Monday, 28 May 2007

Developing 36 - Quiet Bank Holiday Monday

It's not often I have a Bank Holiday Monday with nothing planned. I had hoped that the weather would be good so I could get out into the garden but it really was not. Not as bad as yesterday but still rainy and cold. The gaps between the rain showers were longer, that is all. Harrumph...

I was up really early and got straight into chores and rainy day jobs like clearing out cupboards etc etc but for some reason couldn't get really stuck into anything for any length of time. I think it was because the day stretched out ahead of me with no structure to it so I felt a bit antsy and flitted from one thing to the next. I was quite happy but a bit unsettled. Very strange.

Pre-LL, if I had had a day like this (and there were many more), I would have given up totally and just settled into eating and watching a film or reading a book. By the end of the day I would have felt slightly guilty, as though i had wasted a day and also probably angry with myself for eating too much. Giving up and having a lazy day didn't feel right today so I persevered with looking for more gainful employment! And succeeded for the large part - so Go Me!

Kate rang and asked if I'd babysit for an hour or so so she could out for another run! That was lovely as I just sat in her newly decorated sitting room listening to lovely mellow Sunday morning type music with baby George snoring away next to me on the sofa and with a good book in hand. We had a good chat when she got back too which was nice. We don't spend enough time together so it was good to catch up.

After that I was still antsy but decided to stop stressing about it, go with the flow and not put any pressure on myself to achieve stuff today - just to do what I fancied and hope for the best. After that I was fine. Did a couple of hours of gardening and took the dog for a good long walk round the river. It was freezing and a bit drizzley but she still went for a swim so, now she's dry and combed out, she's all fluffy and soft!

I did manage to watch a bit of the Play-Off Final - well done Derby County!! - not my team but pretty local so pleased for them nonetheless!!

I also had a really good chat with D too and discussed all sorts of things, which we don't usually do while he's out on the rig (too many distractions). I felt I had to check with him one last time before we go ahead with the purchae of this cottage that he is dead set on moving to France and has discounted the possibility of moving back to Ireland. There has long been an understanding from his parents that they would give us plot of land and we could build a house (think Grand Designs - in my wilder day dreams!) in the field above his parents' place. It would be a good move financially and (if we ever have children) we'd have built in child care but for some reason neither of us are that keen. I just wanted to make sure that we had considered it for one last time in the light of the France move before we go fullsteam ahead with the France plan.

We talked it through methodically and with no axes being ground on either side and at the end I'm really happy that were both on the same page and really want to do the France move. We both used the same word - "adventure". We're obviously ready to do something new and spread our wings rather than making what could be a backwards move to Ireland or staying this country. It's exciting to contemplate.

So, I have to speak to the estates agents tomorrow about the cottage and then everything is in motion. Yikes!

I finished the day with a flurry of ebaying which I'm really pleased about as I have LOADs of clothes to sell and haven't been on ebay for a couple of months!! I was pretty good for a while but then the good weather of April sent me outdoors and I abandoned the ebay scheme. Now I'm not that far away from my goal I need to make sure that my new clothes fund is as healthy as possible. Once I'm down to a size 12, I really want to have a good chunk of dosh to enable me to spend spend spend!!!

Have a good week - I'm sure the sun'll start shining now that the Bank Holiday is over....grrr


Ameythist said...

Hi Lesley it was a horrible day - I couldnt get warm for luv nor money - we went to a place called Dagfields near Nantwich it is a massive place with about 8 large buildings full of antiques and stuff, we then called at Stapley water gardens on the way back which was a let down but it gives us something to do on a horrible day where like you said we would have sat in front of the TV with a box of chocs and a good war film fingers crossed on all your plans

SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

A lot for me to catch up on!

It seemed your chat with Eric was very interesting and as you say makes us realise we are not always as we think we seem!!!!! I think LL makes you feel much more relaxed and comfortable in yourself so we don't feel we need to either impress or conform to everybody else ideal.

Also well done on establishing if France is the way to go or not. It sounds really exciting.

Keep up the good work you property tycoon

Sam xx

chrismars said...

I'm not sure whether I'm envious of your proposed move to France or not. Not actually of moving to France as I have no inclination to do that, but really of yours and D's decision to change everything you know, and everyone you know. I'm afraid I'm too set in my ways. I've only ever lived within 5 miles or so of where I was born. I often say to John that I'd like to move away from London one day (when Elizabeth has gone her own way), but will we do it? I don't know. There'll probably be some reasoning in my mind on why we shouldn't.

One of my goals should be: I am adventurous and open to change.

We shall see...

Chris x

Cath said...

You're right - the sun is shining again, typical!

You're not used to having nothing to do I think that was why you were feeling unsettled. You're usually busy at work and if you're at home you've got plenty going on - as you say before LL you'd have just dossed all day.

It was a right babysitting day - hoep you had as good a time as I did!

I'm glad that you and D are all clearheaded about where you are going from here, it's all very exciting!

Hope today goes well - can't wait to hear how you've got on.


Guinea said...

You'll love living in France. I lived in their a while ago when I worked in Geneva (far cheaper to live outside of Switzerland). I loved the pace of life, the weather, the food and the people.

It took me a while to get confident with my French, but the local population really appreciate it, regardless of how rusty you are.

ALso, if you have the chance to build back in Ireland you should really think about it. I have a croft on the Isle of Skye with a house on it. At the moment I am half way through a 6 year plan to build my own grand design.

So far so good. We've had our plans finally approved by the council and preperation work will start next summer. Our plan is to use it for holiday letting. Then after a number of years deciding if we'll ever live there. It's my homeland and my partner is keen to move at the moment. However, I think that may change when the realities of rural living really hit home.