Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Developing 21 - Saturday means Mr Loaf!!

As I mentioned, D has struggled massively with his hangover but he came round by the afternoon and I was not letting him even think about passing up on Meatloaf at MEN Arena. We set off quite late though and didn't bother with shopping or sightseeing or anything before the gig. I'm not bothered about that anyway as I don't want to shop properly until I can't buy target weight clothes. The shops in Manchester are just too good and too expensive to worry about now.

Meatloaf was "". He rocked! Actually I mean that. I used to like his stuff years ago and realise how brilliant it is now, having not listened to it for ages.

He's a bit knackered and you feel as though he may collapse at any time during the performance (Mr Healthy he is not!). His voice and timing weren't 100% either although he always got it together by the middle of the song and built up to amazing finales. But that didn't matter at all - it was all about the show and the music, the guitar playing, the lyrics, the loudness of it all, the gorgeous women with great voices. Randy Flowers (one of the guitarists - yum, yum, hubba hubba, ruff!!).

Paradise By The Dashboard Light went on for about half an hour and was great theatre. Bat Out Of Hell was simply amazing - like your whole youth rolled into one song and belted back at you with flames and great lighting to acompany it - everyone was up singing and dancing. Great stuff.

One of the backing singers was a beutiful blonde with a figure to die for. Not incredibly scrawny like the brunette one - slim, fit looking and shapely. She was wearing the usual rock chick stuff - tight jeans, hotpants, corset tops, cut out, midriff baring tops and thigh high boots etc. I was totally inspired. Now I know that I'm never going to look like her - I'd need to grow another 6 inches for starters and shed a few years too - but I do want to have a really good go at losing enough weight to be able to wear short skirts, knee high boots, tight tops etc. I'm not that tarty or anything but think with loads of exercise and sticking to the diet, it could be achieved. So, I'm not going to settle for OK, I want to aim high is what I think I'm trying to say!! A strange thing to come out of the evening perhaps - usually I'd just want to stab her or something, but positive I think. I feel like I owe it to myself to give this the best shot I can.

D and I had a great evening - we stayed for a couple of drinks in town after the concert (I didn't want to have to manouvre his great big jeep thing out of the car park, which was clearly designed for Smart cars, in a crowd). So we didn't get back 'til late but even the drive home over the hills was a laugh. It was nice to do something, just the 2 of us. Sometimes I think we're too sociable and everything becomes a team event - it's good to be a pair occasionally.

Diet was fine - D had a hot dog which, while it looked revolting in the way they do, was also incredibly appealing (what is it about them??). Didn't have any. We then stopped for a kebab on the way home which also smelled devine but I resisted bar a teeny corner....really teeny. The dog ate the rest on our return! She's a strange beast and loves kebab. Apart fromt hat, took my bar and had water or black coffee all night. The black coffee is such a boon. I take my sweeteners everywhere and it warms me up when I'm just too cold from all the water.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Take care!


chrismars said...

It's a wonder you managed to taske in so much of Meatloaf, what with fantasising about the inspriation the backing singer was giving you.

Sounds a good gig, though. The last one I went to was last summer, to see Elkie Brooks. Great night, but not really in Meatloaf's league...

Chris x

Cath said...

Sounds like a brilliant night - I love Meatloaf and would love to have seen him. Can imagine that it was a brilliant show.

I reckon you could easy dress in the way of that girl, sounds totally achievable to me and depending on how high the heels of the boots are you may even grow a few inches too!