Monday, 5 February 2007

Day 25 -76

Another day off work. I thought my brother would be around but as he's up in Aberdeen I had a lovely blank day to fill. Did some paperwork to start with then we went to the market at Bakewell like a proper retired couple and finally for a walk. It's been lovely.

Food not an issue, not even when D had fish and chips in Bakewell which I normally love. It occurred to me that next time I have them, I won;t feel guilty because they will be just an occasional treat and I won't be worried that people will be thinking "look at that fat girl eating chips - no wonder she's so heavy!". I don't know if people do think that and have no idea why I care what they think but it used to bother me.

I suppose it was me who was really thinking that but putting the words into imaginary passers-bys' mouths. Oh well, it's not going to happen again as next time I eat anything in public I'll be slim.

Progress on the scales is very slow which is a bit disheartening but it's not knocking me off course at all. I suppose I have to expect a bad week and I'm definitely pre-menstrual as I'm grumpy as a bear. Hopefully that'll be it and I'll have a really good week next week when I lose all the water.

I find it harder to drink the full 4 litres of water each day when I'm not at work. There I have a routine but at home it's a bit tricky to remember and it doesn't taste as nice. Am working on that.

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