Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 11 May 2007

Developing 19 - off sick

I feel a bit of a fraud as I don't feel too bad while lounging around here at home. I have even been quite productive. Trouble is, I know I would have felt dreadful had I gone to work. It's one thing to wander round the house doing non-taxing chores and stopping for a cup of tea when you feel a bit feeble, quite another to have to drive over an hour to work and then sit in a bright, noisy office and try be productive.

So, I've been catching up on blogs and doing some financial type jobs and a few bits of laundry. Very pleasant. The laundry kicked off a major de-clutter of my wardrobe (again!) which is now pleasingly empty. 3 big bags to the recycling and another pile to put on ebay if I ever get motivated again.

We're due to go to the Rugby Club dinner tonight. I'm going to give it a go seeing as I have paid £130 for a dress and more for the tickets but don't know how long I'll last. No doubt that will kick off another whinge from D if I dare to want to leave early! He's been a bit of a bear these last few weeks. I think he's threatened by the changes but I'm really sick of having to hang around to the bitter end (and I mean bitter - we're squeezing the last dregs here..) in order to keep the peace. If i try and warn him that I might want to go early that sets off another whinge so that doesn' work either. Think I'll just have to firm or faint or something to actually leave at a decent hour!! It must be the Irishman in him - can't bear to leave the craic behind (not to mention the beer!).

Heyho - we're not bad or anything but anyone who tells you that losing weight will be the path to a bicker-free life is lying!!! You just carry the same issues forward, just with less fat. Fat-free bickering, I wonder if it burns calories??

Have a good Friday everyone.


chrismars said...

Hi, Lesley. I don't check the blogs out for a day or 2 and you fill the gap with lots of post. So I've just read the last 5!!! So, comments on all in one long post I'm afraid.

I think it's great to have a mixed bag of friends. We have long-term 'old' friends who are the same age as us (late 40s/50s) to those in their 30s and 60s. It makes for variety in conversations, that's a fact.

When I read your comments about the museums in Aboe it brought back memories of my visit to the German Underground Hospital in Jersey. It was really heart-wrenching to see the exhibits and read what the population had to contend with during the Occupation. It took me the rest of the day to get over it. And we were only there for the weekend!

A holiday break is great isn't it. But why can't we be like the rest of the family; come home, feet up, back to work as normal. Why is it we always have to unpack, do the wahing, the ironing, the putting away. Coming home is more cream-crackering than the holiday!

Glad to see the 5lbs - despite the fruit tea! And got into your wedding dress! I know I definitely wouldn't get into mine - it was 30 years ago. And that dress was, nearly, not quite, hippy chick...

I agree with your LLC about abstinence being for a purpose. It's during abstinence that you really appreciate the role food has played in your life, and that life can be full and enjoyable (as you found during your trip) without the crutch of filling your face. I would say though, having been on both sides of the fence now, it's a lot easier to say 'No' when the appetite suppressing ketosis is there. Not so easy once you start eating again. That's definitely when the knowledge gained from the LL sessions comes to the fore.

Re the woman who ate whilst in St Petersburg. It was her choice. This is a 'diet' not a punishment. If you feel you would like to eat whilst in Canada, then I would say do so. But do so in the full knowledge of what you are doing. You'd effectively be putting the 'quick' weigtloss on hold until you return to the UK and decide to start LL again. I don't think you should feel any way guilty or, heaven forbid, failing. The only way I wuld feel bad about it (if I was the one going to Canada - if only!) was if I began to sabotage what had achieved in the last 5 months by eating all the wrong things. On LL you have learned to how to make choices and Canada is an excellent place to put these choices into practice.

Nearly there! Made me laugh about you falling asleep over your 'falsies' - verrry funny!!

Oh, just read todays - sorry to see you're not feeling too bright. It's probably just tiredness, and the rain in Aboe. I hope you make it to the dinner/dance this evening. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of the dress! You'll just have to do the occasional cough and sneeze in D's vicinity (or will that not work?)

Have a good weeekend.

Welcome home!

Chris xx

Cath said...

Sorry you're not feeling too good - you must need the rest so take it easy today cos you've got a big night ahead of you.

I hope you do feel well when you're at the dinner, can't wait to see the photos of you all done up in your dress. Fully understand you not wanting to stay till all hours though, bad enough at the best of times when you're not drinking but definitely not when your'e off colour as you are --- be firm.

I don't think that in a happy couple losing weight will produce a bicker free life ... from what I've seen and read in fact it quite often goes the other way. Insecurities that didn't show before begin to appear and feelings that have been under the surface start to peek out.

Good thing is the bickering will burn calories as it will get your emotions, adrenalin and body in general going faster .... quick where's Ste while I start a row :)

Have a super night x


Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

Just wanted to say hello. Falling asleep now so will catch up with blogs properly over the weekend.

Will definitely give you some pointers about Canada.

Hope the dinner was fun and that you got home...not too late!!

Mrs L xxxxxxxxx

katie785 said...

Hope you had a good night and didn't have to stay out till all hours. I suppose one way of looking at it is if you cant have no bickering then fat free bickering is the best alternative. Hope you feel better.xx

SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

ooops sorry, have posted on Day 17!

Hope you look fab in the new dress and we get to see pictures.

I agree forget honesty about being too tired and wanting to go home, just faint. Either that or get Hubby to book you a room so you can go to bed while he needs to be the last man standing!

In search of me said...

OO you are good posting so often! Lke others I look at bogs (including my own!) every few days! Can you post photo of you now fitting into wedding dress? Nosy me wants to know what it looks like but realise that the last sentence may have sounded a bit kinky but not meant to! Promise I am not a weird man typing with one hand! Also look forward (in same unkinky way!!) to seeing the much discussed ball gown & hope you got home at a reasonable hour but felt fab while there! Re Canada you can only make the decision - the thing that would put me off eating is getting back into it after (week 1 was hell for me) but then can totally understand why you want to! Having said that may you be pretty close to goal by then anyway? Ok me lovely (welshism!) must off to dig before it rains again! Will look in tonight for piccies! Keep up the fab work! What kind of law do you do btw?