Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Day 47 -54

Well, D is back to the rig today so I'm back to living alone for another couple of weeks. We've had a really good time this trip so I'm going to miss him but it'll go in quickly and we've got our trip to France to look forward to next trip. Also, it's nice to be able to stay in nights and get some chores done and just have a little me-time too.

Was quite busy at work but managed to get to the pool and made it to my target of 60 lengths (3/4 of a mile) in 30 minutes so I'm pretty pleased with myself. Typically, I had just got back from swimming when my friend Shelley texted and asked whether I wanted to go jogging this evening. I put her off 'til tomorrow as I don't want to do too much and have a cold coming on. That's a nice little reminder D left with me - sneezes, snot and a sore throat! She's the one getting married on Friday so I'm a bit surprised she wants to go jogging but maybe she wants to start a new regime before the big day. I know they've been manically busy recently so maybe she want to make some time for herself now. She's also a bit of a whippet so I'll never keep up!

Had a quiet night in this evening - lit the fire, cuddled the dog, sorted out some ebay stuff and did this blog. I also put a load of photos in a frame - there's a set of 9 spaces in the mount and I've filled it with a selection of heathery photos of Bamford Edge. Individually they're not wonderful but together it's a pretty effective collection. It was quite strange as, once I'd finished it, my first thought was what a great reminder of the countryside round here it will be when we move to France! So, the move must be becoming real in my head even though it is some way away. That's quite comforting as I wasn't sure how I felt about the idea in my heart of hearts.

Maybe this diet is allowing me to face scary concepts and think about major changes. I suppose when your body is changing so rapidly and your habits and I can see that I'm not falling apart as a result of this regime, a different sort of change is not as daunting as it might have been before.

Anyway, I'm going to have an early night today as I have a big day of meetings tomorrow. Night all!


chrismars said...

I've just read your last 2 posts, Lesley, as I've not been able to get near a computer for the last few days. Thanks for your nice comments on mine.

Your photos are 'G-R-E-A-T'. The weightloss is really showing from the originals. Good girl! Keep it up! I must stick some photos up myself. I think I'll do it next week. I'll hav esome taken at 4 weeks and compare them to the ones taken at the beginning.

Enjoy the wedding on Friday. If you decide to eat, don't cut yourself up, just start again on Saturday. If you don't eat, think of me and I'll be thinking of you.

good luck, Chris

Lesley said...

Thanks Chris- I must say it was your inspiration from the Masquerade Ball that has made me confident that I'll be fine so I'm going to go for it. Keep it up!