Thursday, 12 April 2007

Day 91 -10 Penultimate weigh-in.

Yaaaay!! I've now lost over 5 stone which was my (ambitious and private) target for Foundation. And I have one week left to go. I really wanted to get 4lbs off this week to hit that number and managed 5 so am doubly happy. I now have less than 4 stone to lose which sounds quite manageable! I must have really wanted it as I went for a really hilly 4.5km jog this evenig between work and the class. Daft but I wanted to give myself every chance... And it worked - oh no - does this mean I have to jogging every Thursday evening??

It was a good session. As it's our second last weigh in we wer photographed and she asked us a load of milestone questions about the programme and what we have got out of it. One I passed on to Karen (Last Chance Saloon) and I thought I'd mention it here too was about regrets. She asked us what we regretted about the programme. Not many of us did regret much, maybe the odd nibble or not doing enough exercise but very little really (apart from not finding it earlier!!). But one woman who has cheated all the way through said she really regretted doing it as she could have lost 4 stone something and she's only lost 2 stone something. I could see how disappointed she was too. Still, she's not giving up and said she had never had any sucess so this was the best diet she had found but I thought it was sad to see disappointment in a room otherwise full of joy and satisfction. So, I thought I'd share the cautionary tale from the far end of Foundaton.

The positives were much better. People mentioned being more confident; having more self-esteen; being happier; more able; wasting less time; taking repsonsibility for ourselves more; the list went on and on. Personally, I feel that the exercise is the big difference (apart from the not eating of course). Before I've always used a Personal trainer or Gym or friends and expected them to make me go which is fine for a while but then tapers off. Now, I don't need anyone to tell me get out - I want to go jogging or walking etc. for myself. I'm finally growing up Toto!!

The other thing to come out of tonight's meeting was that Maintenance is much harder than Foundation or Development! Yikes! I suppose that makes sense as you're having to live all the lessons and make good choices. Still, I have away to go before I have to worry about that.

When I got back this evening, I found that my sister has taken nearly half of the clothes I left out. I was really pleased as I know she hates shopping and clothes and hopefully that stash will really help her out. Her note sounded very excited about her freebie spree too.

At class this evening I had a spree of my own and came away with 3 tops and a pair of trousers which one of the other women has grown out of. I'm well chuffed as that puts off shopping and spending until I'm in size 16's. (Apart from a pair of white cropped jeans which I have promised myself for the weekend but they're only from Matalan so won't break the bank - lol!)

Anyway, I'm off to London for my spa weekend tomorrow evening after work and will see 2 friends who I haven't seen since before Christmas and before LL. Should be entertaining! Have a good weekend everyone!


Ameythist said...

Lesley, I am really chuffed for you that is a brilliant weightloss and its all downhill from here!!! well done xx

Wendy said...

Wow!!! Well done you, thats fantastic! 5 stone in less than 100 days is brilliant, I am so pleased for you.

Have a great time on your spa weekend - you really deserve to get yourself some serious pampering!

Wendy x

Sandra said...

WOW! You are an inspiration. I have to say my own personal target for foundation is 5 stone as well. I've nearly done 2 stone in 3 weeks so I feel it is do-able.

Enjoy your spa weekend! I'm having monthly body treatments at Clarins to help with firming up and the first one was wonderful.

You are more than halfway there!

Aimeerebecca said...

I'm so pleased you've achieved your target lesley you must feel fantastic!!! Keep on going you're doing soooo well :)
Aimee xxx

Cath said...

Lesley that really is brilliant - well done. I'm so happy for you, to lose 5 stone is just bloody amazing to be honest.

Have a lovely time at the spa, you definitely deserve it.


White Rose Boy said...

Wow 5 stone that is fantastic.

chrismars said...

Congratulations, my dear, in smashing such a big target. Have a good weekend.

Chris x

Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

Wow weeee! That is absolutely amazing!! You're fantastic, it must feel great. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend. Well done, you deserve a medal!

Claire :o)