Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Developing 30 - Moody Monday

A busy day at work and felt pretty grumpy all day. Don't know why, maybe TOTM but no real rhyme or reason to it.

Still, didn't fall foul of any nibbling temptations and still went for a good long run in the evening with Kate and Suzanne. We went round the 5.5 mile route and I felt so much stronger than I did when I started running properly about 3 months ago. The big hill didn't phase me and I even managed to speed up going up it. The only trouble with the run was that Suzanne is quite a bit slower than me and Kate is a fair bit faster so we didn't have a great rhythm going due to the running back or stopping and waiting for Suzanne etc.

The run really cheered me up; I'm finally getting the endorphin thing that is meant to happen to runners! You feel really strong and serene - great stuff.

Once we got back, we discovered that Nick and Charlotte were up for the evening and out in the pub so I went out (again!). It was a really nice evening though so I'm not complaining at yet another evening in the boozer, well not much!

Charlotte is pregnant so, when she walked in, I was eyeing her belly and then noticed that she was eyeing mine, for opposite reasons obviously! She looks great for a 7 month pregnant woman and I must admit to feeling a bit of a pang (especially as Vicky, who is also pregnant, was out too). I'm beginning to hope that it happens for us and to be slightly impatient that I'm not trying until I've reached goal!!

There was another family out too and what a contrast in their reaction to me. The husband, Alistair, was full of praise and obviously genuinely pleased for me. He asked about the running, was impressed by the non-drinking etc. Really nice. His wife though, despite congratulating me on the weight loss launched into a lecture about how unhealthy the diet is and dangerous and how I shouldn't go too far and on and on and on and on...

This, while she guzzles down her 5th glass of wine and smoked her way through a couple of fags!!! Really cheeses me off, especially as sh clearly didn't know what she was talking about. I find this reaction usually comes from people who don't know me that well. I'd rather they'd keep their negative opinions to themselves and must rememer to do likewise if I'm ever in a similar situation!! I suppose real friends are a bit more suppotrive than casual acquaintances..

So, that was my excuse for not posting on Monday nigth!!!


Melanie said...

She was probably trying to put you down because her husband was praising you up so much. She's worried he'll fancy you more than her!

You'd make a great Mummy, and with such a healthy body too, there's no reason why it shouldn't happen for you. Not much longer till goal, you'll just have to keep practising between now and

Mel x

Cath said...

The exercise bug has you in it's grasp - that marathon will be getting completed soon.

Sounds like a lovely night out with all your friends ... except for the lady with the downer to your diet - lets be honest nobody who is unhealthy can do what you do and look as good as you do - jealous I reckon!

Re the broodiness - have you planned when you'd like to have children, before going to France or while you're there? Awww just think you'd be taking French lessons off your child :)