're both feeling a bit drained after yesterday's marathon. I then spent a happy but frustrating half hour trying to take pictures of birds in the garden. They're not great at posing so the above is the best I could do - must try harder!
So, a busy but not spectacular day - have been feeling quite hungry recently and not sure what to do about it. More water perhaps? If that doesn't work then it will be "grin and bear it" I suppose!

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