Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Developing 24

Had a good productive day at work today and got through some stuff that I haven't been looking forwrad to. Still lots to go if I'm to clear the decks properly before we go on holiday but, if I keep this pace up and don't get distracted, I should be able to manage it without major effort.

D caught a fish today!! His first since he took up fishing. I fear this means that he will take to fishing and we'll never see each other again!! Oh well, it was nice while it lasted... I don't mind really - I think every man should have a hobby and fishing is nice and outdoorsy - a bit heavy on the expensive-gear buying but what blokes' hobby isn't?

He was out fishing when I got home and I was meeting my friend Becky for a walk. Haven't seen her since before Christmas (coincidentally at the fateful party where I saw Kate and decided to start LL!) although she is one of the few who has seen this blog so she knew what to expect. She hurt her knee badly while skiing this winter and seems to have had a nightmare time recovering over the last few months. I didn't know as we haven't been in close touch much so I feel a bit bad that I wasn't there for her. Still, we're back in touch now and hopefully we can do lots of walking to try and get the knee stronger. She's in a pretty bad way though - we only managed a mile and a half and she was wincing at times and said it was sore when we finished. The doctor has said gentle walking is the best thing for it so she'll have to persevere.

Really makes you appreciate being fit and strong.

Becky wants to lose weight herself and I was half wondering whether she would take to LL but, once we'd discussed it, she said it was not for her. It's one of those things isn't it? You have to be absolutely committed and it has to be the right thing for you at the right time or you're just not going to put yourself through it. I didn't push although I want to shout it out from the rooftops - "just DO it!!"; "It's great!!". You have to try and restrain yourself.

I remember another friend doing CD a years or so ago and me being totally against the idea yet a year later I sign up to LL and it'a changed my life - Go figure - as the Yanks alledgedly say!!

Anyway, got to wrestle with photo sites tonight so will stop now. Hope you're all losing big time and not struggling with rogue desires to eat as I am. I've had to escape upstairs and type to ward off the desire to stand drooling in front of the fridge. There's nothing in it but I'm still drooling...

I'll brave the kitchen in a minute for another Lithuanina tea which is remarkably filling for some reason. Thinks it's the slightly dry texture and the heady fragrance. Have a good night all.


chrismars said...

So you're going to be hearing 'the one that got away stories' now, Lesley...heehee

A real shame about Becky's knee. It's only when you injure a part of the body that you realise how integral to the 'whole' that part actually is. I hope she recovers soon.

I know what you mean about being in the right place to start a diet like LL. I mentioned exactly the same in my blog weeks ago. Even though I couldn't continue with it I still feel very evangelical about it. It can be the best diet going, if you are committed to staying the course. A friend of mine did something very similar about 7 or 8 years ago and I was very anti it and wondered how she could actually keep to it - and there was I many moon s later.....

Have a good day, Lesley, and keep your head down to clear that desk (when do you leave for Canada?)

Chris x

Melanie said...

I wish Nigel would take up some kind of proper hobby, would do him good. Although he'd never do fishing, he get's bored too easily.

Might be a good thing for him to have something to occupy him more, since you have your running and training, he won't feel so left out if he has a new interest to be enthusiastic about.

I think dieting has to be very much in the mind, I've done all the traditional diets before and yet nothing has captured my willpower or interest until now. The timing has to be just right, obviously LL came along at the right time for you, and yet a year ago, you'd have probably knocked it the same way as you did with CD then. I guess 2007 is the year we all decided enough is enough!

Have a nice productive day, I'm finding difficulty getting motivated, but on my third litre of water and it's only lunchtime, so at least I'm doing something productive, even if it's not what I'm paid for...lol

Mel x

Ameythist said...

My other half lives and breathes his garage and his classic cars, i know exactly where he is at all times - in the back garden tinkering, he is also a fabulous DIY man so I am very lucky. I remember we bought the full set of left handed golf clubs they are in the loft it lasted a year, he has all the sea fishing gear there in the loft, course fishing - in the loft - fly fishing yep you guessed it in the loft he is a maechanic by trade and engines he sticks with oh well at least I know what to do if my car ever breaks down... keep up with the good work xx

Guinea said...


I spend all my spare time fishing. It's a great way to empty your mind.

When I started my other half thought exactly the same as you, now 7 years later she pushes me out the door.

Hmmm, maybe I'm missing a subliminal message somewhere...

Mrs said...

Just checking in - another long day! Great to catch up with you but you seem distracted by food stuff. Is it the thought of your big trip on the horizon, do you think? Particularly, as you have just come back from Lithuania - all a bit unsettling/disruptive (ie break from routine)?

Thanks for the info' about the milk. We've just had our week 13 session today and NO mention of dairy! What do I conclude? I don't know.

When are you going to Canada? How soon...is soon?

On the subject of hubby's hobbies... my husband has just had to write a paragraph about himself for the staff newsletter, including what he does in his spare time. No doubt, he will be judged by his answer! His true hobbies are PS3 and XBox but he felt that no one would take him seriously/it wasn't the right image (ha ha). Golf would have been the right answer (Lesley you have the career hobby!) but since his experience extends to crazy golf and mini golf only, it was a no hoper.

Instead, he wrote eating out!!! Oh dear, it's been a long time since we have done that together.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxx

Cath said...

Urgh to fishing - I really don't like fish ... unless they're on a plate! Can't do fishing or even aquariums ... or watch them on the telly.

Ste has got way too many hobbies, he can't wait to retire (though only 38) as he says there isn't enough time to do all he wants to do. He's into motorbikes, electronics, computers, guitar, music in general ... surprised I ever see him actually!