Sunday, 27 May 2007

Developing 35 - Jogging in the rain!!

It's chucking it down here and I can't believe that I'm actaully going out in it for a long and hilly run!! I even had to stop on the way back from French to buy a windpoof and slightly waterproof top to run in! What is the world coming to? It's a Brave New World!!!

Will let you know how I got on later. A bientot!


Cath said...

LOL you're a brave (mad) woman you are! Hope all goes well and you enjoy it.... make sure you have a lovely long hot bath when you get back.

I've ventured as far as aqua this morning - weather's been horrid and grey but it didn't rain here for too long.

Catch you later..... but not if you're running!


Anonymous said...

At last up to date with yours at least (going to do mine in a minute!). Re LLC...umm lets just say that I have simular problems to yours (possibly worse!)but as I wouldnt put it past her to read this - feel free to email at for a private discussion on this very topic! Fab that the France prject is going so well and share your concern re OH & the pub but easy for us to say eh! Same with woman and weight - hard to see people struggling but it has to be their choice - just as it took as ages they have t have their own lightbulb moments! Dog sounds continually fab! Dotty cat currently dribbling with happiness onto my left hand!! Bless!

Mrs said...

Bonjour Lesley!

I've decided you are like the Bionic Woman, rebuilt by Lighterlife! You are simply amazing! I don't check for a couple of days and just look at what has been happening!

Re the house - remember HIPS aren't coming in now until August and only then if it's a four-bedroom house. Well, this is what I understand but you are the legal expert. Very exciting for you though.

Well done for having a pint and leaving it at that! I know that wouldn't be the case for me; did it feel strange? Did it make you crave more afterwards?

I read about your colleague with fascination (and sadness) but doesn't it show how far you have come??

I start Development tomorrow so it's another milestone in the LighterLife journey. I don't think I've said it for a while so here it are stil totally inspirational and it's so fantastic to have you a few steps ahead, showing me/us the way.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx