Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Developing 9 - day of near misses

I had to take the train to work today which means leaivng at an unearthly 6.37am! Not only that, I had to leave even earlier in order to drop my car at the garage and then walk to the station. Luckily it was a beautiful morning so I didn't feel too hard done by. I must have been sleepy though as I got distracted by my book between Sheffield and Rotherham and failed to get off at Rotherham! Had to go on to Swinton and wait for another train going back. Doh!! Still, as I was so early, it wasn't a fatal error.

I worked hard again - I do enjoy these productive days. Had a lunchtime meeting with about 12 engineer types all tucking into hearty sandwiches, sausage rolls, pork pies, muffins, doughnuts, yoghurts (the nice full fat ones!) etc. Was tricky, not torment exactly, but the food looked especially good today. I managed to stick to my black coffee though and we had a productiv meeting with loads of banter. I much prefer working with non-lawyers, so much more fun and relaxed than a load of solicitors. A bit hard to keep them focussed on the legal issues at times as they want to divert off onto techie stuff but much more amusing in the long run. And, as the only woman at these meetings generally, I find it easier to keep them in line!

Home and off for a good walk with D. Took a few piccies with my new camera which I'm beginning to get a feel for. still sticking with the basics but will get braver soon.

Shelagh is finding lambing season a strain - she has been chased and butted by Mama sheep 3 times now and is pretty unsettled when we walk through the fields and they're all baa-ing at her and sometimes stamping their feet threateningly!! I'm prety confident that my little coward would never be sheep worrier, a sheep worriee possibly!

Stayed in to watch the finale of the Biggest Loser - what results¬! The winner lost 214lbs in (I think) 7 or 8 months and was literally unrecognisable from his starting weight of 407 lbs. Truly amazing stuff. The runner up was a woman who had lost 118 lbs in that time and looked amazing. I reckon I'm not going to be too far behind her though - just need to up the exercise and get more into weights as well to tone up. Hopefully Huw, my hunky PT will sort that out for me!

Anyway, I've been let down at the last minute re golf tomorrow so I won't be able to try out my new swing which is a shame - still probably better to have a few goes on the driving range first anyway but I was disappointed. It means I have some more flexi time left for the rest of the month though I suppose so no worries.

Night night all.


Cath said...

LOL I did laugh when I read about you staying on the train - goes to show how relaxed you are. I once did something similar when I was a teenager, I'd been to visit my aunty in hospital who'd had eye surgery and I was meant to be getting off the bus at a certain stop to go and meet this lad for a first date. Well I must have been really excited cos I fell asleep on the bus and woke up well past the stop - unlike you though I didn't go back, I just got off when the bus reached my home stop.

Your lunch sounds like it would have been fun ... mmmm pork pies :)

Poor Shelagh, think those sheep need telling off for being dog worriers!

Hope you have another good day today - the sun is shining brightly here and it's only 6.30.


Melanie said...

POSTCARD....Wish you were here...etc.

Just a very quickie, just to say having a fantastic time!

Jacob has been poorly the first day but he's much better now. Got to buy a new fridge when we get back too but will explain when I return....lol

As for the diet, hmmm....best not mention it really, the half board thing is too good, which for me is really NOT good. Never mind, it's holiday and at least one thing I'm still certain about is that I can rectify any bad doings when I get home, which in the past has been something I'm not able to do. Back to the home routine will soon sort me out.

Hopefully coming on here will give me a bit of reminding inspiration...anyway, the weather is FAB, got loads of lovely photo's to post on my return, speak to you all on Monday...!

Lots of love, Mel, Nige and Jacob x x

Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

Hope you don't mind, thought if I post on yours people will see my message as most are unlikely to check my blog till Monday.

Mel x

about to slim said...

Hi Lesley,Nice to see you're doing so well still
Sorry i haven't updated you lately.
Just thought i'd let you know that im going to my first class tonight arrghhh!!!Scarey! Its probably a good jobi didnt start last week as i've had a really bad cold (laid up in bed)and have now developed a really chesty cough.I've been getting dirty looks in the office since i went back, every time i cough(its really loud).
Wel i suppose i'd best get ready to go as i have to drive for nearly an hour to get to my nearest l/l class.I'll et ya know how it goes. Vix xx

chrismars said...

The times I forgot to get off the tube when I worked in The City (London)! These books shouldn't be so engrossing.

Chris x