Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 15 June 2007

Developng 51 (ii) - CN Tower update

I thought you might be interested to hear how I got on having a v posh meal at the top of the CN Tower? Loads of your (vv lovely) comments said how controlled I am etc....well I'll own up here that I certainly wasn't restrained up there!

I decided I was going to have a proper meal and just go for whatever I fancied, it being a really special occasion and D and I having a fab time. The whole evening was gorgeous - the views are amazing and it was a pretty clear night so you see for miles. I stood and sat on the glass floor which was pretty scary even for someone who love heights. The revolving restaurant is very high end so we knew we were in for a big bill so I wasn't gong to waste it calorie pinching.

We had a v pricey bottle of Chablis of which I had one glass - D refilled it but I wasn't interested and ended up passing that back to him to finish. So I can see that wine is not going to be my downfall!!

I ordered quail's breast and salad for the starter (not much sauce and no carbs so very virtuous). Fillet steak with truffles and mushroom sauce for main (wasn't bothered by the potato much so mainly meat and fresh veggies so also pretty LL friendly). The steak was one of those immense towering canadian affairs but God did it taste good!!

I also seem to have lost the skill of eating as managed to spill not one but 2 items down the front of my white top. Each time I had to go into the ladies and wash and dry the top out under the handdryer! The same woman came into the loo both times just as I was contorting myself under the dryer. She ws really friendly and funny but must hae thought I as a total klutz for dropping stuff twice!!

Aaaand...for the piece de resistance (which I should have avoided altogether..) peach and strawberry crumble with creme anglaise and ice cream for dessert. By that time I was pretty full although had room for a small corner. I should have either stopped halfway or shared a dessert with D but, a kind of eating madness came upon me and I ploughed though the dessert even though I was full for at least half of it.

Shortly after the meal I started to feel really stuffed and uncomfortably full. Thought it would go away so finished and got in the lift to go down. The high speed 60 second journey which takes you from 1,500 ft in the air to ground level, very very fast!! I felt so rough - got the sweats and thought I was going to faint and be sick. I was clinging onto Diarmuid and actually moaning aloud (quietly!).Somehow I managed it down witout mishap and staggered into a toilet. I was clammy and grey but wasn't actually sick. After a little while and a sedate walk through town I started to feel better but what a learning curve!!!

Thinking on it - I would have been fine if I had stopped after main course or only had a small amount of the dessrt but the rich, creamy sauce and too much of it was a step too far for my stomach. Actually, I'm kind of glad it happened as I will definitely NOT be tempted to repeat that experience.

We had a fantastic night though and it didn't spoil it at all. In fact we were having a proper laugh about it - D taking the piss out of me etc. It's so nice now that we are relaxed about my weight - when I was fat D would have turned that into a rant about how I eat too much etc etc. Now - it's just one of those things...

Also, I'm pleased to report that my blowout did not cause me lasting problems getting back ono the diet proper. I was quite looking forward to a couple of days of restraint after my big night out. I managed it too.

I'll update again soon but thought you might be interested in how I got on eating!!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Developing 49, 50 and 51!

Just a quick Hello! to let you know how I'm getting on.

We had an excellent journey on Saturday - no delays and no cheats. Stuck to the packs all day even though the plane food looked uncharacteristically good. When we got to my friend, Richard's house, it was evening time in Toronto so we sat in the garden enjoying the lovely evening sun and Diarmuid and Rihard drank their way through several bottle of speciality Canadian beer (in the spirit of discovery of course!) and I drank my packs, water and coffee. Not too bad at all.

Sunday was a walking around soaking up the sights day. I went for a good long jog first thing though and got a really good feel for Richard's area. Quite close to Downtown but so leafy and charming - and extremely multicultural! I think there must have been about 15-20 different nationalities represented on the nearest High Street to his house - fantastic! The food looked amazing unfortunately.

We started the day with a Chinese Dim Sum brunch. Richard's wife, Qing (pronounced Ching) is Chinese so I wasn't missing out on a genuine DimSum experience. It was my first meal for 5 months to the day and I enjoyed every mouthful! I didn't go mad - it wasn't a full on banquet or anything and I stopped as soon as I felt full. I didn't really fancy the fried stuff so stuck to the steamed dumplings but they were gorgeous and it was really good fun.

After that we just walked around, stopped for beers and shopping, enjoyed a music festival and caught up with Richard's news. D and Rich finished off the day with a kebab in a Greek restaurant but I resisted. Although I had a mouthful of anything exotic I think I made more good choices than bad so the food thing seems well under control. I did feel more hungry though, possibly because of eating in the morning.

Oooh, almost forgot - we went on an architecture walking tour for 45 mins or so to see some of the amazing new stuff sprouting up in Toronto - was pretty good so we've even had some culture!

Today was just us. Started with some serious shopping for shades and shoes for D and I got myself some really cute little pink trainery type shoes and some white framed shades - I'm getting a bit girly these days...

Then over to Toronto Islands on the ferry - great views of the Cityscape from the boat. The Islands are lovely - so clean and peaceful. We hired a couple of bikes and mooched all the way round - heaven. Then home and scrubbed up and we're jst aout to go out for our 13th wedding anniversary meal at the top of the CN Tower! It was D's idea and I can't wait. I had better go because we're leaving soon.

Hope you're all well and will check in soon.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Developing 47 and 48

And we're off. just a few last minute things to do and the taxi is picking us up in a couple of hours. Can't wait. D seems to be getting into the swing of it too!!

Yesterday was a nightmare getting ready at work but once I walked through the doors at 6pm on the dot (which must be a record early departure for me before a holiday!) I began to relax and now I'm nearly there.

I'll try and check in while I'm away to let you know how I'm getting on and see what you're up to too.

In the meantime:

Cath - enjoy George Michael - I wish I'd got tickets to see him, he's great. And have a wonderful time in Poland.

Mel - good luck with the job interview.

Becky - hope it's all going well. Get a blog up and running - it'd be hilarious!!

Mrs - stay sane - you can do it!!

Everyone else - sorry if I've forgotten something big but have a great time.

Lesley xx

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Developing 45 and 46 - Weigh in time

Yay!! I made it - I lost 7 stone before going to Canada. Only managed 2lbs off this week but that is fine - it was my fifth week and I always have a dip in the fifth week, must be TOTM. 2lbs is respectable.
Our class was madness - far too many of us, at least 15 or more so all we did was sit around and chat while our LLC weighed us and gave us our packs. She either needs an assistant or to do more classes. Made me think though Ameythist - you could definitely be squeezed in but would you get any counselling? I certainly didn't last night!
Well, that's not quite right - I gleaned some good attitude adjustments from a couple of the women who have been coming for a long time - I was asking about how, when you've had a nibbley week (which I have), you can turn it around. They didn't say anything magic but, whatever they said it certainly helped me and I wasn't tempted last night or today - or, if I was, I resisted sucessfully.
It was basically this - I thought about why I was doing the diet - what I really want and the fact that the only person I'm cheating by nibbling is myself - it doesn't matter if no-one else sees me do it - I'm cheating myself! Those very trite statement seemed to help and I'm taking the no-nibbling rule day by day.
Hopefully that'll help in Canada too. I really want to lose weight while I'm over there and not sabotage my diet - I'm tired of it and don't want to make it drag on for any longer than it has to. I've made a bet with 2 colleagues that I will lose 7lbs before my next weigh in in 4 weeks time. I think that is a reasonable hope. If I don't, I have to buy them pie and peas in the pub opposite the office and watch them eat it. If I do though, they have to forego their usual lunch and eat a LL shake or soup of my choosing!!! So, what's it to be - Vegetable, Thai Chilli, Nut Crunch bar, Caramel shake? None of them are that bad but Steve is a real carb addict and will struggle all day on a little soup or shake alone!! Not a bad bet eh? I will try and remember it in CA when I'm tempted to tuck into somthing.

Thinking about how busy the class was though, I may go to the Saturday morning class for a few weeks once I get back from Canada until we thin out in this one and a few people go into Maintenance. I think it must be the post-Christmas bulge working its way through the system.
I couldn't post last night as I was stuck in buying cottage legal hell! Spent nearly 2 hours completing questionnaires and finding information and copying stuff to send to the solicitor and the mortgage broker. It's all done now though and D has signed on the dotted line so we're all systems go. He even gets to see the cottage tomorrow so I hope he likes it!! He says he's just going to be nosy!
Work was nightmarish today too - getting ready to be away for 3 weeks is hard. You can't leave stuff undone as you can for a shorter break. Also, as I'm not in the legal department I don't have any other solicitor colleagues so struggle to find people to cover for me. I'm just about there though after working late this evening. One more day and I'm outta there!! Then, they'll appreciate me!!!
D got off the rig safely and got home this evening so I had a couple in the local with him. I left him there while I got on with chores but am about to pick him up now. He said he could tell I'd lost more in the fortnight since he's been away so that was nice.
Have a good evening. Only 2 more sleeps to go 'til me hols....
I've just been to pick up D and he's staggered off to bed 'cos he's knackered from the rig and working nights. But before he went to bed, he came through to give me a hug and he said something like "Look at you're so small. It's amazing, I'm lost for words, it's wicked". I think he even had a tear in his eye....that could have been because he's tired out though...
I think I get how much it means to him and how impressed he is now. It's wicked...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Developing 44(ii) - Lists!

I almost forgot - I said to Katie that I'd do a list tonight. What shall it be?? How about:

Bad things about being a size 14 instead of a size 24!?
  1. Ironing is much harder than it used to be.

    Firstly, nearly all my fat clothes were comfy non-iron items rather than fitted shirts and trousers so the volume of ironing has increased. Secondly, the clothes themselves are much smaller. You'd think that would make it faster to iron (less surface area) but NO! The panels of fabric are small and fiddley and, instead of there being vast swathes of thigh and bum to sweep across, you have little patches of material and I keep ending up re-creasing it. Not impressed!

  2. Shelagh has mixed feeling about the new Mum! I'll let her tell you about the problems:

    "On the one hand, she's much more active therefore more walks and more gardening (which I really like - I mean digging - what's not to like??). On the other hand, several of the walks have been turned into "jogs"....I'm not sure about these. Not too bad if they're off the road so I can sniff around at my own pace and then run to catch up but running on the lead along the road is not that great. Sulks can ensue.

    Also, Mum's lap is not quite as comfy as it used to be. And, she doesn't spend nearly as long sitting down with tasty food treats conveniently to hand. This is a definite lowering of the standards of home comforts. In fact, when Dad is away, there is a marked reduction in food based treats altogether. What's up with that??

    And, she doesn't lie in on weekends so snuggling up in bed (I know I know...) has been curtailed.

    Not sure about this new slimline Mum... "

  3. Belts

    I think before I lost the weight I had one belt which I never wore. Any items which had a belt when new were rapidly divested of them. The trousers or skirt simply didn't need a belt. Now - I spend ages finding an appropriate belt and hitching too-large clothing up and haulng the belt in. I'm constantly adjusting my belt and pulling the trousers up over them. Playing golf with a belt is a pain. I need belts in new colours to go with new clothes. And who knew that you could grow out of a belt?? I thought that the smallest hole on my Evans belt would last forever but I'm now into small/mediums from non-fat shops!

    Not keen on belts (but they are saving me a fortune).

  4. Shopping for size 14's

    Now I know what people were talking about when they complained that being the common size makes it harder to shop. I just assumed that they were talking rubbish. There are almost no size 14's on the sales racks. In Matalan, DP and M&S, there were very few size 14's in the tops I wanted at all - loads of 10's, 12's and loads of 18's, 20's but 14's or 16's?? Not many.

  5. Droopy boobs and Bingo Wings!!

    You know what I'm talking about!! I used to have firm flesh (lots of it admittedly but firm). Now it's definitely a bit on the swingy side. And my bust!! I did like being well-endowed and now realise that I wasn't - it was all flab. What's left is definitely erring on the sad and droopy side. Not terrible (not the dreaded Spaniel Ears) but, nonetheless, a sad shadow of their former selves. I know we're told to wait until a year after you lose the weight to see how far your skin shrinks back but even then I suspect I'll be left with a small amount of slack skin under the arms and a bit on the tummy and maybe even at the top of my thighs.

    So - would I consider surgery?? Damn straight I would!! Just hope I don't have to. That said, D did promise me a new pair of breasts should I so desire them - just how unselfish is that man??!

Would I go back??

Nooooooooooooo way.......

Developing 44 - Working from home blues...

I worked from home today as I was meant to have a meeting in Manchester in the afternoon. As it happened the meeting was cancelled and replaced by a lengthy phone call which should have been good but left me strangely flat. I think it was because I was in the house for a long period and it was lovely outside, but I felt a bit droopy and down by this evening. Also, I knew I had to sit down and do a load of mortage and legal paperwork for the cottage purchase this evening so, even after I finished work I still had to stay at the computer. Got very bored to be honest.

That said it hasn't been all bad. I went to training at 7.45am and Huw is back to being "the Lovely". Felt really good and have proof that I'm improving in leaps and bounds. We did an exercise which I could barely do a few weeks ago - kept on falling off the ball and he had to steady it for me even to manage 5 or 6 reps. This evening I did 15 without any help and they were spot on and totally controlled. So, I must be getting stronger and fitter.

At lunchtime I went for a nice walk along the river with Shelagh and had a coffee with a chap I know who runs a framing shop/cafe in Hope. That was pleasant.

And, after work I managed a hour or so of gardening to try and ready the garden for being neglected for 3 weeks while we're in Canada.

So, looking back, I've had a pretty good day - certainly more outdoorsy than I would have been if I'd had to drive to Rotherham or take the train to Manchester - so why have I been such a grumpy guts this evening??

Don't know - I'm a spoilt brat - snap out of it Lesley!

Anyway, I've broken the back of the mortgage stuff, a couple of things to check tomorrow and it can all go off to the broker. I just don't like being on the other side of all this legal business - it's all very well when I'm dishing it out but I can't take it....

Thanks for all your lovely comments re the pictures. I do feel like a different person - I feel that losing the blubber has brought out the real me - I'm ready for adventures now - Canada, France, maybe a trip to Korea on the horizon. It's all go and I can't wait. I was looking at houses in Auvergne on the internet this evening to remind myself why I was putting myself through the hell of the legal was pretty inspiring. That lovely outdoorsy life: markets, animals, skiing, golf, gardening, travelling. There is a great goal to aim for - I must keep sight of that when I start to whinge like a child.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Day 43 (ii) - Body shots for comparison

Not difficult to say which of those I prefer! I look tired in the fat photos and notice that there were a lot where I picked Shelagh up! I think I thought she would hide the flab but it really doesn't work!

Yep - I'm not going to go back.

Thanks for inspiring me to have a look at the old piccies Mel and Cath. It was an interesting exercise. A bit sad as I think you found Mel - but useful. I don't look as if I cared for myself as much back then. My hair is more frizzy, my nails bitten, clothes a bit more tatty. Less self-respect, definitely.

Not going back...

Night night all.

Day 43 - Inspired by Mel (and suggested by Cath!)

There's a whole lot less chin involved nowadays and my eyes seem to open more fully even though I'm smiling just as widely. Strangely though, I'm not sure the contrast is as marked as the one between the before and afters at the top of Mel's latest post. Maybe you just don't see yourself clearly for a while.
I'm struggling to upload the photos and get them all lined up as neatly as Mel did so I'll start a new post to do the body shots.
Worked hard today and then had a seminar after work which I could have done without. So I'm a bit spaced out this evening. Off to bed soon as I've got training first thing in the morning with the Sadistic Huw...see I remembered not to call him Lovely any more!!
I must have done something else today but nothing else jumps to mind. How dull is that??
Oh yes - more shopping - I ought the suitcases and picked up a few itme for the Lovely (see he gets a promotion) Diarmuid. Hope he likes them as I'll only have one day to return them if no good. Friday could be a busy day.
D doesn't seem that bothered about Canada which is annoying as I'm really excited about it. I wonder if it's because there's a lot of my family involved? If that's the case then it's bloody annoying after all the millions of holidays I've had in Ireland with his family unable to go sightseeing 'cos he feels guilty and wants to spend every waking minute with his parents!! Hopefully that's not it and he'll show a bit more enthusiasm when he gets off the rig. Grr - I've wound myself up now.. daft cow...

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Day 42 - LL evangelical

Got up at crack of dawn to finish my French homework - yes, although I had done most of it in the sun on Saturday, I had still left some for the morning - will I ever be "adult" about homework?! Then set off to the lesson at about 8.30am - on a Sunday morning! It's so quiet at that time - all those hangovers sleeping it off. got halfay there and she cancelled. I know she had a friend staying so suspect she had a drink related illness but I'm not worried, it meant I had a bit more of the day to myself.

I went over to Lyme Park (a NT property) to meet an old friend from trainee solicitor days in London, Paul, and his wife and son, Lisa and Thomas. We had a lovely time walking, picnicing and just generally catching up. I haven't seen them since before Christmas so they were very surprised by the weight loss and very positive.

As you can see, Paul is a big lad and has recently put on a bit more. He has a high stress job in the law; doesn't do any exercise; drinks for work (to excess); and smokes. Not a good combination.

Lisa is worried about him and kept asking me to talk about LL and to see if I could nudge him into it. He's a good enough friend that I could be pretty honest with him and tell him straight that he needs to sort something out but you can't push someone to do a diet like LL. I just planted some seeds, explained how he could survive it and how fast it would be for him if he committed to it and hopefully he'll take the bait.

He's an extreme character like me and doesn't have an off switch when it comes to partying so I think LL would do him good. He needs to learn that he can do all the marketing lunches and sporting events without drinking like a fish. It'll be the death of him otherwise!

Anyway, it's all very well for me to say that now, but I'm conscious that I'm just a newbie in the field of staying healthy - hopefully I can heed my own words for the next few years and beyond.

It was a lovely afternoon and I finished it off with another run with Kate. A bit more grueling than yesterday's but good nonetheless.

Now a mindless evening in front of the telly sounds in order. The holiday and buying the cottage chores will start to kick in tomorrow so this could be my last quiet night.

Have a good'un everyone.

PS -I'm wearing part of my new capsule wardrobe in the piccies - Paul said I loked "French"!! It can't be starting already, surely...?

Developing 41 - sunny Saturday shopping!

I was up early to get across to my parents' near Lincoln at a decent time. I love that I don't ever have hangovers these days and feel so bright and breezy in the mornings. As I got nearer to Lincoln the dog started getting more and more excited. When we were about 5 or 6 miles from their house she sat up in the front seat (I had the roof down so everyone in nearby houses could see and hear her) and she started howling like a wolf! Really low and mournful - she knew she was getting close to them and was just so excited she couldn't restrain herself - she loves them sooo much!

When we finally turned into the village lane with about 2 miles to go she was yipping, whining and squealing and the volume increased with every yard until, once in the driveway, she was just about deafening me. It's hilarious. I love watching it and love watching her greet my Dad in particular - they just go crazy for each other. I swear he barely notices me for the first 5 minutes while he's tickling her tum and she's wriggling around him. It must be what new parents feel like when they bring their children to visit the grandparents - er, Hellooo - we're here too....

Anyway - secure in the knowledge that Shelagh could not be happier, I set off into town by myself. I knew my Mum would slow me down in what was to become a mammoth shopping session. I was a woman on a mission. I wanted a definitive holiday "Capsule Wardrobe" like all the magazines say you should have!! I have never had such a thing or even anything approaching one but I knew that that was my goal.... Do or Die...

And I got it! Next, Dotty P's and M&S came up trumps. I purchased: 2 long skirts in white and aqua (to be dressed up or down); white cropped trousers; black cropped trousers; cropped jeans, 4 t-shirts of varying smartness (which all just about go with each other); a pair of white heeled espadrilles; and a pair of white and green trendy trainers. Not only does everything go with everything else, it also goes with the few items I can get into in my existing wardrobe. I am a shopper Par Excellence!

What a blast. I just need a white belt and big white handbag and I'm done. Then I can start on the dull stuff like new suitcases and potions and lotions etc. And maybe a few little treats for D as I've been so extravagant on myself!!

Mum and Dad were suitably impressed by the post shopping fashion show too - cue much ooohing and aaaahing and "how much did that cost?"!! Well, they're parents - what do you expect!!

While they were having supper I took Shelagh for a long run in the coolness of the evening. I've not been running round there for over a decade and even then couldn't go very far so I wasn't sure which route to take. In the end I managed well over 6 or 7 miles and loved it. Lincolnshire is so lovely and flat compared to the Peak District! I felt I could have gone on forever. What hills there are are gentle inclines rather than hellish slogs and the views are so open. The dog was chasing rabbits at every field entrance and had a great time running after the low flying swallows too. It was simply beautiful. The wide open spaces and peaceful yellow stone and redbrick villages of my home county really talk to me in a way that the moors and hills and gritstone vilages of Derbyshire don't, even though I have come to love them too.

We had a nice sit out in the garden which is gorgeous at this time of year and then Dad and I wandered down to the pub for a few (waters...) and a good long chat. A really gorgeous day. Hope you all had a good day too.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Developing 40

Probably only Guinea will appreciate how bad that swing is!! But non-golfers may get a clue from viewing the look on my face in the final shot as I watch the ball land in the rough off to the right somewhere... Anyway, I did do some good shots in the round so I know my swing wil bed in given time but my friend only chose to record that particular swing so that's all you get today. My tummy looks reasonably flat in photo 3 though so there are some positives!!

It has been another busy day. I had to attend an emergency meeting of Cabinet at the Council which was interesting. We got what we needed which just meant even more work but at least the construction work we've started will not be unduly delayed. It's nice working directly for my "client" the Council as an in-house solicitor rather than being one step removed in private practise as I have previously been. When you're in private practise, you are far away from the job at hand and problems like this don't impinge. You're more concerned with juggling all the hundreds of files you get landed with rather than being properly aware of all the ramifications of any one job.

Now I work within the Council's Development team itself assisting with several regeneration projects around the Borough so am immersed in that work and people carrying it out. I can see the day to day realities of the development and regeneration we're trying to put together. Much more interesting, challenging and hands on.

I met up with a colleague from another departmentr who I haven't seen for a few months this afternoon. Hhe's one of those really prissy, uptight sort of guys. His manner is really irritating even though I think he's actually not a bad sort. I could see that he wanted to say something about my appearance but either didn't know what to say or wasn't sure if he should comment. I watched him wrestle with the problem for a while before he eventually asked me if I'd changed my hairstyle!! No - I really haven't. He eventually said - "But you have lost a bit of weight haven't you??" I nearly cheered. It was great that such a buttoned up PC sort of bloke felt he had to say something. Made him a bit human. I know we'll be back to square one next time we meet (I've had breakthroughs with him before to no avail) but at least I'll know that there's a normal nice guy under there somewhere!

As you can see from the photos, I played golf this sunny evening with Sammy. Just a practise round, nothing important. It was lovely and peaceful. We almost had the course to ourselves which was gorgeous. Millionaires' golf they call it. I used the evening to try out all sorts of new things. Didn't score well but that wasn't the point.

I felt so guilty about not taking the dog for a walk though that I had to go out again with her as soon as I got in, after a full round of golf! As I left to play golf she sat in the window barking and looking distraught that I wasn't taking her out on such a sunny evening - tore at my heart strings I can tell you. Spoilt little minx that she is.

So - that's me up-to date. I've been good foodwise. Have been hungry when I get home in the evenings but have managed to avoid snacking or hunting round for food. Golf was a great distraction this evening. I'm generally fine later on in the evening, it's when I first walk through the door that I go into Hungry mode and want to hunt thorugh the house for edibles. Not that there are many!! Got to watch that.

I'm going to parents for the day tomorrow to do some shopping in Lincoln and just to catch up with my mother who I haven't seen for a while. Their house will be full of food so will have to watch that too. I'm going to go for a long run over the flat Lincolnshire countryside (can't wait - 8 miles and no hills!!) so maybe that will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Have a great Saturday and I'll post again Sunday. Night night all.

Developing 39 - Thursday means Training Day!

I had a really busy day at work but did take time out at lunch time to head up to the shops for a preliminary look at what's around in readiness for my big holiday shop. I bought a couple of new bras - I can't believe I've gone down from a 42 E or even F to a 34 DD!! What is the world coming to? Small bras are cute though and they only have 2 hooks rather than 3 or even 4! The shoulder straps tend to be pretty rather than an inch wide and looking as though they could happily support a ton weight! So, all in all, although I'm slightly disturbed by my poor showing "up top", there are consolations.

I also bought a killer work suit which I don;t really need at all. It was on sale in M&S and is a size 14. Dark grey very sharp pencil skirt and tight fitted jacket. I won't get much wear out of it this week but because it's pretty fitted it should still fit ok when I get back from Canada so I'm really happy with it. It's been ages since I've had a sharp looking work suit and I do sometimes feel a bit scruffy when I go to meetings with external solicitors or something. The Council tends to be relatively informal but you like to be able to hold your own occasionally.

After work I had personal training and I'm afraid I'm no longer going to be able to preface Huw's name with "the lovely". He isn't lovely, he's a sadist! I feel as though he has taken a hammer to 2 patches of my buttocks and to my triceps. Those are just the really sore patches - there are several other areas which are just giving me unspecified aches - shoulders, thighs, forearms, hips. As I said, he's a sadist.

You watch out Mel - you'll start at the gym and it'll all be nicey nicey but then the pain will begin....

Actually I'm loving it. I can do so much mroe than I could even 4 or 5 weeks ago. He tells me that my weights are increasing and the number of repetitions too. I can see myself that, when I do the exercises, I'm much smoother and there is less overbalancing. Very liberating.

When I got home though, I could barely drift through the shower let alone post or do anything meaningful hence my no-show yesterday. Blame the wicked Huw!