Saturday, 26 May 2007

Developing 34 - the budding property magnate

I spent all morning and part of the afternoon looking at cottages in our area. Because of these Home Information Packs, there are loads of cottages on the market at the moment and some decent prices. So D and I have decied to buy the cottage element of our "Moving to France Plan" early so we can get it up and running as a holiday let and iron out any problems before we leave.

It was quite an eye opener and confirmed that you really don't get much for your money round this area. But, by the end of a big trawl and several viewings, there are 2 that we're interested in. I spoke to D (who's on the rig) and he's agreed that we should put the offer in as soon as the estate agents are next open. Quite exciting. Watch this space! It's already set up as a holiday let so I don't feel guilty about removing a house from locals, which is a big issue round here and there is a booking diary already in place which is helpful. We'll probably buy all the furniture and fittings as well which will make it an even easier transition. Fingers crossed for me please...

Ater that, I took Shelagh and a friend's dog for a walk round the river. It was pretty chilly today and a bit rainy too (not a patch on Headingly yesterday) so I didn't fancy a massive hike but we still managed an hour or so. The other dog has really piled on the lbs! I'm going to have to mention LL to her owner although I suspect if they walked the poor mutt a bit more often she wouldn't be so fat! It's a shame to see a fat dog and, I know she's labrador and they do have a propensity for eating, but even so, they need to be walked!

So, she had a brisk trot round and a good swim and I threw many sticks and maybe that'll help bit!

After the walk I fully intended to have lunch and then do chores and gardening but, for some reason, I just crashed. I think I've been a bit short of sleep recently so maybe that was it. Also, being cold hasn't helped. So I ended up curling up on the sofa with the dog and a hot drink and watching "The Devil Wears Prada" which I really enjoyed (for a rubbish film!). It was a very pleasant evening.

I did nip out to the pub and had a quiet drink with Sammy and Andy but came home early and hopefulyl will be bright and breezy ready for French in the morning.

Night night all and have a good weekend.

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Cath said...

Ooh how exciting buying your cottage - I've got everything crossed for you. This will really feel like your future plans are coming together when the house buying starts going through.

Your walk sounds nice - I don't like seeing fat dogs either, always seems unkind. It's okay (though not really) to choose to be fat yourself but you should do your best not to let it happen to your kids or your pets.

I crashed like you did this afternoon - I even fell asleep on the sofa, Nat asked me earlier if I'd enjoyed my sleep ... good job at almost 14 that he's old enough to look after himself :)