Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Developing 31 - Toned Tuesday

Aaaargh! I'd forgotten that I'd arranged to go to personal training at 7.45 this morning!! Actually it was pretty good. The first 10 minutes or so warm up was rather stiff and clunky but, once I warmed up, I felt great and Huw really put me through my paces. I can still feel some sort of muscle thing deep in my buttocks from the squats and I'm really sore across my chest, sort of under my armpits!! I presume that means something is happening to me and I hope it goes away soon!!

After training I had my doctor's appointment for the BP test. As you may recall, I've had a freaky BP reaction to the diet. Whereas most peoples' blood pressure goes down when they lose weight, mine strangely has gone up! It increased from 135/85 to 160/110 (which I have to say was rather worrying at the time!). My doctor has been very supportive throughout and didn't knee-jerk me off the diet, preferring to keep a watching brief. I'm pleaed to report that my BP has now decreased part of the way back and I'm at 140/92. I hope that it will continue to come down and return to a safe level soon.

Apart from the BP thing though, my doctor was amazingly impressed. He even gave me a big pat on the shoulder and seemed almost emotional in his congratulations. I think we definitely have a LL fan there.

Work was routine but uneventful - I really need to get my head down before me hols but no great panic as yet.

we had a mortgage adviser round when I got home as we're hoping to press ahead with our plans to remortgage so that we can finish the loft conversion on our house and also buy a smaller cottage locally before our big move to France (hopefully) next year. It was all very positive and we've high hopes that, if we manage to find a cottage to buy, we'll get the lending we need. It makes the plans to move to France seem much more real somehow, just talking about it to a third party.

Then, wait for it, off to the pub - again!! It was D's last night at home before going back to the rig so I had to go out really. We ended up staying out 'til after 10. I don't know why but he was a bit grumpy and almost picked a fight - on his last night!! Very strange man! We managed to avert that and we had a decent talk but I could have done with a more relaxed last night.

As you can probably tell from the last few posts, I'm concerned that D is drinking too much and is spending too much time in the pub. I've said so (gently) and asked him to think on while he's away. It's just more obvious when you're not drinking yourself and are making major change to your own life but hard to say without coming acros as a bit of a killjoy. I didn't want to wade in with a big nag but needed to get it off my chest...D is usually good at thinking things through so hopefully it'll sink in over the next couple of weeks and he'll take action to get a bit more healthy over the next few months. I have faith in him.


Melanie said...

Sounds like Huw is really putting you through your paces. You'll have dimples in yer bum if you haven't got them already!

D does sound like a pub fan, is it the drinking that appeals or the social aspect of it? Do you think maybe he feels the need to cram in going out whilst he's home because of being of the rig?

I think you have the best approach though, men need suggestions like seeds, plant the idea then leave it to grow on them for a bit.

Glad to have your posts to read, it ain't the same without your regular updates, we were all getting

Take care,
Mel x

Cath said...

Well done on the bp - that's really good news that that's coming down again.

Did you go to the pub as much when you were drinking? Just wondering if you're just noticing it more because you're not drinking. You've done the right thing in discussing it though, especially before he's gone away as he will think about it while away. Perhaps he was just feeling argumentative because he knows he's going to miss you - I've done that with Ste before now when he's been going somewhere ... it's the games we play.