Monday, 30 April 2007

Developing 8

Back to work after a hectic weekend. Got my head straight and did a really good day's work so that was good. Tried to get the remortgage sorted and keep hitting brick walls so not so good but I'll get there.

Worked through my lunch as I was leaving early for a golf lesson. I've been so inconsistent this year and know in my heart that I should be shooting much better scores than I do. So wanted to see if the pro could sort me out. Well, what a revelation! He has totally changed my swing and has promised that, if I work at it, it will eventually be natural and that I could be a really good golfer!! He was praising bits of my game to the heavens and saying stuff like, if I wasn't such a talented player I wouldn't even be able to hit the ball the way I have been doing it. Basically I've been making some fundamental mistakes in my swing and everything else has had to compromise and compensate to make up for the basic mistake thus allowing the inconsistencies in and hence the wildly erratic shots.

When he showed me the new way (just some simple changes) it felt so sweet and easy. Of course it's going to take time for the new way to come naturally and I'll probably get frustrated in the meantime but when it goes right, it's just so simple! A bit like the diet really - it'll take a while to get the new habits embedded but, once there, they should make life easier and become natural to us!!

If I get this sorted he reckons I should be a single figure handicapper in a couple of years!!! This is huge! I'm so fired up and excited - I'm going to put a couple of clubs in the boot and stop off at the driving range on the way home a few times a week and just hit a basket of balls to try and get the new swing bedded in. It probably sounds mad to you but this could be amazing for me.

Anyway, calm down Lesley! After that Epiphany I went for a solitary jog. Shelley couldn't make it and I had just missed the other 2. I went round the long route which I haven't done for a few weeks and it was really smooth. Tried to push myself a bit but was just enjoying the evening so much that I settled into a nice steady lope and relaxed. Met half the village on the way back in but I don't mind now - I'm not thinking "Oh God - what will they think about a great fat lump like me trying to run??" or "Damn my top's too short, you can see my backside" which I would have been thinking before. Now I'm thinking "I bet you couldn't run what I've just run!!" or "Hey, check out my bum - not too shabby eh?"

Now home and cosy and about to watch a film, eat my last pack and cuddle the dog (D is in the pub or I'd cuddle him!). Didn't fancy the pub tonight which is a shame 'cos there's usually a pub quiz on a Monday night.

Night night all.


chrismars said...

I even came 3 out 3 when we played crazy golf at Southend the other week. Not much hope of me getting up to par then (is that the right phraseology?).

You didn't fancy the pub? Do you think you could've been overdoing the jogging and golfing a bit, Lesley? I'm getting a little worried about you........

I'd have an early night if I were you.

Chris x

Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...


Just checking in, it's not surprising you are losing so much weight it must drop off you the amount of running around you do! What a hectic life. I love the sound of your personal trainer, I had one four years ago and she was excellent, I loved it and then she moved and I went back to the old habits... not anymore though!! Have enjoyed catching up with your blog, the pictures are great I think, you look very fit and healthy!!

Keep up the good work

Love Claire :o)

Mrs said...

Hello Lesley

So are you going to be the next Laura Davies?!

What fun you are having right now and the weather's perfect for all your activities!

Progress updates on the personal trainers are a must, I think!!!


Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxx

Cath said...

It's no wonder you didn't want to go out last night - your body must have been silently crying out for a 5 minute rest.... you're non stop with your running and golf and french - I can get tired reading your posts :)

Never played golf, to be honest it's not something I've ever fancied, my youngest lad had lessons for a while though and he loved it.

Love the fact that the negative thoughts have now left your head when you're jogging - they're bloody horrid they are and they should be banned, so good on you for the fact that yours have been well and truly stamped on.


Wendy said...

Sorry I've been useless at keeping up. Good to read you're still shrinking away steadily. Love the photo's too.

I know you said the size 14 dress wasn't right, but if you've got a few weeks until the posh do, you might find that by then you've dropped another size.

Wendy x