Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Day 90 -11

Just a quick post to catch up on yesterday. I couldn't post as I had my sister and her husband staying in the afternoon/evening.

I played golf in the morning and had a great walk round the course but a slightly less good game of golf! My scores are improving gradually though so I may break handicap sometime this summer!! We started at 8am so I was at my desk at home by 11.30 which is a result!

D left to go back to the rig after lunch so we had a quick walk together (my aching legs protested a bit at that!) and he said that he'd had the best trip home he could remember for years, if not ever. That was really lovely to hear so I might even miss him when he's gone - lol! Actually I don't usually miss him much as we're both so used to the routine. It's usually just when something particularly good or bad happens. Like if something breaks round the house - I could do with D there then or, conversely, when I'm at a really nice event like a wedding or party or walk or something and think how much D would enjoy it. But in day-to-day life you just get on with it and I even enjoy those couple of weeks of independence and space.

Come on, if you're honest, most married women would agree!!

Anyway, back up to my desk and managed to negotiate a tricky "political" situation at work where I was in danger of being squashed between 2 bosses of equal stature. In the end came clean to both and pointed out that I was caught between a rock and hard place and could they please sort it out between themselves and let me know what they wanted me to do as I was getting diametrically opposed instructions from each of them on a multi-million £ transaction!! Took a bit of careful wording that phone call and email I can tell you!!

Hilary and Mike arrived in the evening and were impressed by my new svelte form! I feel a bit sorry for Hils as she is also big although a lot shorter than me and with 4 kids 'under her belt' so to speak!! Must be hard to have to listen to our Dad going on about how well I'm doing. She was great though, really pleased for me and quizzed me about the diet and I'm hopeful that she will give the Cambridge diet a whirl. She can't do LL as too time-consuming for a mother of 4 and as a GP she knows all the theory anyway.

Hilary and I went for another walk and caught up before I took them to a nice pub in Castleton and watched them plow through a 3 course meal and bottle of red wine! Drank my body weight in water and black coffee and it just wasn't bad! Felt good - like a french woman or something sipping on my black coffee.

I didn't nibble either today so another day ticked off towards my mini targets. Go Lesley!


Kittycat said...

Just catching with the blogs, glad you have spotted any bad habits forming and are now back on track, well done.

Swimming costumes are a nightmare, I've always opted for tankinis I think they are more flattering.

I see you mentioned Castleton in your blog, I haven't been to Castleton for ages, my Dad always used to take me there when I was younger for a day out. Think a trip to Castleton will have to be arranged.

Keep up the good work.

Steph x

Oiseau said...

Sounds like you had an exhausting day yesterday, but just think of how good all that exercise is for you!!

The world of swimming cossies is always a bit of a nightmare - have you tried M&S as they're usually pretty good with sizing, and if I remember (waaay back when I last bought one!) they also do some with different bust sizes)?

Well done for not nibbling, by the way - keep it up!!

Ois x

Fat Karen said...

just been catching up - banned from blog sites at work now and broadband at home playing up. However, I've just been flicking through your pics - you are looking AMAZING!!

Karen x

Cath said...

Hmm would most married women enjoy a couple of weeks independence and space ---- erm yes please! I went straight from living at home (age 18) to living with hubby and then soon after with child 1, 2 and 3 and to be honest I've only ever been 'home alone' two times in my life. Both times hubby had taken the kids up to Scotland to his mums for a couple of days and it was just gorgeous :) I mean I love them all to bits but that feeling of being 'alone' was great ... plus if I left the house tidy it was still tidy when I came back! I don't blame you for enjoying being alone Lesley - think you have a great life going there, best of both worlds :)

Good that you managed to handle the lovely work situation in such a tactful manner - don't you just love situations like that. You handled it just right, saves you being cast at fault by one or the other.

Nice to hear you had your family with you - good girl you for going for the meal and I'm really glad to read that you've not picked at anything, you're achieving your goals just the way you planned. I agree it must be hard for your sister, she'll be glad for you though and the time when it's right for her to do something re her weight will come.


chrismars said...

Oh, I would agree so much, Lesley. Give me 2 weeks at home alone and I'd be in heaven. D'you think D would like any help on the rig? - I could always volunteer John (but Elizabeth will have to go along to keep him company)

Good girl on the meal out with sis and OH -so virtuous!

Chris x