Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Developing 10 - Weigh In time again

It's that weigh in time again. I only lost 2lbs this week but I'm not freaking out or anything. We looked at my stats and worked out that I have a blip every 5 weeks and I've only dropped to 2 lbs twice so it's not exactly the worst thing in the world. I know I'm sticking to the plan so I know it'll come off next week etc. Our target this week is for us all to increase our water intake. Grrr I suppose with the hot weather we should drink more but it's a pain. I'll try to get to 5 litres every day. Repharse that - I will drink 5 litres every day!!!

It's shame though as my scales this morning convinced me that I was up for a big loss (5 or 6lbs!) so that's the last time I believe them. I think my pesky body knows just when to start holding onto the water and it's usually 3 or 4 hours before weigh in time!

Hey ho.

Apart from that, not much happening. I had a nice quiet drink with D this evening and chatted through a few points which have been narking me. Didn't row or anything so that was progress! we aslo just had a nice natter about what we've both been up to. We've been so busy that we haven't connected much just the 2 of us so it's good to talk...

Just chatted to my Dad on the phone for a good hour too (he always wants the weekly total!). He was really sweet and said that, as my brother's and sister's kids get loads of dosh off him every month, he's been feeling guilty that I am missing out. He's therefore going to pay for my LL classes for the next few months so I can put the money I would have sepnt into a fund to buy nice clothes when I get to goal! What a Dad! I don't care so much about the money (and certainly don't expect anything off him) but it's nice that he's really thought about how he could help me and show his support.

Feel really chuffed and pleased that he's so proud of me and wants to invest in the new me!

What else? Oh yes - was at a metting with loads of senior bosses at the Council including the Chief Exec. He walked in last and sat down, looked around the table including right at me and then said, deadpan: "I thought Lesley was coming to this meeting?!". Got a good laugh and was a nice way of congratulating me on the weightloss I think.

It's going to be a short post tonight 'cos it's late and I still haven't eaten my last pack so I'll try and do better tomorrow. Byeee


chrismars said...

What a lovely gesture from your Dad, Lesley. Family support, financial, as well as emotional is always a good thing. I wish my Dad was still around to see me succeed but I'm sure he's watching and egging me on.

We definitely do change our mindset, don't we. Just think of the joy you would have got from a 2lb loss several months ago....

Very funny about the Chief Exec. A very clever way of commenting and congratulating you on a very big achievement without the embarassment of being 'non-PC'. I bet all the other big bods around the table were only thinking the same thing themselves.

Keep on drinking the water, Lesley

Have a good day. Chris x

Cath said...

Oh isn't your dad just lovely, that is really thoughtful that he's going to do that for you - what a star :)

I've not been drinking the 5 litres lately, I really have to get back into it - probably done 2 to 3 today so I'll def join you in that challenge.

2lbs is a great loss, you're doing brilliantly - as you say it'll all get better again next week.

I'd have let the Chief Exec have an extra biscuit for that comment - he's a good un!

Keep going strong and keep on drinking!

Cath said...

Just checked your post again and realised that you've robbed yourself! We didn't have a celebration last week for you getting in the 100's - the dreaded 200+lb is a thing of the past, gone forever more.

Yipppeeeeee :-)


Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

Hi Lesley

Well done on the 2lbs I think you're doing fantastic, great photos too. I have struggled with the water since stopping LL, we will just have to get back to it!!

Have a good weekend


Mrs said...

Wow, Lesley!

What a great blog (look at the wonderful support and feedback you are getting - personally and professionally), in spite of the 2lb loss (which is still good). I am sure it's all melting away and you will see a bigger loss next week. It's frustrating when the LLC's scales and our own don't tally. The water is critical, as I have seen for myself!

Quick question - how was the class this week? More positive? Better?

Keep going - there is so much goodwill around you, it's great to see.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxx

SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Your looking good on the photos, and I agree it's great your Dad thought of you in this way. He really has considers this hasn't he.

As you will see later on my BLOG, I can't help regarding husbands, but it sounds positive you can have a conversation about stuff.

I know what you mean about the water intake. I've started to struggle again with it, it only takes a long journey or meeting and I start to lag behind again!

Keep up the progress


chrismars said...

Oh, I AM getting more advanced with technolgy!! I posted the comment below on Wendy's site in answer to a question you put there. I thought I'd try to copy it onto yours - and it worked! John will be proud of me!!

Copy comment from Wendy's blog:

'The tetra-paks, Lesley, are pre-prepared shakes in cartons similar to milk cartons. They're meant really for on-the-move use - when you aren't in a position to whip up a sachet. There are only 2 flavours to choose from and are more expensive than the powders. On CD you pay for whatever soup, shake, bar or tetra-pak you purchase, rather than a weekly amount like on LL. Hence the minimum CD weekly cost of £32.55.

I hope I didn't stunt your style by geting in and answering that one, Wendy.'

Chris x