Sunday, 6 May 2007

Developing 14 - Kaunas, Lithuania

Hi all, just a quick post to say that I feel like a different woman this morning. I've had a good (if brief) night's sleep and woke to a gorgeous sunny, blue sky day. I've already been down to the gym and worked out quite hard, had a swim and a sauna and feel on top of the world.

Which is more than can be said for my husbandwho had rather a lot of Lithuanian vodka last night!!

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend!!


Cath said...

See now that's our Lesley back --- you were just worn out last night, great to read you're feeling back to normal.


Mrs said...

Oh Lesley! I wish I had checked your blog; just assumed, she who is in Lithuania, will not be blogging! Whoops.

So glad you managed to get some support because having been away, I know how much it means!

You have done INCREDIBLY well; I reckon the meal out just touched all your buttons, which combined with tiredness...well, you know!

You talked in the past about being the life and soul of the party and I wonder whether food and booze helped you play that the max?

Tiredness is a bitch! Fact! Go and have a lovely holiday and just think how amazing you will feel when you come back - you will have been true to yourself.

And what about chocci-gate? If that isn't herculean self control, I don't know what is!! WELL DONE YOU! Big kiss for incredible restraint.

Hope you and D manage to have some time together. Happy Holiday!

Big hug.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx

chrismars said...

I hadn't checked in either! Being away I also thought the same as mrs - you wouldn't be thinking of catching up with us. How wrong can we be! This blogging lark is all too addictive and if you miss a day or so you feel as though you're letting down friends, don't you. What's going to happen when the summer holidays set in? How are we going to cope?

Well you coped excellently with the trials that have been sent you over the last few days, Wendy. It's always hard when there's a crowd and everyone else is eating, drinking and enjoying themselves. But as you admitted, and as I've told myself on numerous occasions, this is only for the short-term, and we are all learning very valuable lessons about ourselves and what constitutes having a 'good time' - not always booze to the edge of oblivion and a refusal to leave the dessert trolley!!!

Hope the rest of your weekend goes well.

Chris x

chrismars said...

I'm doing it again!!!! Wendy???

Chris (er, maybe)