Sunday, 4 February 2007

Day 24 -77

Sunday (today). Graham and his lot left early as they're driving up to Aberdeen so we were up early too. It's great not being hungover and fresh in the morning and you have so much time when you go to bed at a reasonable time! Can't think why I haven't done this before!

We left early ourselves and drove back in the glorious sunshine via Clumber Park. We stopped and had a good long walk round the park. It was lovely; a mix of environments - from pine plantation to old English wood to parkland and lake and formal garden - really nice. There were masses of people though. I know it's good that so many people are out exercising etc but a shame they all do it in the one spot. As soon as you were away from the Visitor Facility, it was quiet again - people really are like sheep sometimes.

I didn't eat though so got very hungry by the time we got home. I've been ratty and grumpy as a consequence. I know it's partly me but D doesn't see that it's also partly him and just blames it all on my mood swing, which, of course, just annoys me all the more.

Anyway, it's not worth spoiling a lovely weekend: I just hope he doesn't get lashed tonight and ruin tomorrow by sleeping all day. If I mention it now, I'll be "nagging" so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now and see what happens.

I suppose my mood could also be partly to do with the fact that the scales haven't shown much of a fall since I've been away all weekend. Shallow I know but I want to see it go down on a daily basis! I'll wait 'til tomorrow morning to see what the real picture is. Anyway, cheer up Lesley and go and stick up for yourself.

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