Saturday, 19 May 2007

Developing 27

Friday was a bit quiet. Worked hard, had an early evening and then went for a killer run with Shelley. For various reasons we haven't been out together for a couple of weeks so it was a bit of a shock to the system to get back to it. We push each other quite hard - I make us go further than she'd like and, once we get started, she makes us run faster than I'd go on my own! Great combo eh?

My legs were a bit stiff from the PT on Thursday so the run was a good way to stretch out but it was a bit like hard work! Still, we did the 4 mile hilly route and by the end were really going for it. Poor old Shelagh slept well.

I was late to the pub but had a really nice evening. There was a good crowd out and a couple of people who I don't see often and who haven't seen me since I lost the weight. One of them, Pete, was comical - his jaw just dropped and he couldn't think of much to say. The other couple were more vocal, well, Sally was.

She is one of those (formerly) sickening women who remains slim through 3 kids and now, having gained half a stone from being just on the edge of too thin, looks fanstastic!! She was really interested in the diet which surprised me as I never expect naturally slim women to be bothered. We talked about her eatng habits and how I need to emulate them once I get back to food. She tries to eat healthily and bring up her kids that way, but she does have bad stuff too when she wants it. But, the crucial thing is - when she's eating chips or chocolate or whatever, she only has smallish amount and stops when she's no longer hungry or has been satisfied. She said that she often has a line of chocolate rather than a full bar! I think that's the difference between the old me and her - my former self would always want everything once I'd loosened the chains.

Now I'd be better to say that nothing is off limits but try to limit whatever I have to what I truly want/need.

Bit scary eh?

All in all though, a good evening and plenty of food for thought.


Mrs said...

Oooh Lesley! So much here, so much to read, so much to say! It was a great couple of posts!!

Thank you for answering my questions; I think your other readers will thank you for it too. It's good to see what your plans are - near and far. France sounds amazing!!! And Canada will be a wonderful holiday and the perfect place for you to practise some French, too.

Now...LLCs. Hmmm. My LLC is also bigger than you might expect (not huge) but I would guess 20-22. It's hard to tell. BUT I do know that she lost 10 stone on the programme - so she does have incredible empathy. She briefly mentioned that when she got to management she found the weight she had dropped to was too hard to maintain so she found a happy medium. So, to be honest, I don't know where she is at and I don't feel I can ask...yet! I do know that health is a big motivating factor and she often mentions the massive benefits to our health (by losing weight).

She always says about exercise though and last week she said that in Development I should still see the same level of loss (ie stone per month) IF I drink 4L minimum, stick to the packs and...exercise!

The way our rapidly diminishing group works is that we do tend to cover a lot of the mental side of the programme and she will answer any questions we may have. I always have one or two - no surprise there!

I did a thought record on exercise (will post it tomorrow) and now I have seen your answers, I can't (and don't want to) put it off any longer. If your PT is happy for you to do that level of exercise with that level of calorie intake, that's good enough for me. V.interesting points about LL's views and approach on the subject of exercise. Totally agree with you - it has to be a way of life, in our new life, so why not get on and start? Points noted and taken!!!

Hope you had a lovely time with your Dad and the other D in your life!!

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxx

Cath said...

How come you always seem to make a hellish run sound like fun? I think you should be selling ice to the eskimos you've got such a good sell going on. Poor Shelagh - least you and Shelley know what's expected of you - Shelagh might only have fancied a leisurely stroll :)

Love that Petes jaw dropped - excellent reaction. Good info from Sally there, I agree, we can when we've finished all have a 'little' of what we fancy ... this doesn't mean eating what we fancy whenever we want and as much as we want.


chrismars said...

Just to let you know. I've got a new exercise machine. Info on my blog!!

Chris x