Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Developing 32 - Weigh in time again

Yay! I'm nearly up-to-date with my blog!!

Apart from that - Yay! I've lost 4lbs this week!!

So, I'm down to 13 stone 3lbs (12 stone 12 on my home scales) and have lost 6 stone 8lbs now. It feels good to be back to proper losing ways again. My group seems to be in a bit of a lull though; several people lost only 1 or 2lbs so it seems that Development is a bit more of a moveable feast (if you'll pardon the pun!) than Foundation.

Our exercise was to draw a circle divided into 16 segments and to allocate each segment to the various roles we take on throughout our life - cook, cleaner, wife, mother (not me obviously), colleague, gym bunny etc etc. The idea was to assess whether the balance in your life is what you'd like it to be. Ie. is there enough time devoted to you or your interests or too much time devoted to being a cook, cleaner or general dogsbody? I was reasonably happy with my balance but I suppose it's lot easier as a woman without children. It brought it home to me that I really want this move to France. A lot of things I'd like to be doing with my time can be achieved by the move: making time to spend with D, exercise, creativity, friends, family and no work!! Can't go wrong.

One other thing that came out of it for me is that I DO want to spend more time with D and that is probably why I'm irritated by the pub issue. I will really try and make him devote time to us next trip - although I've just realised that that won't be hard as we'll be in Canada together for 3 weeks - maybe the trip after!!

Anyway, it wasn't a very deep lesson but useful I suppose.

I was invited to the pub to watch the Champions League game but, although I was flattered to be invited by the lads even though D is away, I couldn't be bothered to go out. I've had much more fun, listening to it on the radio and updating my blog. Feels a much happier use of my time and doggie has been curled up on my lap for ages now so she's happy too...

Night night all. I'll check you all out tomorrow butl in the meantime, hope you're all shrinking away out there in blogland!


Ameythist said...

Looking Great Lesley - well done and well done for catching up on yer blogs, thought you had gone and left us 2 weeks earlier!!

katelle said...

I've missed your posts this week Lesley though I think I've caught up now!
You look fantastic in your pictures, you should be very proud of yourself - what a difference!
Your weight loss to date is out, gonna catch you up!!

Karen x

Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

So you continue downwards at a VERY fast pace. Good for you. Have caught up on your blogs. A lot going on for you. But my goodness, you look incredible. You really do. Suddenly YOU are looking VERY different.

Re the pub thing, I think it's a mixture of things, not least that D is away and coming back means he has to squeeze it all in. I know my hubby is just the same and now I am not drinking, it's more obvious. Bet when you go away togehter, you will see a difference.

I made a comment about the pub and my husband said, I am not an alcoholic in response. And he isn't but it touched a nerve!

I start Development next week and am fascinated by your experiences. Do you think the weight losses are slowing down because people are getting closer to their ideal weight or because they are not being so vigilant? You are still losing, and how!! So it's working for you.

Keep going, Lesley; I am still so inspired by your physical activities. They are amazing.

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxx

Cath said...

Another brilliant loss - 4lb well done! Your overall loss is just amazing, you must just feel gorgeous.

Be glad you didn't watch the match - was a sad evening :( I'd said I'd text Andrew the scores and I was really blue watching it ... Ste who wouldn't normally watch a football match wasn't bothered who won or lost - traitor!


katie785 said...

Congratulations! Its amazing that your still loosing the weight so quickley. Well done you look fantastic.xx