Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Day 45 -56

We had a good evening last night. D was obviously over the moon with the Irish win and parading round the pub in his Irish jersey. He did pretty well on bets on the game too - God knows what people were thinking betting with him as it was clear that the Irish were hot favourites. I managed to drag him home at 11 after driving round the country dropping people off and picing up curries that I can't eat. felt pretty noble I can tell you.
Quite a few people commented on the weightloss as we were drinking in a different pub to our local. One woman (who is really nice but had had a few) kept going on and on about how she was worried about me and how the diet must be unhealthy etc etc. A bit of a pain as she had just about drunk her body weight in lager so wasn't exactly flying the flag for healthy living! Anyway, I bit my tongue and by the end she virtually admited that really all she wants is for me to stay thinner than her! At that point she backed off and we had a laugh about it. Peoples' motives can be quite abstruse I've found.
Had my french class this lunchtime so finished off my homework (which really took me back to school days!) and headed over to Matlock. It's really good fun to be learning something new again. She's a lovely woman too - I feel like I've clicked with her. The french is going well but there's a long way to go. She complimented my accent so at least I can make my atrocious attempts at the language sound good if nothing else!
After french we headed up the biggest hill in our area. It was bloody steep! We weren't intending to go straight up the hill, just investigating where a footpath we'd spotted a few weeks ago lead to. Well, it lead straight up the damn hill! The views were gorgeous though - the low sun hiding behind the stone wall was especially lovely.
I've got the pub quiz team thing again tonight so more watching people eat. I'm getting good at it. That's all for now - hope you've all had a good weekend and are set for another busy week as ever. Keep it up!


chrismars said...

Lesley, that top phoo is absolutely brilliant. Not a sign of a double chin - you look lovely.

have you read my post today? It seems we were both extremely virtuous last night.

Have a good week. Chris

chrismars said...

Oh gosh, Lesley, i've just read the post I put up. It reads raher rude about the double chin. I didn't mean anything by it - only that you look really good in the picture.You neck lloks long and slim.
Am I forgiven?

Hippoellie said...

Hi Lesley- thanks for the comments on my blog too! These are great photos- it was too dark to take any when I went for my walk!

Forgot to say your dog is so cute- I am a cat person (screen name ia an amalgam of my two cats name's) but love dogs too and have walked many in my life.

You really are looking totally different- fantastic!

As for the lawyer thing- I used to say I wouldn't mind being one so long as I didn't have to work with other lawyers- but then they probably felt the same way about me too! I failed my property exam as many times as you were allowed to without being kicked out- scraped through in the end. I retrained at 28 in a totally different area and it was the best thing I ever did.

All the best for now

Melanie said...

Hey Lesley, thanks for your words of encouragement on my blog, I needed a bit of a boost, was feeling sorry for myself, don't know why after how well I've been doing so far.

The photo's on your blog look lovely, that scenery looks really invigorating and inspiring, I'm looking forward to the spring now, I'm going to start thinking about some exercise, things we can do as a family, like walking or biking.

You look like you were having a lovely time there.

Keep it up, you're doing so well!