Saturday, 12 May 2007

Developing 20 - Rugby Club Dinner

Well, all my fears were unfounded. I was quite happy to stay 'til the end and it wasn't bitter. I think the day resting set me up nicely so I didn't feel bad cold-wise all night although I started sneezing again while driving home - how weird is that?

D and Eric had a bit of a boozy session on the Lithuanian vodka but D was really good fun - loads of dancing (which is just not like him) and telling me that I looked hot and that the dress was a Marilyn Monroe dress!! You can't really see from the piccies but it was a proper curvy girl dress with a killer cleavage!!

I really enjoyed it and was happy with my soup and bar and all the water. The only slight pang was the fact that most people had Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert which is my absolute fave - mmmmmm so sweeeet and gloopy..... Luckily although it looked nice, it didn't look like the best STP I've ever seen so a dip of the finger into the sauce sufficed!

The woman who inspired me onto LL in the first place was there (the one in the bright pink - a colour she would not have worn pre-LL) and she was as excited to see me as I was to see her. We disappeared off into a huddle to compare notes and have a proper chinwag. She was just not able to go back onto the diet proper once she came off it for Christmas (first lesson to learn as I have heard that so many times). She didn't finish Maintenance and she's now gone onto CD for price reasons. She has gained about 1/2 stone since she finished just before Christmas but still looks awesome. So - a toast to Kate Tann - I hope I am eternally grateful to her for setting me off on this road to a longlasting life of slimness.

That said - I'm going to learn from this that this journey has to be seen through to the very end. I'm going to take all your lovely comments on board re Canada (and very sensible they have been) and limit any damage to the absolute minimum. A very occasional low-carb meal in strictly controlled circumstances and only for the best of reasons. Not a full-on blowout because "I'm on me holidays..."

What else? We stayed 'til the disco stopped as I was having a good time dancing with Stacey, Eric and D. I then had the task of driving 7 very drunk people round the countryside to their various homes. It was a case of steering carefully through the waters of "Lets all go back to someone's for more booze" and depositing them firmly at their respective doors. We did pop into Russ and Abby's but I haven't seen the house since it was done up and they have a gorgeous collie so that was ok. By then, D and Eric were flagging badly so they were meek as lambs when I said it was time to go.

Abby was very funny as her beloved dog Charlie took a massive shine to me and sat on my lap staring soulfully into my eyes while I scratched him or even rested his noble head on my shoulder. Apparently he hardly ever deigns to do that with her!! He was a pet but I then had to endure the doggie interrogation from Shelagh when I got home, you know the one:- "where have you been....sniff sniff sniff.... Who's he? I mean it, you've been unfaithful to me Mum....sniff sniff sniff".

D is now stretched out on the bed in the computer room struggling with his head - good enough for him!! The dog is barking wildly at the window cleaners which is just making it worse. It's time like this when I really don't miss drinking. I would have been in as bad a state as D if I wasn't on the wagon!

Anyway, enough blathering. Chores to do and then we're going to Manchester to see Meatloaf this evening. A Christmas treat which we'd both almost forgotten about.

Have nice day all and thanks for the many comments on my Lithuanian epic and "The Canada Question", especially Chris's tome - all very helpful in getting my head straight well in advance.


Cath said...

Well you look just stunning - the belle of the ball. I'm glad you had such a lovely night, sounds like a great time was had by all.

I agree with you on what to do in Canada - I'm taking my packs and eating them for breakfast and lunch and dinner apart from a few low carb meals I'll have for dinner. I'm not going to Poland or America with the intention of eating anything and everything because I'm on holiday, I'm going with a diet head on.... Wurzel Gummidge would be proud of me!


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Nice to see you look fab in the dress amd hubby looks like he can't keep his hands off you!

Everybody owes you big time for all the driving, I hope you cash it all in when the times come. As for not having a bad head in the morning, it feels wonderful doesn't it!

I was only singing your praises in my LL group. I told them how much running you do, and how you had moved into development. It seems nobody else looks at BLOGS or the forum.

Good for you planning the Canada break away, I am sure you will come back lighter.

Sam xx

Melanie said...

You look so elegant, really stunning. That dress is really lovely.

I bet hubby must feel so proud going out with you, no wonder he was up on the dancefloor with you all night, he wouldn't want anyone else having a dance with you looking as gorgeous as that!

Nigel and I hardly ever drink, there was one night one holiday when we both had a double vodka each, we were both giggly and tipsy after just that, Jacob kept looking at us in we didn't do it

Have a great time at the concert!

Mel x

Mrs said...

Lesley, you foxy chick!!!

You look stunning and so, so, so happy! And what a great surprise; the rugby bash was fun - even to the very end!

Re: Canada - well, I've just posted on minimins to someone going on holiday when they are in Foundation. I said that the online support I got was critical to stop me going completely loopy and helping me through the eat/don't eat dilemma. And that was everyone here, of course! I also wrote - by chance - exactly what Cath has written (must check the other post for Chris's comments).

If you are going to eat, stick to management week 1's regime, if you can. Protein, salad and...well, that's it. I would see how you feel when you go - your mind may change lots between now and going. You will be amazed at how little you need to feel completely full.

The other thing that I can say is that you won't want to look back on your big holiday with regret, which works both ways. Regret for not trying something local and being miserable (but I don't think you will be) and/or regret for breaking abstinence just because you were on holiday.

And FINALLY, can I ask you a question about milk? Were you advised to drink milk/add milk to your foodpacks in week 13 of Foundation? I just read it somewhere and was surprised. I don't remember you mentioning it...

Anyway, Lesley, you rock! Enjoy Meatloaf and thanks for being so open (sharing photos, etc) and showing us how you are doing the whole LL thang!

With style!!

Big kiss. Mrs L xxxxxxx

PS thanks for supportive message earlier today. Much appreciated. xx

Ameythist said...

Stunning - you will continue to inspire me through my journey x

chrismars said...

Thanks for the thanks, Lesley. I'm sure you'll sort out the 'right' thing to do in Canada.

Love the dress. I hope D loved it too!!

Chris x