Friday, 1 June 2007

Developing 39 - Thursday means Training Day!

I had a really busy day at work but did take time out at lunch time to head up to the shops for a preliminary look at what's around in readiness for my big holiday shop. I bought a couple of new bras - I can't believe I've gone down from a 42 E or even F to a 34 DD!! What is the world coming to? Small bras are cute though and they only have 2 hooks rather than 3 or even 4! The shoulder straps tend to be pretty rather than an inch wide and looking as though they could happily support a ton weight! So, all in all, although I'm slightly disturbed by my poor showing "up top", there are consolations.

I also bought a killer work suit which I don;t really need at all. It was on sale in M&S and is a size 14. Dark grey very sharp pencil skirt and tight fitted jacket. I won't get much wear out of it this week but because it's pretty fitted it should still fit ok when I get back from Canada so I'm really happy with it. It's been ages since I've had a sharp looking work suit and I do sometimes feel a bit scruffy when I go to meetings with external solicitors or something. The Council tends to be relatively informal but you like to be able to hold your own occasionally.

After work I had personal training and I'm afraid I'm no longer going to be able to preface Huw's name with "the lovely". He isn't lovely, he's a sadist! I feel as though he has taken a hammer to 2 patches of my buttocks and to my triceps. Those are just the really sore patches - there are several other areas which are just giving me unspecified aches - shoulders, thighs, forearms, hips. As I said, he's a sadist.

You watch out Mel - you'll start at the gym and it'll all be nicey nicey but then the pain will begin....

Actually I'm loving it. I can do so much mroe than I could even 4 or 5 weeks ago. He tells me that my weights are increasing and the number of repetitions too. I can see myself that, when I do the exercises, I'm much smoother and there is less overbalancing. Very liberating.

When I got home though, I could barely drift through the shower let alone post or do anything meaningful hence my no-show yesterday. Blame the wicked Huw!


Anonymous said...

Ooo look at you Mrs Skinny Tummy!! Well done! Arms also looking very honed so a that excercise obviously paying off! Just out of iterest why was a comment delited on 31 Mch? Didnt realise you could remove them!! Just wondering! Here is a puff of gardening enthusiasm for you! Cant guarantee any green fingers though! Just keep goig & try to avoid "the nibbles!!". Big hugs & als great news on suit!

Lesley said...

I didn' t remove it. Think it was removed by the author, Guinea, because there were too many spelling mistakes. I think you can remove comments if you want though - if you got any "flamers" or something. Luckily I've not had to yet.

Lesley x