Monday, 19 February 2007

Day 39 -62 Dog's haircut(!)

In honour of the grief and stress my dog has had to go through today, I thought I'd show her before and after pictures! Actually the before one is last (she'd snuck out to the hall at my parents' and was sleeping on a pile of coats). She's never had a proper clip before and we can't get over the transformation in her. I'm not sure which I prefer: the sleek headed posh dog or the scruffy scamp? Also, check out the eylashes in the top close up. Maybe it's Maybelline!
Anyway, I had the day off today so we headed off to Matlock to take Shelagh for her haircut. It takes 3 hours can you believe?! So, we had plenty of time to wander around. Usually when we have a few hours to kill we would end up in a cafe or a pub and have lunch or something so it was weird not to have that option. We indulged in a little retail therapy and spent a good chunk of time in a big antiques emporium and bought a side table and picture there. D had a delicious looking cheese and ham toastie for lunch and I virtuously stuck with a black coffee. (Gold star for me there!)
It was a good day although I stupidly managed to leave half of our shopping in a knitting shop while buying the makings of a sweater for D, so he will have to go back there tomorrow to pick it up.
Once back I went for a jog with the dog (another gold star) while D went into town to buy a couple of webcams so we can speak to his family in Ireland and chat on camera. We couldn't get them working this evening but I'm sure he'll sort it tomorrow. It would be really good but might scupper my plan of not letting them know that I'm losing weight and surprising them. I might have to avoid the camera if possible or wear big baggy jumpers...
It's going to be a shock to the system going back to work tomorrow. My long weekend seems to have gone on forever. It must be all the fun I'm having. Oh well, all good things must end and there's a living to be earned (for a while anyway!).

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