Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Day 34 -67

The day started badly as I was still attached to that bloody monitor thingy. It was getting damned irritated by the morning and I still had a couple of hours to stick it out. I have never known 2 hours crawl past more slowly. It was pure heaven when I took it off. I'm sure my BP was sky high by the end as I was just so pissed off with it!

Anyway, once the bliss of having my arm to myself settled, I was able to put it all out of my mind. Had a busy, productive day and back home reasonably early to a nice tidy house and a massive bunch of flowers from D. He was gutted 'cos he thought they weren't very good - "it's not a very big bunch!" - but they were quality blooms and, once I'd arranged them they looked gorgeous!

We exchanged cards and gifts last night after midnight and were both quite shocked by the results. Normally we don't do much for Valentines Day but this year we had bought each other identical cards (and not just from the local garage before you ask!) and inside we had both arranged a long weekend in France! Not only that, we had both made the same corny joke in the card. It was freaky how our minds must have been working on the same track.

The only difference was that I had actually booked our flights and car hire to Limoges, as that it is the region we're thinking of moving to so I thought we could check it out. D had just made a promise to take me on a romantic weekend to Paris anyway time I choose. He said he would have booked but wasn't sure if I would want to go if I couldn't eat or drink. I was pleased that he had gone for the romantic option of Paris rather than the practical option of driving around looking for houses and he's dead right - I don't want to go to Paris until I can eat some goodies (sensibly of course!).

So, I get the best of both worlds - an active, walking, sightseeing, outdoorsy weekend in Limousin or Auvergne whie I can't eat and a romantic weekend in Paris once I'm slim and gorgeous! Yay! This is just not like us - we both seem to be much more hopeful and loving than we used to be. Long may it continue!

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Karen said...

hi lesley,

u left me a comment on my blog, thank u for taking the time to read it. i am still on track but kept neglecting the blog. i have started a new diary on as i use the support forum a lot. not sure if u r a member of minis but its a very supportive, helpful forum with fab community spirit. if u havent see it, it'd be great if u popped in.

I will have a good read of your blog at a more decent hour. thank u for taking the time to comment and i hope things r going well for you.

Karen (ten ton tess)