Thursday, 10 May 2007

Developing 17 - weigh in time!

Thank God I had arranged to work from home yesterday! We didn't get in 'til after 2am which is 4am Lithunaian time. I was cream crackered! Still, dragged my carcass out of bed for 9 (ish) and did some desultory work and checking of blogs!! A few loads of washing too. It's great WFH for all those little chores you can fit in while making tea or lunch.

Then, off to class. As you can see I had a good week and lost 5lbs taking me over the magical 6 stones lost marker!! I now weigh 13 stone 9lbs on LL scales or 5lbs lighter than that at home, first thing in the morning, with no clothes on, having had a pee!!!

That is roughly the weight I was when I got married and, yes, I can fit into my wedding dress although to be honest wasn't keen on it when I tried it recently although loved when I got hitched!!

Only 40lbs to goal which just seems soooo manageable. I feel like I'm racing towards goal now that I'm over halfway, every week seems to be accelerating even though I know in my head that the rate of loss is lsightly slower if anything (not much in it!).

There was a woman in clas who tipped over the 8 stone lost last night so she was really chuffed too. She's been doing it since September though and has had a few self-confessed blips ( for a few weeks I think). I'd rather avoid that and stick it out - getting back on the straight and narrow is just too hard.

We were talking about boundaries and how, on a normal diet, this is the time when you would start to stretch them and creep away from the plan (how true!). Our LLC said that LL is stricter than it needs to be for a reason and that abstinence is a purpose in itself not just a means to an end. She is right of course but you can't help wanting to sneak a couple of non-harmful goodies in when you know they'll not make a difference!! She was emphasizing that it's the head work we're doing that will save us the dreaded regain, not just the losing weight.

One woman in my class had just come back from St Petersburg for the weekend (spookily she was also called Lesley, had curly hair and lives a miles away from me!!!). She, though, had eaten while over there and had had a gain - not sure it's worth it really so am wrestling with what to do on my much bigger trip to Canada in June. Want to stick to the plan but maybe allow myself a very few meals?? Will ask the LLC and would be interested on your thoughts? It's a big trip for 3 weeks so don't want to ruin it but also don't want to ruin this amazing journey.....seesawing wildly....

Anyway, I'm nearly caught up with my blog - just today (Thursday) to do which will be short and sweet due to the extreme dullness of the day!

Bye for now - the bubbly bath awaits me...


Cath said...

6st 2lb!!!!! Bloody brilliant!

Honestly Lesley you're just great, you've lost so much, you've stuck to the plan and you're full of smiles - wonderful.

Must be great to be the size you were when you got married - how long ago was that? I was about 9.5 - 10 st when I got married and that'll be 20 years July 08 .... be great if I could be at least that weight then.

40lb is manageable - to you that should be a doddle .... even at an average of a 4lb a week loss it's only 10 weeks ... that'll soon be here.

I can understand you being unsure on eating in Canada - I've decided I will just have atkins style evening meals on my holidays but I've got to admit I'm a bit scared to eat .... what if I start and don't stop?

Well done again on your loss and here's to your next 40 x


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

I echo that brilliant over 6st weight loss, and with so many weekends, holidays and activities away!

It truely is downhill all the way for you, and great you are at the wedding dress milestone.

As for yor holiday in June, I would love to say continue with your packs and you will have of course 3 weeks worth of weight loss to know off your 40LBS!

However maybe a compromise is most days having packs, but for planned days you could do the protein options like chris and mel to keep you in ketosis and hopefully still come back with a good loss.

Either way, you are so close to goal now and you will make it. I think if you are going to eat, you want to feel it was worth doing and some poor/substandard meal you had to fit in with everybody else.

It's your journey, take the route you want as we will all of cracked this for the rest of our lives.

Take Care

Sam xx