Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Developing 15 - Monday in Vilnius

Unfortunately the weather wasn't as kind to us yesterday (Monday) as it has been. A bit grey and showery but mild and not too bad. As I mentioned in the last post I got up early and went for a good run along the river. It's a great way to see more of a new city as you move that much faster. Very enjoyable.

By the time I got back, the other slugs were crawling out of their scratchers and trying to shake off the hangovers. It was also beginning to rain and I don't have a light coat. So I raced off a bought a great heavy cotton Mod type coat complete with lace at the hem, hood and waist tie - absolutely love it! If I had been fat, I would not have been able to find something to fit in a strange town (especially as the women here are all tall and leggy!!) so would have had to struggle on and get cold and wet. What a change!

We went sight-seeing and just wandered round the Old Town and the Castle. Saw loads and really enjoyed it. Saw a bridge where newlyweds attach padlocks to the railings then throw the key into the river to show that they'll never be parted. Very sweet. I also made a few purchases - some amber (bracelet and pendant), some woodwork (just a bread board and potholder but very sweet) and a posh tea cup in the Lithuanian style and some tea. Very healthy - no milk and less caffeine than coffee.

I have taken loads of pictures on my new camera and worked out what works for me. A very useful dry run for our trip to Canada. I'll get a few on the blog when we get home.

We all went out for a meal to a traditional Lithuanian restaurant which had been recommended to Sophia. Well, it was absolutely terrible!! We were all in great order so laughed for ages but when the starters came out in dribs and drabs and the last 2 never made it even 2 1/2 hours after we ordered we started to get a bit cheesed off to say the least!! When the mains eventually came out they were cold, overcooked and pretty uninspiring. It was such a shame for Sophia who was spitting. there's no way you would have put up with that in England so I don't know why we did in Vilnius. Hey ho - live and learn. I got my hot water and made up a soup so I wasn't too bad!! There are some advantages to LL.

After that the evening didn't reach the heights of the night before but we still went out for a few and had a pretty good night. I flagged towards the end but not too bad.

So, all in all a pretty good introduction to Vilnius. It's a strange place - really reaching out to be modern and European but with omnipresent reminders of its communist past. There are loads of grumpy women at all the public venues like museums and churches etc. Barking orders etc at you. There's also a massive gap between rich and poor. Quite a few beggars but also loads of luxery cars and designer stores. I would recommend it for a weekend if you like city breaks.


katelle said...

Lesley, I love reading your posts! Lithuania sounds like a very interesting place.
What a fantastic feeling it must be to be able to walk into an ordinary shop and just pick something up and it fits! The times I have been abroad and liked some item of clothing but then left empty handed as nothing fits!
The only place that I can remember being able to buy large clothing practically anywhere is in the USA where there are plenty of larger ladies!!!....maybe I should move there if LL doesnt work for me lol!!

Karen x

Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

You sound like you're really enjoying all the benefits of losing weight, nice breaks away without the bind of being overweight, being able to just go into any shop and find clothes to fit, you must feel on top of the world.

Hope you're enjoying your holiday, hope the weather improves too!

Mel x

chrismars said...

It's a wonder you didn't have to fighht the others off from your LL soup - one to remember when your bemoaning the trials of yet another soup pack in the weeks to come..lol

What do you mean loads of grumpy old women barking orders at museums and churches? - have you been to National Trust houses or the National Gallery lately? Those women are everywhere!

Chris x

Cath said...

I love the thought of you all bright eyed and bushy tailed as the others are all crawling wearily from their beds -- Yayyy Lesley :)

Sounds as though it's like Riga with the Old Town and because geography was never my strong point I've just checked a map and Lithuania is right underneath Latvia... bet we know who'll they vote for in the Eurovision!

Am looking forward to seeing the pictures am sure they've lovely.

How lovely to be able to buy decent clothes abroad - that was always my fear of losing my luggage and then not having anything to wear and nothing in the shops fitting --- must have felt great!


RB xx said...

Hi Lesley,
I have sat and read your posts over the last few evenings and would just like to say how much of an inspiration you are to me and how inspiring and funny your posts have been!
I am waiting for a LL course to start in my area (the LLC said it would be about 3 weeks - boo hiss boo) and am soooo eager to get started and start removing some of this monstrous fat that has built up over the last few years and work out exactly why I need to punish/reward myself with food in such vast quantities. You sound like you have a great, full life that is truly inspriational! Roseanne x