Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Developing 38 - Weigh in time!

As you can see I had a good week and lost 4lbs taking me tantalisingly close to the 7 stone mark: 6 stone 12lbs of blubber gone forever!

I was really pleased with that as I have been tempted quite a bit this week and have had a few nibbles but have really worked hard at minimising the damage and it has obviously worked.

Quite a few people in my group had not been as sucessful and we had a gain and 2 maintains. They all said that the rainy weekend and boredom had been their undoing. Well, it was very nearly mine what with the feeling unsettled and antsy but I didn't give in and managed to fill my time productively and not revert to type and eat so pat on the back for me. I noticed that of the 4 or 5 of us who had had this problem over the weekend, we were all single (well, I'm not single as such but D is away so was on my own for the weekend). So I thought that company must be a useful tool in keeping to the straight and narrow. Arranging things to do and not letting yourself get bored and restless.

Our LLC gave us a very stern talking to about the dangers of getting complacent at this stage in the diet and the need to be vigilant and stick to the plan. She reminded us of all the coping tactics we learned during Foundation and said we should continue to use these even if we think we know it all now. Very good advice. We didn't do an exercise this week, she just gave us all our wake-up call and tried to get us to remind ourselves why we're doing the diet in the first place. Timely I think as I could feel myself slipping and now feel much more focussed.

On the plus side, I played golf this morning and, although I didn't break handicap, I played a lot better and only missed by a couple of shots. There is hope for my summer's golf! I can finally hit the damn ball properly with this new swing and, when it goes right, I can hit it miles! The new swing will come good, I can feel it. Yaaay! Sorry to all you non-golfers but it really is the most amazing feeling when you belt one down the middle of the fairway - the sweetest thing.

What else? Oh yes, my friend Becky rang this evening to report that she had her introduction session today and she's all systems go to start on Foundation next Wednesday! I'm so pleased for her and she sounds as if she's got the right attitude for it - really fired up and committed. If you're reading this Becky - drop in and say hi and Good Luck!!!

I think I've got over my BMI rant. Everyone seems to agree that, beyond being a vague indicator, it's a load of rubbish so I will stop stressing about being technically obese still. Actually that is now out of date anyway. As of this evening I slipped into the Overweight category and now have a '2' at the beginning of my BMI. Go Me...

Have a great diet day everyone. I'm going to bed now as I must get in for an early morning tomorrow. Have loads to do but still want to leave on time for training with the lovely Huw. Keep it up and keep drinking the water...


Mrs said...

Well done on ALL that weight going!

A lovely read as a break from packing!!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxx

anita said...

you have really inspired me to start with LL, I first started to look at your Blog about a month ago - finally decided to give it a go. My class doesn't start until 12/6 but I started the packs today! So far so good!! I am now trying to start my own blog and hope i can be as successful as you have. Well done!

Guinea said...
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Guinea said...

Nothing like a new golf swing to make you feel confident.

I used to play a hell of a lot of golf. Living in the Highlands with huge amounts of light in the summer I doulf get 27 holes in most nights. I got to be a 7 handicapper before deciding to rebuild my swing. Before the swing work I could easily carry 300 yards straight of the tee and my irons were very long, but a bit erratic.

Now I have a new grip my irons are very accurate, but a lot shorter. However, my driving has gone to all hell. I have developed a huge slice that I can't shake. My handicap is now ~16.

A combination of bad driving and no time to practice has killed my retirement dreams of joining the senior golf tour :)

(previous comment deleted due to bad spelling)

Cath said...

WheyHeyyyy - excellent weight loss, wow nearly 7 stone gone ... you're just melting away fast. You really should be proud of yourself for what you've achieved.

Re the nibbles - I have to say 'stop nibbling!!' because that's what I'd want you to say to me. You sound as though you've got it under control though, just don't let it escalate any. That's my fear of nibbling, I feel that if I eat anything one week, the next week I'd eat that and maybe a little bit more.

It's good that your LLC spoke strongly to you and didn't just take the lax and softly softly approach.

Good on Becky for giving it a go ... Becky you will be so glad that you did - Good luck!

Yes I think you need to forget the bmi and don't let it stress you - bloody brilliant news though having a '2' at the front --- I went into the '3's' last night and I could have jumped for joy!


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Congratulations on the cottage, golf and the brill weight loss.

That light is certainly calling you from the other end of the tunnel now. No more picking at food you are my role model after all!

I think I have missed the BMI rant, will need to look for that.

Keep it up

Sam xx

lizzie said...

That's great Lesley :)

Thrilled to bits for you and what an achievement too. I'm in a bit of a quandry atm. My GP said, no. I couldn't believe it. !! Erm just thinking it through. I really want to do LL. I think it will work for me just as it has for you.

Hope D liked the cottage ?


p.s. thanks for the replies from the other posters. Sorry I didn't reply straight away/

Sandra said...

Thanks for posting your URL on your comment on my blog! I would ahve found you eventually but you saved me a bit of work.

You have done so well while I've been away. Congrats! Almost 7 stone is amazing.

Re: my holiday... The first week I was 100% foodpacks but drank the odd skinny latte. The second week I was 50/50 - a shake in the morning and then ate lunch out plus skinny lattes and then a soup for dinner. Or shake and bar during the day and out for dinner. The third week I didn't touch the foodpacks and ate fulltime but only when I was hungry so sometimes I found myself missing lunch if I was still full from breakfast. I drank wine and cocktails on several occasions and there was a bit of chocolate in the last week too. I certainly enjoyed myself and was absolutely rapt that I stayed the same weightwise.

I found when I was staying with my friends I could stay on the plan because it was like home and I could boil the kettle and use their blender etc. When we travelled it was more difficult. In the hostels I could make a soup or have a bar but shakes were more difficult and I just never felt able to ask a cafe or restaurant to make a soup for me.

Anyway - that was my experience.

Glad to hear about the holiday cottage! We'd be happy to be a customer once you've got it up and running.

Melanie said...

You are doing SO well!

That Pooch is travelling ever closer across those paw prints, it's amazing to see, nearly seven stone is a phenominal amount of weight you've lost, such an inspiration seeing that.

Good luck for your friend too, with you as her diet coach she's sure to follow in your footsteps.

Mel x