Thursday, 17 May 2007

Developing 26

Back to work today both literally and figuratively. I think the navel gazing was good but don't have the energy for any more. I certainly feel re-energised and have had a much better day.

Did a good lot of work today and am making an impression into the mammoth To Do list. It's scary but I suppose you just do what you can.

After work I went straight to personal training. Now, that man must have been lulling me into a false sense of security the last couple of times, 'cos he worked me like a demon this evening!! 25 minutes on the cross trainer going from hard to really hard then back to hard for a rest! Followed by a load of weights but all done really carefully and slowly so each exercise feels like your muscles are burning. There was no place to run, no place to hide. I really enjoyed it and was insane enough to suggest upping the training from once a week to twice by including a morning session on Tuesday mornings!! Can't believe I suggested it. Must be a masochist.

Joined D in the pub for an hour or so and had a good time before heading back to watch a shite DVD - for the record it's The Holiday with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black. The absolute definition of Chick Flick....rubbish but very entertaining....

Have a great diet day blogchums...


chrismars said...

I thought going for the burn went out with Jane Fonda......

Masochist? That and more I would say.

Twice a week!!!!

I want to go to bed!!

Have a good weekend, Lesley

Chris x

Mrs said...

Blimey! Just caught up with all your posts. You HAVE been busy - physically and mentally! Hats off to you.

When is Canada happening? And please could you give us an update on France; I don't know what your plans are in the long term and it might be good to have a refresher.

So glad the navel gazing was...helpful and what insights!!!! Incredible.

Reading about your PT and physical efforts makes me determined to step things up - literally. Managed 21,000 steps yesterday but it's not enough. Must try harder!!! Ha ha.

Big kiss for a fabulous weekend.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Cath said...

My sentiments exactly on The Holiday .... but it was so much better than the Lake House - now that was shite!

You're into this whole personal training now, it'll do you the world of good. Yes the weights are killers when you do them slowly - works the same in pilates, the slower you do the exercise the more it hurts - great isn't it :)


Mrs said...

Me again!

Something I have been meaning to ask you for a while - what has your LLC said about your level of exercise? I have read on the forum that too much exercise (gym, etc) is not so great for us because our calorie intake is so low.

Judging by your phenomenal physical efforts (!), I just wondered if your LLC or PT had any thoughts/advice.

I am getting to the stage where walking isn't enough exercise but no idea about cardio-vascular activity level. You are proof that exercising does not jeopardise weight loss and you are obviously feeling fantastic for, I guess I am looking for reassurance. LL HQ say gentle exercise only, of course.

So, yet another question for you! Hope you don't mind me asking.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs xxxx