Monday, 16 April 2007

Day 95 -6

Had a busy day at work but with the light traffic was home early. I was meant to be jogging with the girls but, while I was picking Shelagh up from the farmplace, I looked over the Valley and saw Win Hill calling to me. I don't walk up there very often in winter as the paths are soooo muddy but really fancied it tonight. So called Shlley up and cancelled and headed up there as you can see from the piccies.

It's a long walk and pretty big hill so set off by 6.15 and had to keep the pace up to make sure I ws off the hill before dark. Didn't get back down 'til after 8 but it was a gorgeous tramp.

I just fancied being alone for no apparent reason. I'm not in a bad mood and I didn't do any serious thinking or anything - just laughed at the dog and took a few piccies. I didn't meet anyone up there apart from a man and his son out mountain biking right on the top so he took the piccies of me and the dog and I took one of the pair of them in return.

He offered me a biscuit too but I turned it down!!

That reminds me - while I was driving into work this morning I reached into the glove compartment for something and found an untouched bar of Green & Blacks milk chocolate. There was a piece on the radio, just at that moment, going on about how scientists had found out that most people preferred chocolate to kissing their partners (Well, der!) (something to do with raised heart rates being measured or some such) and it was very hard to resist. So hard in fact that I didn't - I had a single piece and then left it on the passenger seat all the way into work where I took it out and threw it in the bin. I would have given it to colleagues but it had been melted and God knows how old it was! It tasted great though so while I'm p**sed off with myself for breaking my mini target - I'm not too distraught because I have learned that you CAN stop after one tiny piece of chocolate, not a fact I was previously acquainted with!!

I'm noticing a pattern here - I manage the hard stuff like the weekend to France and trips to London etc but then nibble when I get back to the familiar - must be on my guard for that next time.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you're all having a fab LL week.


Mrs said...

Well done you! You threw the chocolate away. The photos continue to be amazing; can't believe how sunny it is when it's raining so much here!

Keep going; if you can manage the hard stuff, you know you can do the routine stuff too. And just think the chocolate had been there for a while.

Where do you live? It looks incredible. Do you think you would have had those urges to just walk and walk before?

Good luck for your final session, which must be this week.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

chrismars said...

I was wondering how the photos were taken on a lone walk. Thanks for explaining about the dad and

Do you now believe me that you can stop at one square of chocolate (I said that in one of my posts - that the girls at SW couldn't believe that I could stop). It does help though if the chocolate is of the dark rich type - you seem to get the 'kick ' a lot easier than with simple ol' Dairy Milk.

I heard that on the radio today about kissing and chocolate - I'm off both at the moment so what does that leave me???

Have a good day at work. Just about to hit the dual carriageway myself. Bye!

Chris x

Oiseau said...

Wow, can't believe you've got your last weigh-in on foundation this week, that's gone so quickly!

A HUGE well done on throwing the rest of the chocolate away yesterday, that takes some willpower. You really have come so far to be able to just eat one piece and stop at that (just ask yourself what you probably would have done 10 weeks ago!) so yay to you!

Think you're quite right about the tendancy to nibble being strongest when you're in your normal routine, It's the same for me too - when you're doing something or going somewhere special you're automatically focusing on the packs and committed to making it go smoothly. I think in familiar situations we all let our guard down a little, which means you can sometimes end up doing something without really thinking about it, and that's where we have to watch out!

Sounds like you had a fantastic time at the spa & in London for the weekend, and the photos are fab as always...

Loved to hear about Shelagh staying at the farmer, that's so funny. It's really lovely that she's got somewhere so great to go to, bet she loves it!

Cath said...

Awww look at Shelagh - how cute. I was wondering how you took the photos too!

Stopping at one piece of chocolate shows such determination, well done on doing that - shows how your mind has now accepted a better eating practice.