Monday, 14 May 2007

Developing 23 - Virtuous Monday

Seems like I'm back on the straight and narrow. No nibbling and no real desire to. Slight pangs this evening when back from the pub but have distracted myself with the blog and a savoury drink. Gold star Lesley!!

Was a pretty ordinary day although I have booked our flights from Toronto to Halifax as part of our Canada holiday which makes it all the more real.

Got back and helped D do a mountain of washing up - he's an unhappy bunny as his beloved dishwasher has packed in and the engineer couldn't come out until Wednesday!! There was a full load in the machine making it even worse.

Then off for a run. The first in a week due to various reasons - Lithuania, getting back late and being tired, personal training and then having a nasty cold over the weekend and not wanting to push my luck. Anyway, I did the long 5 plus miles cicuit and it went nice and smoothly, even added a little loop onto the end and felt good. The dog and I finished up in the pub thinking it would be a quick visit and quiet. Then there were loads of people and I felt a bit daft in my jogging kit. Oh well, nice to see everyone....

So, bit of a dull post, sorry peeps. Will try and come up with something a bit more exciting tomorrow!!


Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

Finally caught up with all your posts. Wow! Something for everyone and much food for thought (sorry, no pun intended).

Our LLC said the further we go (with the programme), the stronger our crooked thinking becomes and we must, therefore, be vigilant. Hope doing the thought record did the trick. You sound better today - back on the straight and narrow.

You are not alone; I am grappling with those demons and have posted yet another thought record.

Our LLC also says that we shall start to see themes with the thought records so, who knows, we may crack this food rollercoaster ride yet!

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxx

PS did you see my question about week 13 and milk?

chrismars said...

What was mrs' question about week 13 and milk?

You'll get right back on track Lesley very soon - as only you can!

Glad the food demons are being quelled this week.

Chris X

Lesley said...

Milk - yes, I forgot.

We were told to add milk to our diets every 13th week by mixing our soups and shakes with milk instead of water. As we had already passed the 13th week, our LLC interpreted the requirement as startng from that week so we're not going to be doing it for another 12 weeks (if we're still on the plan by then). Also she was clearly not impressed by the suggestion and kept saying that it was only a suggestion - that they give us the info but it's up to us what we do, rolling her eyes and obviously trying to lead us to the conclusion that we'll not bother!!

I've out it in my diary and will see what I think nearer the time. i think it's sensible not to add any real food to the diet and jsut mixing the shakes and soups differently shouldn't have any long term effect.

Thought the strawberry shake was too gloopy but made a cracking banana muffin with the banana shake and a bit of choc shake powder added.

Melanie said...

I bet you're starting to get really excited about going to Canada now!

Not long to go...

I can't believe where this year is going, we're nearly halfway through already!

Glad to hear you're getting back in the 'zone'!

Take care,
Mel x

Cath said...

Hello at last - I'm here better late than never!

Well done on the no picking - I've all faith in your ability to totally abstain .... you're a woman of strength, you can do it.

When do you go to Canada? Bet you can't wait :)