Friday, 16 February 2007

Day 35 -66 - Weigh in time again

I had another good day. Busy at work, managed a good swim at lunchtime though - 50 lengths!

I've found a good weight loss website/forum (thanks Karen!) called I haven't quite got the hang of it yet as it seems quite complicated with loads of different groups and sub-groups but, once I check out my registration email, I'm sure I'll be away. Everyone who posts seems to have a ticker bar below their name showing how far they've come in their weight loss journey or how far they've got to go. Very motivating. Some people have lost loads and are into the maintenance stage which is even more promising. I like the idea of keeping up with it at the end so maintenance is not so scary!

This is the first diet where I've felt so positive about about the fact that I'm going to lose weight that I can devote head time to how I'm going to ensure that I never put it back on! I'm determined that it's going to be different this time. If nothing else I have the experience of not eating at all and the knowledge that it's not that bad to fall back on. Also, I must remove the word "treat" from my vocabulary in the context of food. I don't care how "good" I've been or how much I deserve it, food is not a treat for me. Get yourself something nice (clothes, book, bubble bath..), do something else (walk, film, outing...) but don't feed yourself as a treat.

What else? Yes, try and give out lots of positive comments to other people. It makes you feel good and them and then you're more likely to get them in return - when you get lots of positive stuff you won't fall back on self administered "strokes", ie, food. You have to start valuing yourself for yourself so others will do likewise, then your friend food won't be as important as he has been in the past.

All very deep, but I really have time to think about all this stuff and it seems so obvious now. When I'm in the middle of wondering what I can eat next on a normal diet you just want to avoid analysing why you're so obsessed with food. It's the last thing WW or SW would tell you as they actively want you to be obsessed with food! How else can they sell you all the diet products and magazines and classes? I know LL charges more but it genuinely has broken me out of food prison. Thank God!

Anyway, down to business - I lost 6lbs last week taking my total to 35 lbs (2 and 1/2 stone) in 5 weeks! How amazing is that? I'm not slowing down or wavering at all either. As Matt said in a comment - "Pat yourself on the back and then forget about it and look forwards to the next goal", or something like that.

I'm going to do a full set of measurements and another set of hallway photos too this weekend to record where I'm at now. It's fantastic.


Claire said...

Hi Lesley, thanks for your blog, I have only read two days and am addicted. I have my medical/check with the nurse next week to decide whether it will be feasible to start LL. A work colleague of mine is currently on the diet and doing fantastic. I'm worried however that I have crohnes disease and that they will not allow me to start. Please keep your fingers crossed!! I shall go back to your blog and continue reading!

Thanks and good luck, Claire

I worte that last night, I printed off the 37 pages and brought myself up to speed! I think your progress is truly inspirational. I have my assessment next week and am extremely nervous. I will be checking every day.... Have a good weekend.

Claire Silverton

Lesley said...

Wow, that's nice of you to say Claire. I hope you manage to join up as it is a great programme. Just thinking about your battles with Crohnes has made me put my worries about my BP into perspective.

I truly wish you all the best and would love to hear from you and how you're doing. Send a comment which I do read or, if you'd rather email, try